Saddam Hussein Learns At Knee Of U.S. But Cat Is Out Of The Bag

Saddam Hussein,  "Sorcerer's  Apprentice"  to  master magician of
death,  the  USA,  is  reportedly  poised  to  send  hundreds  of
"marching broomsticks" against the United States.  He is said  to
have  hundreds of terrorist "cells" already positioned throughout
the U.S., prepared to wreak havoc.

In  the  1940s,  the  U.S.  investigated  the  potential  of germ
warfare.  Because antimicrobial drugs were scarce  at  the  time,
there  was  no way then for us to protect our own troops.  But by
the late  1960s  enough  antimicrobials  were  available  to make
biological war feasible.  However  it  was  decided  that,  since
almost  any nation could develop such weapons, U.S. policy should
be  to  demonize   biowar.    "This   included  cosponsoring  the
production of several movies:  The  Omega  Man,  The  Virus,  The
Andromeda  Strain,  and  others,  to  scare  the  hell out of the
public...   The  U.S.  Government  went  on  to  glamorize  those
countries that possessed nuclear weapons,  referring to it as the
Nuclear Club." [1]

This  propaganda  strategy  temporarily  was successful:  smaller
nations strove  to  gain  their  own  admittance  to "the Nuclear
Club."  Slowly, however, the smaller  nations  began  to  realize
that  biowar was the more realistic way for them to go.  One such
nation was  Iraq.   Where  did  Iraq  get  the  original start-up
cultures  for  development  of  germ   warfare   capability   (in
GovernmentSpeak,  "weapons  of  mass destruction" so as to lessen
the panic  potential)?   "Iraq  purchased  all  of the dehydrated
cultures from companies right here in the  United  States."   [1]
One  of  the  companies  which shipped deadly anthrax to Iraq was
American Type Culture Collection  in  Rockville,  Maryland.   [2]
Also  worth  looking  into is a Pennsylvania-based company called
Kennametal.  Marianne Gasior, a whistleblower who once worked for
Kennametal, says that that firm  was involved in shipping weapons
to  Iraq.  [3] Another "corporate citizen" said to be part of the
Iraq  weapons  pipeline  was  the  Lafarge  Corporation,  a  U.S.
subsidiary of a French multinational chemical firm.  On the Board
of Directors  for  Lafarge  from  1990  through  1992 was Hillary
Rodham Clinton. [4]

But why didn't Iraq  use  germ  warfare  against  us  during  the
1990-1991  Gulf  War, since it had the capability?  The answer is
that Iraq =did= use  such  tactics.  "The Iraqi military adhered,
at  least  in  part,  to  Soviet   military   doctrine.    Soviet
methodology  is  that  chemical  warfare should be conducted with
mixed agents.  Mixed  agents,  often  referred to as 'cocktails,'
are intended to enhance the  capabilities  of  nerve  agents  and
defeat   the   precautions   taken  by  the  enemy."   [1]  These
"cocktails" also have the  advantage  of delayed symptoms:  "Iraq
thought that the multinational force would respond  with  nuclear
weapons if they had used fast acting biologicals." [1] 

Reportedly, Iraqi terrorist "cell" groups (each "cell" has 10 men
and 1 woman; the woman is  used to smuggle the bio-agent into the
U.S.,  hiding  it  in  a  bodily  orifice)  are  now   positioned
throughout  the  United  States.  As many as several hundred such
cell  groups,  says  one   source,   are  ready  to  hit  targets
simultaneously:  subways, large office  buildings,  crowded  city
streets.   A  separate  target  will  reportedly be step-up power
transformers, part of the U.S. electric power grid.  [1] Evidence
of Iraqi terrorist cells now  ready  to strike is corroborated by
Sherman  Skolnick,  the  veteran  independent   journalist:    he
confirms  reports that at least one such terrorist cell group may
have been arrested several months  ago for smuggling anthrax into
the U.S. This alarming incident was reportedly hushed up  at  the

Of  course,  not all Iraqis are terrorists.  It would be wrong to
assume so.  But Saddam Hussein obviously has some hidden strategy
behind  his  recent  bold  (and  seemingly  irrational)  arrogant
actions toward the supposedly vastly more powerful United States.
Is Bill  "General  Custer"  Clinton  leading  our  forces  into a
"Little Bighorn" valley of death?

---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
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