(Champaign,  IL  --  1/28/98)  --  The  mud  still surrounded the
Clinton presidency,  although  Bill  Clinton  tried  to  leave it
behind when he flew out of Washington DC and came to speak  here,
at  the  University  of  Illinois.   Air Force One, symbol of the
Clinton administration, became stuck in  the mud at local Willard
Airport, situated on the outskirts of town and surrounded by corn
fields.  The President could do nothing but acknowledge that  the
mud had defeated him, stopping him from flying off into the skies
toward a better tomorrow.

Earlier, the President and entourage had  arrived  in  Champaign,
Illinois  without  mishap.   They  proceeded to the campus of the
large  university  located  here,  and  the  President  and  Vice
President addressed a capacity crowd.  All those who had obtained
the free tickets to the  event,  however,  were not allowed in to
the Assembly Hall.  The presidential advance team, it turns  out,
distributed many more tickets to the event than there was seating
available.   Hundreds  found that, after waiting with their young
children in very long  lines  and  in  the winter cold, that they
were being turned  away  from  the  event.   One  man  complained
bitterly, "I stood in line for two hours, and then they told me I
can't get in!"

Outside the Assembly Hall there were scattered  protesters.   One
small  group  of  mostly women carried signs and shouted that the
mass media were being unfair  to President Clinton, regarding the
massive press coverage of the current  Monica  Lewinsky  scandal.
Another  group protested Clinton's vetoes on proposed legislative
bans on partial birth  abortion.   One  man carried a sign saying
simply, "Impeach Clinton."  But these protesters  were  the  rare
exception  in  this  sleepy  community  known  for its complacent
agreeableness.  "Golly, the  President  is =here=, in Champaign!"
exclaimed one man.  "That's all =I= care about!"

Yet somehow there was an  occult  magic working here, against the
President,  when  Air   Force   One   became   symbolically   and
embarrassingly  stuck  in  the  mud.   Bill Clinton and his group
could do nothing but  cool  their  heels  and  stare out at vast,
flat, empty, sighing  fields  in  this  tundra  of  the  Midwest.
Perhaps those who had fruitlessly stood in long lines a few hours
earlier,  only  to be told there was no more room in the Assembly
Hall,  took  some   grim   satisfaction   from  the  presidential

In related news, Sherman  Skolnick  of the Citizens' Committee to
Clean Up the Courts is reporting as follows.  It  is  well  known
that  Bill  Clinton  has  long  been  connected with the American
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).   (See, e.g.  *Compromised* by
Terry Reed and  John  Cummings,  *Partners  in  Power*  by  Roger
Morris,  *Defrauding  America*  by Rodney Stich.)  Hillary Rodham
Clinton also "knows  plenty,"  having  held  a key staff position
during the Nixon Watergate hearings.  Hillary worked with  Bernie
Nussbaum  during  the proceedings, and Nussbaum later served as a
key member of the Clinton White House.  Next to Nussbaum's office
in the White House was the  office  of the late Vince Foster, who
died under suspicious circumstances on July 20,  1993.   Said  to
have  been  the  last known person to see Foster before his death
was Linda Tripp, a holdover from the Bush White House.  There are
inklings of a lesbian clique  interwoven throughout the fabric of
the Clinton White House.  In 1992, on Skolnick's local television
program, he says  he  showed  documents  relating  to "a criminal
circle of lesbian alleged  businesswomen,"  involved  in  illegal
export  of  weapons  to  foreign  terrorists,  and who were close
personal friends of the First Lady.  One member of  this  alleged
lesbian  clique  was  indicted  for  the  illegal  exports,  says
Skolnick,  but  the  charges were dropped when her connections to
the First Lady and to the  CIA took the pressure off.  Helping to
keep a lid on the current sex  scandal  shaking  up  the  Clinton
White  House  is  the Rev. Jesse Jackson, according to Skolnick's
sources.   Jackson   "has   reportedly   obstructed   justice  by
reportedly trying to get a White House Secret  Service  agent  to
refuse  to  testify  as  an apparent eyewitness to Bill Clinton's
sexual encounters in  the  White  House."   Vernon  Jordan, a key
Clinton lieutenant, is a  partner  of  oil  monopoly  heavyweight
Robert Strauss.  Strauss, CN readers will recall, was reported by
Skolnick to have been part of a contingent of Democrats who tried
to persuade Bill Clinton not to run for re-electionn in 1996.

Mr. Skolnick also is exploring  whether  Bill  Clinton's  current
troubles  regarding  allegations  of his relationship with Monica
Lewinsky are connected  in  any  way  to  the Mossad, the Israeli
intelligence agency.  Skolnick, himself  Jewish,  cautions  that,
just  as  the  CIA  does  not represent all Americans, so too the
Mossad does not  represent  all  Jews.   Nonetheless, he finds it
intriguing that, according to his information,  Monica  Lewinsky,
Linda  Tripp,  and  Lucianne Goldberg (Tripp's literary agent who
persuaded Tripp to secretly tape  Lewinsky)  are all Jews.  On or
about January 20th, Bill Clinton  rudely  snubbed  Israeli  Prime
Minister  Bebe  Netanyahu,  who  was  visiting  the  US.  Shortly
thereafter, all hell broke  loose  when the Lewinsky tapes became
public.  Could a revenge motive be the source of the  President's
current troubles?

Although  Skolnick  gives  credence  to  reports  that  President
Clinton is on the verge of  being asked to step down from office,
he thinks it is unlikely that Clinton will acquiesce.  "They will
have to physically drag him from the  building,"  says  Skolnick.
"He will not go quietly."

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