By "Ru Mills" (Pseudonym)

This is what a close circle of Clinton friends and supporters are
whispering that he is promising!

Am I saying that the Iraqi war  will turn into World War III?  Am
I saying that the former Soviet Union and her  allies  will  side
with Iraq and the old cold war will suddenly heat up to the point
that what we have is MAD-ness?

That is one interpretation.  But the story coming out of the back
alleyways  of  Washington  today  is  that  President Clinton has
assured Kenneth Starr and the Republican gaggle on the Hill, that
if he is brought down by  the Fornigate scandal, he will take the
rest of them with him.

Already, the sexual  scandal  has  widened.   Governor  Romer  of
Colorado,  who  just happens to be the Chairman of the Democratic
National Committee,  and  the  one  who  was  supposed  to be the
champion of Clinton's innocence, has publicly stated that he  has
had  a  long  relationship with a woman who was his aide.  He has
denied that it was a  sexual relationship.  Which leads people to
wonder what Governor Romer sees as sexual.

Governor Romer is in  the  same  position  as was Ron Brown.  Ron
Brown allegedly had a girlfriend with whom he  made  real  estate
investments  and  made  sizeable sums off of them.  Ron Brown was
also the  Chairman  of  the  Democratic  National Committee.  Ron
Brown was killed in Bosnia in an airplane crash which  still  has
experts wondering just how it crashed.

Ron Brown and Roy Romer have two things in common.  They both had
girlfriends and they both were Chairmen of the DNC.

President Clinton and Ron Brown  have two things in common.  They
both had girlfriends, and they both used  the  threat  of  MAD...
mutually assured destruction.

Shortly  before  Ron Brown was asked by the President to make the
trip to Bosnia, he  was  under  indictment.   Mr. Brown let it be
known to many  different  people,  that  if  the  indictment  was
carried  out, he wouldn't go down alone... he would take Bill and
Hillary and many more with him.

Now President Clinton  is  using  the  threat of mutually assured
destruction to frighten Kenneth Starr and the Republican  gaggle.
Is it going to work?  I would say it will work just about as well
as Ron Brown's threat.

Insiders  have  been  saying that war has broken out.  When words
like "war" are used with the Washington crowd... war is what they
mean... with blood and bodies.

Who is going to be the  first  to have an "accident"?  Readers of
Rumor Mill News have known for over a year now that  Hillary  has
wanted  an  "accident"  for  Bill because she will be the biggest
beneficiary.... she and her politically savvy daughter.

Already Californians have seen the two most likely candidates for
governor drop out of  the  race.   Could  someone be telling them
that if they run, all their dirty linen will be washed in public?
Governor Romer came out with an announcement of his long  running
relationship  with  a woman other than his wife.  How many others
will be  throwing  themselves  on  the  public  rack  to ward off
greater exposure?  Or how many will opt like Diane Feinstein  and
Leon Panetta to simply walk away from politics for a while?

A  war  has  been  launched.  A war that will either end in dirty
laundry  being  spread   all   over   Washington...  or  a  quick

It is time for Kenneth Starr to back out of it.  He  already  has
enough  evidence  to  warrant  the  House  of  Representatives to
convene impeachment hearings.  It is  time for Henry Hyde to come
forward and start them.

If  he  [Starr]  doesn't,  Bill  Clinton  will   begin   exposing
everything  he  knows...  including Henry Hyde's ties to the CIA.
Representative Hyde has long been  rumored,  in the spy world, to
be the man who controls the CIA black budget.  Bill  and  Hillary
know  a  lot  about  this black budget because of the White Water

White Water was tied into  the  CIA  Savings and Loan looting and
the CIA HUD scandal in which bogus companies would be set  up  to
launder  CIA  black  budget  funds  into  legitimate  businesses.
Madison Saving and Loan, which is at the heart of the White Water
scandal, is one of these banks.  Kenneth Starr should never  have
been appointed  to  investigate  this  scandal...  because he was
appointed by Bush to clean up the Savings and Loan mess.

Do you see how all of them  are  connected?   Now  let's  tie  in
former  CIA  Director  William  Colby,  who  was  in charge of an
Australian bank called Nugan Hand.   When that bank failed, Colby
transferred 50 million dollars to a bank called Household in  the
very  town  where Hillary grew up. That fifty million was used to
cover  the  Madison  Savings  and  Loan  scandal...  and  then it
disappeared.  Its disappearance had Clinton fingerprints all over
it.  And then Colby died in a canoing "accident".

The war breaking out in Washington has enough bombs on all  sides
to  devastate  all of Washington.  Everyone who has lived in that
town longer than  a  year  has  dirt  under  their beds.  If Bill
Clinton is threatening MAD mutally assured destruction,  then  it
is time to bring him down.

And  it  can't  be with an assassination, because that would make
him a hero in the history books.  If they want him dead, they are
going to have to do it in such  a way that he will go down in the
history books as a Caligula type figure.  In other words, he will
have a heart attack during a wild night of sexual  orgies,  drugs
and  Russian  prostitutes.  But even with that type of death, his
wife will be alive and she  has the ability to spin anything into
a silk purse... so killing him has got to be eliminated from  one
of the choices.  Therefore, what is left?

Only  giving in to his threats and dropping the investigation, or
moving rapidly with impeachment  hearings  and getting all of the
scandal out, before Clinton's team really has a chance to move on
any of it.

And around the world, we have a porcupine waiting to get  in  our
back door and begin throwing his poison quills at us. [Iraq]

We  are  at  one of the most dangerous times in history since the
Cuban missile crisis.  Am I the only one who sees this?

Ru Mills, Rumor Mills News

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