Australia is the land that time  forgot.  It drifted off into its
continental  isolation  aeons  ago,  and  a  localized  evolution
occurred.   For  example,  there   are   giant   jackrabbits   of
astonishing size -- called "kangaroos" (as if that fools anyone.)

The  Bass  Strait  area  is  known for mysterious happenings.  In
1920, strange lights were seen there, and a ship, the S.S. Amelia
J.,  vanished  without  a  trace.   A  search  aircraft similarly
vanished at this time. [1]

The deep cover  Australian  Intelligence  service, the Australian
Security and Intelligence Organization  (ASIO),  was  born  as  a
child  of  British  Intelligence  in 1948.  This was at about the
same time as the  American  Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was
created.   ASIO  has  two  known  branches:    intelligence   and
counter-espionage. [1]

But  what exactly would the Aussies be using their own spy agency
for, you might  wonder.   The  idea  of  Australian spies lurking
behind the scenes in Istanbul, Beirut,  and  Moscow  is  hard  to
imagine.   Super-secret  organizations  such  as CIA and ASIO all
seem to have sprung  up  right  after  World War II.  Their cover
rationale has been that they were needed to fight Communism.  But
was the Red Menace such a sudden  precipitator  that,  in  a  few
short  years, it caused a skyrocketing growth in covert "national
security"-type organizations?  I suspect there was more involved.

A "Mr. D."  (pseudonym)  contacted  Stan  Seers of the Queensland
Flying Saucer Research Bureau (QFSRB) in 1959.  Mr.  D.  said  he
was  with  ASIO  and  showed credentials to prove it.  He put out
feelers, asking Seers if  he  would  "play ball" with ASIO.  They
would give Seers certain  info,  from  time  to  time,  regarding
"Unusual  Aerial  Sightings"  (UAS).  In return, presumably, ASIO
would exert control over Seers.  Seers asked for a little time to
think it over. [1]

Seers had assumed that  it  would  be  all  right to consult with
other members of  QFSRB  regarding  the  ASIO  offer.   He  later
learned  otherwise.  The ASIO plan had actually been to deal with
only Seers.  But Mr. D. had neglected to emphasize that to Seers.
After Seers went  ahead  and  consulted  with  his  group, Mr. D.
became furious. [1]

However Mr. D. "rolled with the punches."  He pretended to be  an
ardent  UAS  (UFO)  enthusiast,  and  cozied up, individually, to
members of QFSRB.  He also  insinuated distrust of Seers into the
group.  Within a year, former close friends in  QFSRB  had  grown
mistrustful  of  one  another.   Seers later claimed that similar
tactics had  been  used  by  ASIO  against  other  UFO  groups in
Australia. [1]

In 1968, the QFSRB  set  up  special  motion picture cameras in a
location known for unusual aerial phenomena.   The  cameras  were
designed   to  be  self-activating,  triggered  by  presumed  UFO
activity.  On March 4th, an  unknown aerial event got the cameras
rolling.  The film was  retrieved,  hand-delivered  to  the  post
office,  and mailed to Kodak of Melbourne to be processed.  QFSRB
personally saw to it that  the  film  was properly posted and put
directly into the mailbag.  But unfortunately, ASIO had their own
agent placed inside the Kodak processing department.   Two  weeks
after  mailing,  QFSRB  received an empty packet back from Kodak.
"Had QFSRB forgot to include the film in its  original  mailing?"
wondered the film lab. [1]

On the ground at North West Cape, Western Australia, is America's
super-secret National Security Agency (NSA).  But what is our NSA
doing in Australia?  Couldn't the Aussies be handling whatever it
is without an encampment of  NSA  in  their midst?  What are U.S.
bases (forts),  such  as  Pine  Gap,  doing  way  down  under  in
Australia?   What exactly are we "protecting" Australia from?  Is
it,  even  today,  Communists  inspiring  this  fear,  or  is  it
"something else" -- "something,"  for  example, that caused pilot
Frederick Valentich to just plain disappear while flying  in  the
previously-mentioned Bass Strait area on October 21, 1978? [1]

Pine Gap is  the  largest  spy  base  in  the  world, and it's in
Australia of all places!  (But then again, the  enormous  outback
region  there is like a giant Nevada, so it makes sense.)  Former
Australian Prime Minister Gough  Whitlam  was going to name names
of CIA personnel at Pine Gap, so CIA  just  evicted  Mr.  Whitlam
right  out  of office, in 1975.  [2] Pine Gap reportedly has huge
underground facilities (as do  the  Pentagon and the White House,
by the way.  The White House is said to have "many,  many  levels
=below= the basement...  that  keep  going  down and down."  [3])
Some  sources  even  contend  that  Pine  Gap  is  simultaneously
operational in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions. [4] 

So  you  thought  Australia  was  just  Crocodile   Dundee   (now
mysteriously  replaced  by  a  look-alike  double  in  the Subaru
commercials),  funny-talking  people   ("Put   a  shrimp  on  the
barbie"), and a few rock and roll bands.  That's what  they  want
you to think.  Australia is the mother of all Area-51s, disguised
as just a bunch of sheep-farmers.

--------------------------<< Notes >>----------------------------
[1] *Above Top Secret* by Timothy Good. ISBN: 0-688-09202-0.
[2] Speech by Helen Caldicott, M.D.
[3]  *Underground  Bases  and  Tunnels*  by Richard Sauder, Ph.D.
ISBN: 0-932813-37-2.
[4] Leading Edge Research. 

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