Much goes on, behind-the-scenes.  For example, in  1909,  Senator
Nelson Aldrich owned a luxurious railroad car.  That railroad car
was kindly loaned to powerhouse bankers, who used it to travel in
style  to  Jekyl  Island,  Georgia.  There, they secretly plotted
what became the Federal Reserve.  (The "Federal" Reserve is =not=
federal; it is  a  private  bank.   That  means  that its private
owners make a profit on it.)  Senator Aldrich's  daughter,  Abby,
married  John  D. Rockefeller, Jr. Their grandson, Nelson Aldrich
Rockefeller, was =appointed= as  Vice President by then-President
Gerald Ford.  Later, Ford was almost killed in several  attempted
assassinations.   Paul  Warburg  was  an  agent of the Rothschild
family, supreme bankers of the  world.   He married Nina Loeb, of
the Loebs of Kuhn, Loeb, &  Co.  Felix  Warburg,  Paul  Warburg's
brother,  was also a Rothschild agent.  He married Frieda Schiff,
daughter of Jacob Schiff, head of Kuhn, Loeb, & Co. (Jacob Schiff
later gave $20 million in support of the Bolsheviks.  See CN 3.34
& CN 3.78.)  [1]

Robert Rubin was a high-level employee  of  Kuhn-Loeb,  until  he
left  to  become  President  Bill  Clinton's  Treasury Secretary.
Rubin  chairs  the  Working  Group  on  Financial  Markets, whose
members include Alan Greenspan,  Federal  Reserve  chief,  Arthur
Levitt,  Jr.,  head  of  the  Securities and Exchange Commission,
Brooksley  Born,   chair   of   the   Commodity  Futures  Trading
Commission,  and  Lawrence  Summers,  Under  Secretary   of   the
Treasury.  They are tasked with intervening in and preventing any
stock  market  collapse.   The  Federal  Reserve's job is to pump
money into the system.  Privately,  the surreal stock market high
is seen as "too  big  to  fail,"  the  same  way  banks  such  as
Continental  have  been seen, and how the South Korean economy is
now viewed by some.  [2]

(When workers are laid off,  that's "the great free market."  But
when big investors stand to lose  money,  such  as  recently,  in
Mexico, then it's "too big to fail.")

The question has arisen in past issues of Conspiracy Nation as to
"who  owns  Clinton,  Rockefellers  or Rothschilds?"  Tracing the
geneology of Kuhn-Loeb, we see it  is a Rothschild pawn.  So with
ex-Kuhn-Loebite Rubin now chief financial adviser to Clinton,  it
seems  Bill  Clinton  is a Rothschild stooge.  Rubin occupies the
same essential position  as  did  "Colonel"  Edward Mandel House,
alter-ego to  President  Woodrow  Wilson.   Both  basically  have
served as messenger boys between bankers and the President.

So you can bet that behind pabulum news stories  about  "Good-bye
Seinfeld,"  "Jon Benet Ramsey 1 Year Later," and "Nightly El Nino
Guesses,"  there  are  things  being  planned  behind-the-scenes.
Recent events in  Switzerland  point  to  its  currency, the last
pegged to gold, as about to become unchained.  An article in  New
American  magazine  suggests  that  lurking behind recent outrage
over Jewish Holocaust-era gold hidden in Swiss banks is a  subtle
plan.   The  mass  media  manipulators  have  not suddenly become
conscience stricken about victims  of  the Holocaust, horrible as
that  was.   Rather,  it  is  a  cloak  for   undermining   Swiss
independence.   The  Swiss franc stands as the last impediment to
the worldwide  debauching  of  currencies  now  in progress.  The
Swiss money, at present, is a  roadblock  to  the  planned  world
banking  monopoly.   The  master  plan, now in high gear, is "the
establishment of a  =world=  central  bank  which  could create a
common paper money for all  nations  and  then  require  them  to
inflate together at the same rate."  [3]

In 1997, in the U.S., personal bankruptcies soared to 1  million.
Prevalent  opinion is that this number will double, to 2 million,
in 1998.  Some might  think,  "Well,  I  am  skilled labor.  I am
immune."  But reports  floating  around  now  suggest  that  even
skilled  labor in the U.S. is headed for trouble.  Under a benign
nomenclature, talking  heads  are  spewing  noise  about a coming
worldwide redistribution of wealth.  It sounds  so  nice  on  the
surface, how "emerging nations" will soon be narrowing the gap in
wealth  between themselves and the First World nations.  But what
this  translates  to  is  the   farming  out  of  jobs  requiring
specialized skills to workers in the Third World.  Just  as  work
has  been  globalized  for unskilled labor, it is on the verge of
being globalized for skilled labor.   And this will be especially
feasible, say some, since the product of skilled labor can  often
be easily distributed worldwide.  How hard is it, for example, to
send  a  programmer's  code  from India to America?  Is it really
necessary for the programmer  to  be  in America?  The programmer
would cost less in India.

It is being called "The Judas Economy," the title of a book  just
published  by  an  editor  at Business Week magazine.  The global
corporations profit from the labor  of the producers they employ,
but rather than reward these workers for  their  contribution  to
corporate  wealth, the corporations (Judas) throw them out in the
street and hire cheaper-costing Third World employees.  This will
benefit the "bottom line" and short-term corporate profits.

The author of the book,  *The  Judas Economy*, was interviewed on
the Pacifica Radio network (12/26/97).  Unfortunately, for  =some
reason=,  the broadcast was halted in my local reception area.  I
checked the  Pacifica  archive  on  Internet,  but  as  of  yet a
synopsis of the story has not been posted there.  (You  might  be
able  to  get  it  on  Real  Audio.)  Conspiracy Nation will keep
monitoring the situation.  If  readers  have  further info on the
subject, please forward to

---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
[1] *...And The Truth Shall Set You Free* by David  Icke.   ISBN:
[2]  "Rubin  Rigs,  Roils  Wall Street Markets," by Warren Hough.
*The Spotlight*, 11/3/97.
[3] "Good-Bye Gold"  by  Jane  H.  Ingraham.  *The New American*,

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