By Rayelan Allan Russbacher

Starting in  1984  and  ending  in  1990,  I  worked with Barbara
Honneger, author of "October Surprise".  During this time  I  had
many  conversations  with   the   editors   of   EIR   [Executive
Intelligence  Review],  sharing  both information and Sources.  I
have recently read information which was put out by EIR regarding
the death of Princess Diana.

I would like to speak with one of your investigators.  I  believe
I  may  be  able to point YOU in a direction you haven't explored

At the time I was talking  with  EIR, my name was Raye Allan.  In
1989, I married the man who would become known  as  "The  October
Surprise Pilot", Gunther Russbacher. [1]

After  8  long  years  of  trying  to free him from prison, I was
successful.  On the  day  he  was  released,  he  left  me for an
English  film  producer,  the  former   partner   (business   and
otherwise)   of   the   late  documentary  film  producer,  Allan

Gunther and his new wife  live  in Bristol, England.  I have been
told by people within the intelligence world that Bristol is  the
headquarters  for  a  mysterious  group  of intelligence agencies
known as "Group 26".   I  have  also  been told that the official
name is Defense Intelligence Services...  DIS.

Supposedly, DIS is a  reincarnation  of  NIS  (Navy  Intelligence
Services).   This doesn't fit in with the rest of the information
I have received about  the  mysterious  "Group  26".  I have been
told that it is made up of international intelligence services...
not just American Intelligence.  I have been told "Group  26"  is
an  umbrella group and that the operations for the 26 members are
ALL orchestrated out of Bristol.

In December of 1993, my husband Gunther was made the head of DIS.
We were preparing to  move  to  Pax River, where the headquarters
were being set up.  Suddenly,  I  found  myself  involved  in  an
international  gold  transfer....  one  that  was  said to be the
largest ever made.  I was  told  by Kurt Waldheim and his friend,
an Austrian foreign minister, that Gunther and  I  were  bringing
home  the  Austrian  treasury that Hitler had stolen in 1938.  At
the time I was  staying  in  the  bedroom  Hitler shared with Eva

The moment the transfer was complete, General Hugh (I knew him as
Harry)  Shelton  called  Gunther  and  told  him  he   had   been
reactivated.  I was furious that Gunther would walk back into the
arms of people who had almost killed him.  I left Europe and came
back   to   California.   The  next  thing  I  knew,  Gunther....
supposedly, was in prison for not paying his hotel bill.

I waited two more years for  him  to be released... on the day of
his release, he left me for Jane  Ryder...  his  new  wife...   I
guess  bigamy  must  be  legal  in  England...  because  he never
bothered to divorce me before he married her.

Ms Ryder's father is an old  WWII M-I 6 officer.  Gunther told me
that she freelanced for the CIA, Vatican Intelligence and M-I  6.
While  she  was  in  the  U.S., she lived in the apartment of the
famous Catholic priest-writer, Father  Malachi  Martin.   Gunther
told   me   that   Father  Martin  was/is  the  head  of  Vatican
Intelligence here in the United States.

Jane's  former  lover,  Allan  Frankovich, died of a sudden heart
attack  while  coming   through   customs   in  Houston  carrying
documentation proving that the CIA bombed PanAm 107.  He died  in
March...   Jane and Gunther moved in together in May or June.  My
first  husband,  the  Navy  Scientist  who  designed  the nuclear
warfare program for the Navy, as well as the  electronic  warfare
program,  also died of a sudden heart attack.  My friend, Barbara
Honnegger told me that  her  sources  assured  her my husband had
been murdered.  Were my husband and  Allan  murdered  so  Gunther
could use the surviving mates for covert purposes?


A Spanish newspaper was going to publish information stating that
Diana's  assassins  belonged  to a super secret intelligence unit
based in Bristol, England.   This  intelligence unit is only know
as "Group 26".

When my huband Gunther was with the CIA, he and his team of SEALS
were masters in murdering people USING automobile accidents.

Do I have your attention? [2]

If my husband wasn't part of the team  that  murdered  Diana,  he
certainly  knows  who  is, because leaks have come out that point
the  finger  directly  at  him.    Either  he  was  part  of  the
orchestrating of her death, or because he  has  been  accused  of
killing her... he NOW knows who did.

I  should also add...  Adnan Kashoggi, Dodi al Fayed' s uncle, is
a friend of  Gunther's.   Adnan  had  loaned  us his apartment in
Vienna.  I was on my way over when I found out Gunther  had  left

Also, according to Gunther, the Ritz hotel in Paris played a part
in  the  October  Surprise.   There are too many things that link
Gunther to the al Fayad family, as well as this mysterious "Group
26",  which  investigators  in  Europe  say  orchestrated Diana's

What information do you have on this?

On a different subject...  The Secret Service  seems  to  believe
that  Operation  Mount  Rushmore has been set in motion.  That is
the operation set in  place  by  the  Pegasus Group to murder the
president... whoever it may be.  Robert Hunt, a Navy SEAL who was
part of my husband's group... also part of the team who tried  to
murder  Gunther... is in jail in Oakland, being questioned by the
Secret  Service  about  what   he  knows  about  Operation  Mount
Rushmore.  The only other member of Taskforce 151 and  Pegasus...
two  of  the most famous assassination teams... is Chip Tatum.  I
don't know if the Secret  Service  has  him back in jail... but I
bet they have tried to contact him to find out what he knows.  It
might be interesting if you did also.  Hunt may have already been
moved to FCI Pleasanton.. in case you wanted to talk to him.

If you find out anything about Gunther...  I hope you will  share
it with me.

---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
[1] Gunther Russbacher vehemently denies that he was ever married
to Rayelan.  However, Rayelan has reportedly  countered  this  by
showing  a  copy of her marriage license to Sherman Skolnick, the
veteran investigator and head of the Citizens' Committee to Clean
Up the Courts.

[2] Rayelan gives her  e-mail,  phone/fax numbers, and address at
this  point.   Here  I   only   include   her   e-mail   address:

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