But Rep. Dick Armey (R., Tex.) Threatens "Real World Consequences"
   (PLUS, Other News: Hillary Almost Killed, Howard Hughes, etc.)

  Mark  well,  these  "hard   times"  occur  when  the  money
  possessors want some special condition or  special  law  to
  get  some  special  privilege  in  trade or commerce, or to
  scare  the  masses   of   people,   their  legislators,  or
  government  into  giving  them  what  they  want,   or   to
  "discipline"   or  get  revenge  upon  the  masses  or  the
  government for  "acts"  or  "laws"  passed  or established,
  limiting, curbing, or taking away some special privilege or
              -- *Lincoln: Money Martyred* by Dr. R.E. Search

Last week we were told that the very prestige of  Bill  Clinton's
presidency  was  riding  on  whether the "Fast Track" legislation
would be  passed  by  Congress.   But  this  week,  we  are *not*
hearing, "Well, that's it.  A crushing defeat for  Bill  Clinton.
There  goes  his prestige, right down the toilet."  Instead, =as=
=if=  =last=  =week's=   =dire=  ="prestige"=  =warning=  =never=
=happened=, Bill Clinton is  right  back  out  there,  this  time
stirring  up  divisiveness and mistrust between the common people
by greatly magnifying  sporadic  "hate  crimes," making them seem
immense, and thereby seeking to disunite the American people.

But it's been  a  "bad  hair  day"  for  sweet  darling  "Cuddles
Clinton"  of  Arkansas.   He  lost.  We (the working people) won.
Take a moment to savor our  victory.  But know that the Invisible
Enforcers are even now cooking up  a  repressive  counter-attack.
Warns  (threatens)  Rep. Dick Armey, part of "Democrat" Clinton's
Republican  cohort,   "After   a   real   world   of  real  world
consequences, we will probably pass Fast Track legislation."

(Mark well, these "hard times" occur when the wealthy elites want
some special condition or special law.)

The  docile  lambkin  press  did  not  ask  Mr.  Armey,   "=What=
'consequences?'"  They  just  sat there.  But Dick Armey had just
made a =prediction=:  There  are  going to be "CONSEQUENCES."  No
one bothered to ask, "What do you mean -- 'consequences?'"

"What's with all these crashes of Air Force  aircraft?"  asked  a
reader  of  Conspiracy  Nation.   At the time, I told him that my
guess was it was all a prelude  to  the crash of the #1 Air Force
aircraft, Air Force One, on which fly Bill and  Hillary  Clinton.
Then the "spin" would be:  "Ah yes.  All these Air Force crashes;
and  now,  the  final  tragedy,  the  crash  of Air Force One. Of
course,  'obviously,'  it  was  not  an  assassination,  but poor
maintenance.  We must  pass  'The  Bill  Clinton  Memorial  Law,'
improving   maintenance   of   Air   Force   jets,   planes,  and
   Today (11/10/97), Associated Press  reports that Air Force One
"developed   engine  problems  10  minutes  into  Hillary  Rodham
Clinton's Central Asia trip  and  returned home after dumping its
fuel."   A  close  call  for  Hillary,  but   was   it   just   a
"coincidence?"   Does  it  have  anything  to  do  with documents
"fortuitously" discovered in  an  abandoned  auto  and now in the
hands of Kenneth Starr?
   The "anonymous  author"  now  specifically  states  that  "88"
("HH") is indeed Howard  Hughes.   I  had mistakenly got the idea
he'd somewhere stated that "88" was not Howard Hughes.  I  regret
the error.
   A  good  book  uncovering  the hidden side of Howard Hughes is
*Project Seek*  by  Gerald  A.  Carroll.   (ISBN:  0-9640104-0-2;
phone 1-800-729-4131 for further info.)  Also giving inside  info
on  Hughes  is  *Age  of  Secrets*  by  Gerald  Bellett.   (ISBN:
0-921842-42-2; phone 1-800-268-2946 for further info.)
   According to *Age of Secrets*: Cay  Sal is one of the cays and
islands stretching out from the  southern  tip  of  Florida.   In
1976,  John H. Meier, a former associate of Howard Hughes, landed
there under cover of  darkness.   Guided  by "Chuck," Meier snuck
past armed patrols.  They both reached a  shed.   "Chuck"  picked
the  lock  and they entered.  Inside was a case measuring about 7
feet long by 3 feet  high.   On closer inspection, the "case" was
found to be a cryonics chamber containing the  corpse  of  Howard
   In  a  past  issue  of  Conspiracy  Nation  (CN  11.34), I had
outlined claims by Dr. R.E. Search in *Lincoln:  Money Martyred*,
in which  Search  had  claimed  that  Lincoln's  "greenbacks" had
stayed "at par" during the Civil War. Search *does* say that, but
later qualifies the "at par" claim with  info  on  an  "exception
clause" and how that undermined the "greenbacks":

  February  25,  1862:  "Exception Clause" Act passed, making
  the next issue of greenbacks read:  Good for all debts both
  public and private *except* duty on imports and interest on
  Government debts.

  As  the  reader  will  readily  see,  this  clause  put the
  government in the light of refusing its own money for  duty
  on  imports,  and  gave  the bankers an excuse to refuse or
  discount that issue, which  they  promptly did, 30 percent,
  claiming that their clients would not take them...

An alert reader of Conspiracy Nation questioned  (quite  rightly)
the  claim  that  the "greenbacks" had traded "at par" throughout
the Civil War. I  regret  the  confusion  caused by my inadequate
outlining of Search's material on "greenbacks."  A more  accurate
assessment  is  that  Lincoln's "greenbacks" *did* trade "at par"
until sabotaged by the  "exception  clause," steamrolled into law
via pressure from rival interests.

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