By Sherman H. Skolnick
(Contact Number: 773-375-5741; Recorded Message: 773-731-1100)

Those whose life goes wrong  are  considered  to be under an evil
star -- star-crossed.  More and more, it appears that  Whitewater
Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr is neither independent nor a
counsel,  but  rather  was  installed to protect Bill and Hillary
Clinton in various  ways,  including  covering  up what is really
happening. [1]

When Starr was appointed in 1994, he and his law firm, Kirkland &
Ellis, had a  big  problem:   His  law  firm  was  accused  in  a
multi-million  dollar  claim against them, involving the collapse
of a  savings  &  loan.   The  accuser  was  the Resolution Trust
Corporation (RTC), the now-defunct S&L bailout machine.

Starr's predecessor, Robert Fiske,  likewise  had  his  problems.
Fiske was tightly tied to the rogue operation, Bank of Credit and
Commerce  International (BCCI), a money laundry for various dirty
tricks by  the  American  CIA,  French  Intelligence, the Israeli
Mossad, dope and gun smugglers, and other high-level scoundrels.

As an incoming pretended Mr. Clean, Starr, to protect himself and
his  law  firm  [2],  threatened to bring out some of RTC's dirty
linen, some of it bloody.  With  the  help of Starr, his law firm
was able to settle with RTC on the cheap.  For  decades,  Starr's
law  firm  had represented the Chicago Tribune, reputedly a major
blackmailer of  public  officials.   His  law  firm retains links

Dirty Laundry Item #1
The Resolution Trust Corporation, as part of the Federal  Deposit
Insurance  Corporation  (FDIC)  apparatus,  had  as  their  major
outside  counsel  the law firm of Hopkins & Sutter, headquartered
like Kirkland & Ellis  in  Chicago,  center  of  the big fix.  In
fact, for a time, RTC's Chicago office  was  =inside=  Hopkins  &

Who  covered up the highly political and financially charged mess
of Silverado Savings & Loan  of  Denver?  Accused in the collapse
of Silverado was one of George Bush's sons, Neil  Bush,  who  was
Silverado's director.  Former-President Bush knows where numerous
bodies  are  buried and is no stranger to blackmail and political

Reportedly  no  strangers  themselves  to  bribery  and political
murders, Hopkins & Sutter swept Silverado under the rug.   Bush's
son,  Neil, thus escaped jail for apparent embezzlement and such.
As to savings &  loans  that  were actually covert operations for
CIA, like Silverado, see the book *The Mafia, the CIA, and George
Bush* by Pete Brewton.

As Ken Starr was in a position to know, RTC,  with  the  help  of
Hopkins  &  Sutter  and  others, saved George Bush and his family
from public disaster.

Because of all this (and further matters, to be discussed below),
a senior RTC  investigation  specialist,  Jon Parnell Walker, was
thrown off a building to his death.  This was covered  up  as  an
alleged "suicide."

Dirty Laundry Item #2
A  savings  &  loan  in the Chicago suburb of Oak Brook was owned
principally by  former  Illinois  Governor  Dan  Walker,  Sr. Dan
Lasater, Bill Clinton's dope-trafficker buddy,  was  big  in  the
bond  business  -- particularly dealing with Illinois S&Ls -- and
was part of a circle  of  crooked  "bond daddies" in Little Rock,

Lasater loaded up Dan Walker's S&L with worthless bonds, leading,
in part, to  the  thrift's  downfall.   They  sued,  and  in  the
meantime  went bust.  On behalf of the deposit insurance, Hopkins
& Sutter installed attorney  Hillary  Rodham  Clinton and her law
partner (and reputed lover) Vincent W. Foster, Jr., of  the  Rose
Law   Firm,  as  attorneys  for  the  federal  deposit  insurance
morticians.   Hillary  and  Vince,   with  the  apparent  corrupt
connivance of Hopkins & Sutter, settled the suit against  Lasater
for  a  pittance.   Bribery,  payoffs, and kick-backs are greatly

Dirty Laundry Item #3
Ken Starr is in a position to have the documented details showing
how Bill  and  Hillary  Clinton  caused  some  $47  million to be
embezzled from Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan  of  Little  Rock.
Starr  has  the  documents and knows that cronies of the Clintons
secretly transferred $50 million of  a $58.4 million federal fund
parked  with  Household   Bank   and   Household   International,
headquartered  in  the  Chicago  suburb of Prospect Heights.  The
funds  were  parked  by  a   federal  agency  to  make  good  the
long-pending claims of a Chicago-area caulking contractor, Joseph
Andreuccetti, against a savings & loan which massively  defrauded
him  and then went under.  The collapsed S&L was then merged with
Household, and  the  federal  agency  served  as  midwife  in the

As Ken Starr well knows, the $3 million gap between the embezzled
$47 million and  the  $50  million  transferred  to  Little  Rock
somehow    disappeared.    This   $3   million   was   apparently
misappropriated in November,  1991,  by  Bill Clinton's "miracle"
fund-raiser, Rahm Emanuel, who became Clinton White House  senior
advisor.   The  "miraculous $3 million" was used to put Clinton's
campaign for president  into  front-runner  status.  (See Chicago
Tribune Sunday Magazine, 11/23/97, page 34)

Congressman Dan Burton commented on this mysterious  $50  million
and Clinton, but did not follow up, as he had promised to, on his
remarks. (See Congressional Record, 5/29/96, H5627-28)

Rahm  Emanuel  apparently  blows  hot  and  cold.   He was seldom
referred to  in  the  press  prior  to  September,  1997, when he
bragged on a local PBS show in Chicago that  =he=  actually  runs
the   White   House,  not  Bill  Clinton.   As  a  strong-arming,
fund-raising  loyalist  of  Clinton,  Emanuel  praised  Clinton's
policies.  But:  Rahm  Emanuel  is  also  a reported operative of
Israeli intelligence, the Mossad, and helped orchestrate the  hot
and cold Clinton White House intern scandal.

