In *Bloodline Of The  Holy  Grail* (ISBN:  0-7607-0735-9), author
Laurence  Gardner  unravels  Grail  lore  and  shows  its  hidden
meaning.  The book evidences strong scholarship on  the  part  of
the  author,  and  reveals  "the  hidden  lineage of Jesus."  Mr.
Gardner provides an  abundance  of  sources,  of which Conspiracy
Nation has not yet delved into.   Because  of  Gardner's  evident
expertise,  Conspiracy  Nation,  a general publication covering a
wide range of  conspiracy  "theories,"  is  not  in a position to
definitively state how accurate the assertions in  *Bloodline  Of
The  Holy  Grail*  are.   Here  is the gist of what Gardner says.
(All claims are by Mr. Gardner, except where otherwise noted.)

THAT the supposed "virgin birth"  of Jesus Christ is a purposeful
error, propounded by the Roman Church.  Jesus's  birth  was  like
any  other,  with  sexual  intercourse  between  Joseph  and Mary
leading  to  conception.   The  Bible  goes  to  the  trouble  of
specifically detailing Jesus's  lineage,  for example in Matthew,
chapter one:  "And Jesse begat David the king... and Jacob  begat
Joseph the husband of Mary..."  The purpose of these geneological
details  was  to  show  Jesus's  =royal=  lineage.   The Catholic
Church, in their own power  grab, invented the idea of "Apostolic
Succession," thereby  misrepresenting  themselves  as  ruling  by
divine  right.  Jesus Christ was of the royal House of David, and
was in fact  a  King.   The  term  "Christ"  means King -- hence,
"Jesus the Christ" means  "Jesus  the  King."   However,  due  to
infighting amongst Jewish factions, and especially due to Jesus's
wish to unite Jews and Gentiles against the Roman occupation, his
far-sighted plans to liberate his homeland did not succeed.

THAT Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.  The Bible does not say
Jesus  married,  =but  neither  does  it  say  he did not marry.=
(Gardner offers a lot of evidence  to back up his claim that Mary
Magdalene was Jesus's wife.)

THAT Mary Magdalene bore Jesus two  sons,  Jesus  II  Justus  and
Joseph  (known  as  Josephes),  and  a daughter, Tamar.  But this
information was viciously suppressed by  the Roman Church, due to
the threat it posed to their doctrine of Apostolic Succession.

THAT the royal Davidic bloodline did not die out with the "death"
of  Jesus Christ, but exists today.  That Jesus the Christ (Jesus
the King) =did not  die=  on  the  cross, but survived, thanks to
help from friends.

THAT Mary Magdalene journeyed to what is now France, and that her
second son, Josephes was born in what is now Marseilles.

THAT the concept of the "Holy Grail" is derived from  *Sangreal*.
"From this came *San Greal* = *San Graal* = *Saint Grail* = *Holy
Grail*.   More  correctly,  it  was  the *Sang Real* -- the Blood
Royal, carried by the uterine Chalice of Mary Magdalene."

THAT "the Gospels were written in  a veiled format to elude Roman

THAT Joseph of Arimathea took his nephew, Jesus II Justus, to the
West of England  for  awhile.   That  in  AD  53,  Jesus  II  was
proclaimed  Crown  Prince  at  the synagogue in Corinth.  That at
about this time, younger brother Josephes finished being educated
at a Druidic college  and  was  living in present-day France with
his mother, Mary Magdalene.  That Jesus the Christ seems to  have
died  in  India.   That Mary Magdalene died in AD 63, in southern

THAT the  first-born  son  of  Jesus  II  Justus, Galains (a.k.a.
Alain,  in  Grail  lore),  remained  celibate  and  fathered   no
children.   That  the  Grail  heritage  reverted  to  the line of
younger brother Josephes.

THAT the Roman  emperor  Constantine,  faced  with an ascendantly
powerful population of Christians, made the  calculated  move  of
embracing   Christianity,   and  thereby  co-opted  the  emergent
Catholic Church.  "[Constantine's]  purpose  was  not to join the
faith under the authority of the Bishop of Rome, but to take over
the Christian  Church  in  its  entirety."   That  the  farce  of
Apostolic  Succession  continued,  with  nominees selected by the
Roman emperors.

