Ru Mills:

             Monica-Gate Linked To Marv Alpert Case
             Gore/Rockefeller Co-Presidency Planned
                   By "Ru Mills" (Pseudonym)

Like Peter Dale Scott, I  too  believe that the whole "fornigate"
matter is  an  intelligence  community  dirty  tricks  campaign.
About  two  years  ago  my sources in Faction 2 told me that they
were trying to decide  how  to  get  rid  of him.  The number one
solution that everyone wanted at that time was to have his  plane
crash.   But  cooler  heads  prevailed because after studying the
matter, they realized that  a  dead  Clinton  would  be seen as a
hero, and those who were close to him, especially Hillary,  could
benefit  from  his death and ride his casket into the White House
or possibly the Secretary General of the United Nations.

The plan that was set in motion at that time was to discredit him
so entirely and completely that  he  would be so damaged he would
be like a leper.  The group that planned his demise knew that  he
had  a  "sexual  addiction" problem, and so they went into motion
gathering the pieces of the  puzzle  that would finally add up to
such a mountain of sleeze that no  American  could  look  at  him
again  without feeling ashamed that he was their president.  What
we have seen is  only  the  beginning.   If he doesn't resign, it
will continue to get worse.

The Marv Albert trial was  created  to  send  a  message  to  the
President  as  to  how  ugly  a sexual trial can get.  If Clinton
agrees to step down and to  totally disgrace himself, the rest of
the story won't ever come out.  But if he ever tries to regain  a
position  of  power, like Nixon did when he rehabilitated himself
and became an elder statesman, then the rest of the dirty laundry
will come out.  There  are  hundreds  of  women  and at least one
child, maybe more.  If Clinton tries for a  come  back,  all  the
diry  linen  will  come  out of the closet... with the videos and
photos that the dirty tricks team has been taking for years.

At the moment, I am having doubts that this particular  operation
is  being carried out by Faction 2 of the intelligence community.
As your loyal readers know, F-2  is made up of operatives who are
opposed to the New World Order and who  are  secretly  trying  to
restore  the  Constitution  and  our  country's sovereignty.  The
reason I am beginning to wonder  is that I have heard through the
grapevine that the NWO rulers have decided that Al Gore  and  Jay
Rockefeller will share a kind of Co-Presidency.  If this happens,
then  the  US  will  be  set  on  the  road to creating a type of
parliamentary type of  government,  similar  to what England has.
If this happens, then I will be  sure  that  this  latest  "dirty
trick" ie FORNIGATE, was in fact orchestrated by the dirty tricks
team  from  Faction  1.   It is my belief that the NWO see him as
damaged goods, and  in  order  to  get  as  much  of their agenda
through as possible in the next two years, they need new faces.

This may be their plan, but I  don't think it will work.  Al Gore
has too many skeletons in his closet, and Faction 2 did in Nelson
Rockefeller with a convenient little drug in his martini... given
to him by a CIA assassin posing as his  girlfriend.   What  makes
Jay  Rockefeller  think  that  he is immune from the same kind of
heart condition that  afflicted  his  Uncle?  Also remember, that
the gossip in  Arkansas  is  that  Clinton  is  the  grandson  of
Winthrop  Rockefeller  and  a member of the British royal family.
Supposedly his mother knew the truth  and had told it to too many
people.  She loved being an illegitimate  Rockefeller!   This  is
why  she had to die suddenly, before she told too many people the
truth about her son.

Sometimes Faction 1 and Faction  2  cooperate on things that they
both agree on.  The more I think about this FORNIGATE scandal,  I
am  beginning to believe that the two factions may be cooperating
to get rid of Clinton... and as soon as they are rid of him, then
they will begin to fight over who will replace him.

One of my well placed sources  outside of the White House told me
that rumors have been flying that HIllary is threatening to  pull
a  Lorraine  Bobbitt on Billy if he doesn't stop sharing his bent
pole with America.  If she really pulls this off, will we be able
to call the President  Billy  Bob-it?   Or should we say "Hillary
bobbed it?"

Jokes such as this one  will  be  told  about  this  White  House
forever...  let's  just  hope  that  the office of the Presidency
hasn't been so damaged by its current residents that the American
people will  wholeheartedly  embrace  the  parlimentarian type of
government that the NWO is wanting to  shove  down  our  throats.
This  could be the real plan behind putting such a sleezy, smarmy
sexually driven weasel in the  White  House.   All  of  Clinton's
escapades  and  sexual exploints were well known to his handlers.
The photos of him in bizarre sexual encoutners are what they have
been using to keep him in  check.   Now  that it is time to throw
him away, maybe they have decided to use him for one last  thing,
and that is to destroy the office of the presidency for all time.

Let's  see  what  the  coming  week  brings.   If  my  sources in
Washington DC are right, then we should have about 100 more women
coming out of the woodwork.  I have heard that  they  had  booked
the  press  club for all of Clinton's "girlfriends" to make their
statements... but the  list  is  growing  so  long  that they are
negotiating with the Redskins to use their Stadium.

Also,  rumors have it that Clinton and the IRS are trying to make
a deal regarding the Mustang  Ranch, the famous brothel in Nevada
that is currently being run by the IRS for payment of back taxes.
The IRS has told Clinton that they would make him a real deal  on
it.   He  is  considering turning it into the first of a chain of
Willypeter's Sexual Addiction Clinics.

As more and more sleeze begins  to stream out, Clinton will begin
to  withdraw  more  and  more  into  himself.   He   will   begin
demonstrating  clear signs of mental disturbance. When he finally
is analyzed, the diagnosis will  be a temporary phychosis brought
on by a sudden withdrawal of his "addiction"..... ie  sex.   Once
the  diagnosis  has  been made, and Clinton has agreed to go into
treatment, then he will lend  his  name and whatever else he can,
to a brand spanking new busines for America... we  will  see  the
sudden birth of thousands of new sex clinics around the nation...
and  because  so  many Americans still love their president, they
will rush to join  him  in  his  time  of  need.  They will offer
themselves  as  willing  clients  to  his  new  sexual  addiction
clinics, not so much because they are sexual addicts, but because
they don't want  their  president  to  feel  so  alone  with  his

Stay tuned, maybe my sources will supply me some more informaiton
on what to expect in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, I will
be checking out the rumored  first  sexual  addiction  clinic....
Club Bed.

Ru Mills,  Rumor Mill News Agency  

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