The  Monica Lewinsky mess went public on a tremendous scale about
a day after Bill Clinton snubbed Israeli Prime Minister  Benjamin
Netanyahu.   Again  and  again,  the Mossad has demonstrated they
know  how  to  torpedo   enemies,  real  or  perceived.   Heavily
populated with survivors of the Holocaust or their relatives, and
with  the  victims  of  Soviet  persecution,  the  small   nation
considers  itself  surrounded  by  sworn  enemies  pledged to its
downfall and destruction.

Most of  the  players  in  the  recent  White  House  scandal are
reportedly skilled espionage  operatives,  highly  supportive  of
Israel.   And  Bill  Clinton,  with  an  extensive  background of
suborning perjury,  covering  up  CIA  dope  traffic,  laundering
campaign  funds disguised as soybean trades in Chicago, and such,
was simply the target of an apparent espionage "sting" operation.
(A "sting"  operation  is  when  undercover  operatives  set up a
situation meant to expose a person  with  a  career  of  criminal
tendencies and behavior.)

Dirty Laundry Item #4
Ken Starr has been the =unregistered= foreign lobbyist of the Red
Chinese   government.    As   such,  he  himself  is  subject  to
prosecution by the Clinton  Justice Department.  Lawyer Starr has
as a client Wang Jun, head of a Chinese  firm  manufacturing  and
shipping  AK-47 sub-machine guns to the U.S. Some assert the firm
has been seeking to  put  into  the  hands of inner city criminal
gangs those AK-47s, to encourage shoot-em-ups with  local  police
and  create  turmoil  in  the  U.S., all part of the apparent Red
Chinese agenda. (The firm is owned by Red China's military.)

As Ken Starr knows and  has  evidence  of,  Wang Jun has met with
President  Bill  Clinton  in  the  White  House,  and  apparently
elsewhere.  The French CIA as  well  as  the  French  mass  media
reportedly  have clandestine audio and video showing that Clinton
has given to  the  Red  Chinese  secret  police,  the Te-Wu, U.S.
industrial, financial, and military secrets.  So far, the  French
are   using   their  information  as  blackmail  items  in  their
behind-the-scenes fight with Washington, DC over the crash of TWA
Flight 800.   The  French  claim  a  missile,  either friendly or
otherwise, brought down TWA 800; the Clinton Administration  says
it  was  mechanical  failure.  Sixty French nationals died in the
TWA 800 crash, eight of whom were members of the French CIA.  The
take-off slot through  Flight  Corridor  Betty  was  to have been
occupied by an Israeli jet, of  El  Al,  but  because  of  delays
Flight   800  became  the  target.   A  top  official  of  French
intelligence refused to  go  on  Flight  800  and  took the El Al
flight instead.  Did he know something he did not divulge to  the
lower  echelon  members  of  his  spy  agency?   Some  14  French
nationals  face  U.S.  criminal  charges  that  they  stole  U.S.
industrial  and  financial  secrets.   The  French seek to offset
these problems by blackmail.

The French, with reported  links  to ethnic Chinese in Indonesia,
own Central Soya  Co.  of  Fort  Wayne,  Indiana.   The  previous
owners,  Ferruzzi, were pushed into bankruptcy by massive bribery
of  federal  judges  in   federal  court  litigation  in  Chicago
involving Ferruzzi.  Ferruzzi is owned by the Vatican.  The  head
of  Ferruzzi,  Raul  Gardini,  was  murdered  at the same time as
Clinton White House  Deputy  Counsel  Vincent  W. Foster, Jr., in

The same financial octopus that reportedly owns a piece  of  Bill
Clinton  also  reportedly  owns a piece of Ken Starr, and his law
firm and financial circle:   Lippo  Group  and Lippo Bank, run by
ethnic  Chinese  through  Indonesia  and  elsewhere,  with  major
facilities in the U.S. In a prior exclusive  story,  this  writer
told about a  mysterious  soybean  and financial operation called
Peregrine, which reportedly is an American CIA proprietary.  (See
CN 11.68.)  They are reportedly involved  in  laundering  illicit
funds   from  dope,  disguised  as  soybean  trades  in  Chicago.
Peregrine reportedly bribes both  Bill  Clinton and his pretended
nemesis Ken Starr.  Peregrine lost  some  $300  million  or  more
through   transactions  in  Indonesia  and  are  pressuring,  and
blackmailing, the  Clinton  Washington  government  to promote an
International Monetary Fund (IMF) bailout  of  Lippo,  Peregrine,
and  others,  to  be  financed  largely  by  U.S. taxpayers.  And
embedded in the Peregrine Affair, as detailed in a previous story
(CN 11.68), is the $50 million mysterious bargaining chip.

In the Clinton White House scandal, Ken Starr is reportedly being
blackmailed  and  bribed by various forces, as outlined above, to
obscure what Bill Clinton and his gang have been really doing.

---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
[1] Conspiracy Nation believes Skolnick is only half right.  Yes,
Starr is a "black hole" into which evidence disappears.  But  the
evidence,  it  seems,  is used for blackmail leverage against the
Clinton Administration.  Because  of  the  dirt Starr holds, this
gives him and the Republicans power over Clinton.
[2] Starr is still on the payroll of the law firm, and receives a
salary greater than $1 million per year from them.

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