THAT the true royal bloodline  in  Gaul  (France), in the form of
the Merovingian kings, was a great threat to  the  Roman  Church.
That  although  the ultimate descent of the Merovingian kings was
Jewish, they were not practicing  Jews.  "They were avid students
of proper kingly practice in the  ancient  tradition,  and  their
model  was King Solomon, the son of David."  That the Merovingian
king, Clovis, married a Catholic, Queen Clotilde, and through her
influence King  Clovis  was  baptized.   That  when  news of King
Clovis's baptism spread, a "great wave of  conversions  followed,
and the Roman Church was effectively saved from almost inevitable
collapse."  That through Catholic plotting, the Merovingians were
dis-empowered and Rome ruled Gaul (France).

THAT the name  of  "Britain"  is  derived from "B'rith-ain" which
means "Covenant Land."  That the lineages of Jesus and  James  of
Arimathea  were combined in B'rith-ain's (Britain's) King Arthur.
That the first appointed Bishop  of  Rome  was  Britain's  Prince
Linus.   That  the  Grail  Family  founded  the  House of Camulod
(Camelot).  That the term  "Merrie  England" is derived from Mary
Jacob (St. Mary the Gypsy) who came to Europe with Mary Magdalene
in 44 AD.  That there was a widespread cult of Mary the Gypsy  in
medieval  England.   "As Maid Marian, her cult is incorporated in
the Robin Hood legends" and in the Merrie Men (Robin Hood and his
Merrie Men).  That the  "divine  legacy  of the *Sangreal* [Blood
Royal] was perpetuated in the sovereign and most noble houses  of
Britain and Europe -- and it is still extant today."

THAT Grail lore was actively  suppressed by the Roman Church, and
"underground symbolism"  was  utilized  to  help  evade  Catholic
censorship.  That an example of this underground symbolism is the
Tarot cards.

THAT  the  Knights  Templars  were  and  are the guardians of the
*Sangreal*  (Blood Royal).  That by 1127 AD, the Knights Templars
had recovered an enormous  treasure buried beneath King Solomon's
Temple.   (In  CN 10.83 it is suggested that the alchemical quest
to turn base metals into  gold  may  have  been a way to disguise
this sudden influx of treasure.)  That along with gold and  other
treasures,  ancient learned texts were recovered.  That knowledge
gleaned  from  these  texts   facilitated  the  building  of  the
marvelous Gothic cathedrals in France.  That through their  great
wealth  and  knowledge, the Knights Templars became "probably the
most influential body the  world  has ever known" and established
"the first international banking network."  That by 1306 AD, King
Philippe of France was almost bankrupt and was heavily in debt to
the Knights Templars.  That King Philippe conspired with the Pope
and they persecuted the Knights Templars.  The  Knights  Templars
were  accused  of heresy, arrested, tortured, and executed.  That
the Templar treasures were secretly removed to Scotland, and that
Papal orders to  arrest  the  Templars  were ignored in Scotland.
That "from the time of Robert the Bruce,  each  successive  Bruce
and  Stewart  heir  was  a  Knight  Templar from birth..."  That,
contrary to Establishment "history," the Knights Templars did not
become extinct in the 1300s.

THAT  the  early   Stewarts   (French  adaptation,  Stuarts)  had
conjoined lineages  from  both  Joseph  of  Arimathea  and  Jesus
Christ.   That  the  late  Princess  Diana was descended from the
Stewarts, and hence had  the  Sangreal (Blood Royal).  (CN 10.95,
"Who Controls Princess Diana Controls the World," by  "Ru  Mills"
(pseudonym)) That the House of Windsor, into which Diana married,
are imposters and usurpers (CN 10.95).  That the House of Windsor
is  the  fake  name of the House of Saxe Coburg-Gotha, changed to
"House  of  Windsor"  during  World  War  I  to  hide  its German
heritage.   That  "the legitimate Royal House of Stuart (Stewart)
exists today..."

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