By Sherman H. Skolnick
Chairman, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts
(Office: 773-375-5741; Recorded message: 773-731-1100)

Long whispered about, a file now has surfaced from the  KGB,  the
secret  police  of the former Soviet Union.  Several commentators
have the file and are silent  cowards.  Some declare the death of
network broadcaster Brit Hume's son [1] is linked to  this.   Was
it murder or suicide?

The  KGB  file  shows  that  the  person identified as or calling
himself William Jefferson Clinton has an exact double, except for
a few details such  as  a  recently  removed mole and distinctive
private parts.  Hey:  Do Paula Corbin Jones and  Monica  Lewinsky
know the truth?

For  some  70  years,  Russian  scientists have perfected ways to
create doubles.  Mass media items  about animal clones may be the
way the press fakers skirt around the truth.   And  who  publicly
condemned  the  idea  of  manufacturing humans?  Why, the alleged
Clinton. (Which "Clinton" made the public statement?)

Reporters  traveling  with   the   alleged   Clinton  talk  among
themselves about the double or clone.  Which is which?  Is  there
a   "real"   William  Jefferson  Clinton?   Talkative  reporters,
however, can lose their Secret Service press credentials.

Knowing  about  this  was  the  Secret  Service's  top  expert on
physical surveillance of  the  President.   That  specialist  was
murdered  with  other  presidential personnel through a sabotaged
plane  crash,  August,  1996,  near  Jackson  Hole,  Wyoming.   A
projectile hit the plane,  say  military witnesses.  (The alleged
Clinton had left, earlier, by helicopter, to go to  his  birthday

The KGB file details the  relationship  of the alleged Clinton --
actually the alleged CLINTONS, plural --  with  the  Czechoslovak
Communist  Party  Chief's  son  in Prague and at Oxford.  The KGB
threw junior off a roof to  his  death (the file gives the grisly
details) because he discovered about the clone.

The file, step by step, gives the chronology of how  the  alleged
Clinton  was  groomed  from  an early age by both the CIA and the
KGB.  Useful was his split personality syndrome which often makes
"Clinton" forget who he  is  and  makes  him not know murder from
love.  With young "Clinton" supposedly under =his= wing, the  CIA
Station  Chief  in  London  went  along,  hoping  to  unravel KGB
methods, the file asserts.  The alleged Clinton was tracked as he
attended anti-war rallies in Europe -- set up by the American CIA
but actually by KGB. Sort of a series of Chinese trick boxes.

The CIA knew, the  file  shows,  that  the  KGB  paid  for  young
Clinton's  trip  to  Moscow  and  his  stay at an expensive hotel
there.  To  confuse  matters,  Clinton's  pal  Strobe  Talbot was
described as a "Marxist," to divert attention.  To nail down  his
credibility   with   CIA,   while  KGB  actually  controlled  the
situation,  the  Soviets  gave   the  alleged  Clinton  a  secret
transcript of Krushchev condemning Stalinists, the file shows.

Numerous dates, amounts, and details, show the  KGB  was  keeping
track  of  the alleged Clinton's pal, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., and
his acts as a super  courier  of  illicit funds and money laundry
operator, traveling great  distances,  including  to  the  Soviet
Union, years prior to Foster's short time as a White House deputy
counsel  in 1993.  (National security is a reason for covering up
the murder of Foster  disguised  as  a suicide -- the CIA-KGB-NSA

To confirm its authenticity and trip-up  spy-watchers,  the  file
has several Russian language code words.

The  file's  blackmail  possibilities  are  obvious:  the alleged
Clinton is  a  clone,  part  of  a  method  perfected  by Russian
scientists.  The file is loaded with blockbuster revelations, for
example, that Lee Harvey Oswald was  not  the  lone  assassin  of
President Kennedy.  Widely revealing the file details could bring
down the American government.

Later  developments confirm all this.  Former Director of Central
Intelligence (DCIA) William  Colby,  early  in  1996, joined in a
business venture with the former long-time KGB Chief to market an
electronic game on espionage.  It was  becoming  obvious:   Colby
was a KGB mole; his business partner was a CIA mole.

Just as Colby was about to devastate the U.S. government with the
KGB file, he was assassinated, disguised as a boating accident.

So  far, FBI counter-intelligence thinks they have restrained the
Russian mafiya, largely now  headquartered in Chicago, from using
the KGB file to blackmail big bucks out of anyone and everyone.

Also reportedly inclined to use this H-bomb of a  blackmail  item
--  the  KGB  file -- are reputed foreign agents within the White
House, including the  President's  senior  advisor, Rahm Emanuel,
reportedly linked with Israeli intelligence, the Mossad.

Remember:  in the 1970s,  against  great  media  opposition,  the
Citizens'  Committee  to Clean Up the Courts broke the story with
the best details of the CIA's mind-poison project, MK-ULTRA.

---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
[1] Brit Hume's son,  according  to Conspiracy Nation (CN) source
"Rhea  Fortean"  (pseudonym), unexpectedly  committed   "suicide"
recently.   Here  is  Rhea  Fortean's correspondence to CN on the

  I wonder about  the  sudden  so  far unexplained suicide of
  reporter  Sandy  Hume  (Sunday night)--Brit Humes son.  The
  obit on  Fox  said  he  was  a  FEARLESS REPORTER.  Nothing
  scared  him.   He  went  after stories with a vengence.  He
  worked for The  Hill  newspaper  and  appeared on his dad's
  show on Fox nightly recently.  The whole obit was =nothing=
  like a suicidal guy.  Don't  know the cause of death.  Tony
  Snow called it in obit an "apparent" suicide.  He was doing
  better  in  his career than ever.  His star was rising.  He
  was  28 years old (no marriage data available).  The timing
  seems strange--really  really  strange.  This  scandal  was
  making his career.  His  other  big story was the attempted
  coup of Gingrich last summer.  They mentioned  he  had  the
  best sources of anybody.

  I  found it strange since Humes big story was the attempted
  coup  that  right  after his death Bill Paxton resigns from
  office suddenly w/out even explaining to his wife saying  I
  can't do this.  Can't do what?  Also do you know why he has
  a  very  bad  abrasion  on  the  center  of his forehead in

  The reporter that basically got him in trouble and possibly
  ruined his career in the Senate commits suicide and  a  day
  or two later he resigns??  Weird, huh?

  Sandy  Hume  outs  the  coup of Gingrich story in Summer of
  1997---ruins Bill Paxton's future in Senate.

  A week or so ago Paxton's wife Susan Molinari (sp) ended up
  in  the  news  with a story she is telling in a book:  that
  Gingrich is disturbed,  crys,  whines,  thinks he rules the
  world and all manner of accusations.

  Then last Sunday night Sandy Hume who broke  the  story  on
  the coup and who has  the  best sources of anybody--esp Rep
  sources "commits suicide".

  A few  days  later  Paxton  resigns  suddenly  and  without
  explanation (real)  and  muttering  I  can't  do  this.  Is
  pictured  with some kind of abrasion on his forehead that I
  have not heard an explanation for.

  Gingrich is making statements  and  backing bills that have
  Republicans dropping their jaws over.   Critics  have  even
  accused him of working as "co-president" to Clinton.  Hints
  are  being  made  and  have  been  made  that  he  is being

  Don't know what it means but it is strange.

                                              -- Rhea Fortean

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