Plus: "Big Enemies" Needed. Inquire at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

A Maryland  firm,  American  Type  Culture Collection, reportedly
made several shipments of anthrax to Iraq between 1985 and  1989.

A  CBS  News  report  this evening (11/13/97) warns that Iraq has
germ warfare capability, and specifically mentions anthrax.

Dallas Morning  News  has  recently  reported  on  "a new federal
program."  Dallas and 26 other cities will study how to deal with
"terrorist" attacks, including attacks using "biological agents."

"Rollo" (actually Geraldo Rivera,  but  I  just call him "Rollo")
had  as  focus  of  his  TV  program  today,  "AIDS   Assassins."
Underlying  message:  Be very afraid; "deadly" HIV is everywhere.
Yet subscribers to the hardcopy  edition of Conspiracy Nation are
aware  that  HIV  as  cause  of  so-called  "AIDS"  is  only   an
hypothesis.  (See also the latest issue of New American magazine:
"...in  the  HIV hypothesis, the data challenging that hypothesis
have been largely  ignored,  and  its compilers ostracized rather
than refuted." [3])

Windbag Bill Clinton, endlessly flapping his  gums  for  6  years
now,  has  just suffered a sharp rebuke from his own party:  they
said "no" to Fast  Track.   Further  rebuke appears in The Nation
magazine. Writes Barbara Ehrenreich, noted "leftist":

  ...after  nearly  two  decades  of  conservative   national
  governance,  Reagan  through  Clinton, we can no longer let
  progressivism be understood as the defense of government...
  The federal government of 1997 is a very different creature
  from that of,  say,  1977  --  more egregiously corrupt and
  sycophantic toward wealth, more glaringly repressive... [4]

The Democrats have turned against  Clinton; the "left" is turning
against Clinton; and most  everyone  else  has  long  ago  turned
against Clinton.

Strangely  and  mysteriously, "Whitewater"-related documents have
turned up in an  abandoned  automobile.  Former Clinton crony Jim
McDougal then, reportedly, is transferred to a  different  prison
and  put  in solitary confinement.  Hillary Clinton takes off for
Russia in Air Force  One,  but  then  Air  Force  One has to turn
around after 20 minutes and make an emergency landing.  Air Force
One almost blew up, with Hillary onboard.

On network "news," the "big  story"  is  all  about  the  British

So  anthrax  was sent from the U.S. to Iraq, and now the scare is
that Iraq is going to  use  anthrax  against either Israel or the
U.S.  Recent  stories  in  the  U.S.  have  also  played  up  the
fear-angle with supposed "AIDS":  first, the alleged drug  dealer
purposefully infecting his female sex partners with HIV; then the
story  about  a random stabbing with hypodermic syringe.  "Rollo"
leaps into  the  fray  with  his  show  on  "AIDS Assassins" (now
=assassins=, plural). 

As suggested by the highly recommended article  in  New  American
(op.  cit.),  the  underlying  message  is:  "Be afraid.  Be very

Bill Clinton has scandals piling up  on him and is being deserted
by even staunch allies.  How far would Bill Clinton  go  to  save
his presidency?  Would he even risk World War III?  He now has no
wide  following  and  has lost credibility.  "Abandoned by fellow
Democrats, President Clinton now faces the embarrassing question:
Has he suddenly become a lame duck?"  [5]

The just-released book  by  Ambrose  Evans-Pritchard (*The Secret
Life of Bill  Clinton*.   ISBN:   0-89526-408-0)  has  been  seen
prominently   displayed   in  several  national-chain  bookstores
visited by this editor.   Evans-Pritchard  was the featured guest
on the widely-watched *700 Club* television program on  Nov.  12,
1997.   Talked  about,  recommended, and displayed to millions of
viewers was his book.

Also discussed  on  the  *700  Club*  broadcast  was the puzzling
derring-do of Saddam Hussein.  Why  is  Saddam  Hussein  so  bold
suddenly  that  he  brazenly  dares  to "diss" the United States?
Rev. Pat Robertson, host  of  the  program,  frankly states he is
confounded.  "I just don't understand it," he says.  Why on earth
is Saddam Hussein provoking an attack?

Network  "news"  programs  now  haul out their footage of awesome
military might:  jets and missiles.  You think M-80s are awesome?
You think cherry bombs are "way  cool?"  Haw!  Wait until you see
the big fireworks show about to happen!

But  most  of  our allies don't approve of the imminent fireworks
extravaganza.  Why are innocent  Iraqis  about to be slaughtered?
Because Saddam Hussein "dissed" somebody?  Because  Bill  Clinton
is  in trouble domestically?  The television "news" networks show
footage of Iraqi mobs, sticking their tongues out at us.  ("Nyah,
nyah!") Bill Clinton, a "lame duck" on Monday, becomes a "warrior
chieftain" by Friday.  Some sort of "Big Enemy" is needed to prop
him up.  Candidates are:  Iraq, "AIDS Assassins," and Anthrax.

---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
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