By "The Anonymous Author"

My grandfather Chris toiled in the cornfields of  Nebraska  as  a
low  paid  farm  hand  in the early 1900s.  A friend of his heard
about a job as  a  manager  of  a  livery  stable in a small town
called Pierce, Nebraska (population  2,000)  and  he  immediately
applied  and  was hired.  Chris never met the owner of the livery
stable because  he  was  told  the  proprietor  operated over 100
stables  in  the  Midwest  and   West.    My   grandfather   only
communicated with a regional manager.

I spent all my summer vacations as a child in Pierce and listened
to my grandfather's history of how  he became a Ford Dealer.  One
day while working as the manager of the livery stable  two  black
Ford  Model T cars were delivered without his previous knowledge.
My grandfather was told by the  regional manager to sell the cars
and his commission would be $25.00.  Chris not only sold the  two
Model  T's  but also took orders for 10 additional cars.  About a
month later a wagon was sent  to  the livery stable to remove all
the  horse  related  equipment  and  then  five  more  cars  were

To  my  grandfather's  amazement  he  was  offered  a  dealership
agreement allowing him to be  basically  self-employed.   Profits
from  his  Ford  Dealership allowed him to buy land and Chris has
the distinction of  earning,  losing  (The  Depression years) and
earning again over a million dollars.   My  grandfather  did  not
have  a  show room full of cars but he would keep a filing system
in his head of farmers who bought cars and trucks from him.  When
a farmer had owned  a  car  for  three years my grandfather would
drive out to the farm with a new car or truck and sell them a new
car on their property.  Chris would then sell the  trade-in  cars
to  persons  in the city or on farms that had financial problems.
My grandfather sold cars in this manner with the filing system in
head for over 55 years.

In the late 1940s a know-it-all Ford manager came into  town  and
insisted  that  Chris receive 15 cars that month.  My grandfather
had no place to store the  cars  because  he had no show room and
this really  confounded  the  "hot-whiz-kid"  city  slicker  Ford
manager.   The  manager and Chris went to a bar that was owned by
my grandfather.  After belting a  few beers the 61-year-old Chris
made a final ditch try not to take the 15 cars by challenging the
young 20 something manager to  a  foot  race  to  the  dealership
office  -  about  150  yards down the main street of town.  If my
grandfather won he did not have  to  take the 15 cars that month.
Most of the town showed up for the race and after my  grandfather
beat  the  tubby  snit by 2 lengths he said to the manager - "Lee
Iaococa" (the  father  of  the  Ford  Mustang  and  former CEO of
Chrysler) "I'm not taking those cars this month."

The Ford Dealership provided Chris a fantastic life but  when  he
died  he  still did not know how nor why he became a Ford Dealer.
His grandson (me) discovered the how  and why through a weird set
of circumstances.

Jesse James III related to the mutual friend of Linda Goodman and
me  the business relationship of Jesse James and Henry Ford.  [1]
When the mutual friend was half-way through telling me this piece
of history, I was  absolutely  astounded  and almost began to cry
and laugh because I heard  a  piece  of  this  story  all  of  my
childhood  and  all  the questions that puzzled my grandfather to
his grave were being answered.

Henry Ford  was  driven  out  of  business  once  by  bankers who
insisted on naming a board of directors to  oversee  the  growing
auto giant but Ford refused to give into their demands.  Ford was
operating  his  second  enterprise  and  the bankers still wanted
control but he did not budge.  Therefore, Ford found himself with
all his loans called in, no capital to pay costs and wages.  Ford
had some stock of  cars  but  no  capital to market the vehicles.
Jesse heard through the grapevine of Henry's problem and proposed
a meeting in Eastern Nebraska.  Jesse was the silent owner of  my
grandfather's livery stable and hundreds more.

Mr.  James  requested that Mr. Ford deliver two Model T's to each
of his livery stables  and  the  sales  would give him the needed
capital to survive the strangle hold of the bankers.  The  scheme
worked  far  better  than  expected.  However, after World War II
enough  pressure  was  placed   on  Ford  by  various  government
agencies, bankers and politicians that  Ford's  sons  and/or  the
company  basically  turned control of the Ford Motor Company over
to Robert McNamara (former Secretary  of Defense and President of
the World Bank and member of the Trilateral Commission)  and  his

During  the  past 250 years members of the human race can go with
the  flow  of  society's   expectations   or  break  from  normal
educational, religious, 8 to 5 routine.  Jesse James, Henry Ford,
Linda Goodman, and my grandfather Chris broke from  the  routine.
Last  year  I  attended  a three day 25 year high school reunion.
During the last day  numerous  persons  stated  to  me that if we
lined up 20 persons to tell their life experiences, I have  lived
and  done  more than those 20 persons combined.  I obviously also
broke from the routine.

When pigs, cows or horses are  allowed  to roam free on the range
without any restrictions by humans, their meat is  too  tough  to
eat by humans and their intelligence based upon their experiences
on  the  range  make  catching  them  very  difficult.  How can a
domesticated pig, cow  or  horse  relate  to  a free wide ranging
animal of the same species?

How can a domesticated human  that  has  grown up in the suburbs,
attended regular church, did the normal  education  routine,  and
who  works  8  to  5  and is brainwashed by television, relate or
believe that Jesse James  saved  Henry  Ford's ass by selling two
Model T's in each of his livery stables or that the  opium  hound
Mary  Todd  popped  her  hero,  icon hubby with her pearl handled
derringer?  For me the  fantastic  Jesse James biography detailed
by Del Schrader is reality because I have  LIVED  the  fantastic.
Those who have not lived or been exposed to the fantastic believe
the  fantastic only exists on Hollywood production sets.  We live
in the most interesting, fantastic  and compelling times yet most
persons are experiencing this era asleep  with  their  eyes  wide

If  you  have  lived and cherished the normal routine be prepared
for the reality of lives of  persons who do not accept the normal
routine.  Some persons find the book detailing the life of  Jesse
James  by  Del Schrader impossible and unbelievable.  The book is
impossible and unbelievable  for  persons  blinded  by the normal
routine and perspective - will that change if  you  buy  a  Ford?
Probably not.
If  you  feel  and  think  the James / Ford realities are hard to
swallow by domesticated  and  brainwashed  humans, wait till they
get a load of the saga involving Jesse James, Howard  Hughes  Sr.
(88)  and  his son's Howard, Robard, Charles and David (yes count
them - that's one, two, three,  four).  There is more because all
of  the  brothers  HAD  to  become  one  public  yet  shadow  "88

The Anonymous Author

---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
[1] From *Jesse James Was One Of His Names* by Del Schrader, with
Jesse James III.  Arcadia,  California:  Santa Anita Press, 1975.
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:  74-33962:

  Old Jesse [James] was one  of Henry Ford's original backers
  and many  of  Jesse's  livery  stables  became  early  Ford
  automobile  dealerships.   Jesse  III  [grandson  of  Jesse
  James]  says, "On at least two occasions I was present when
  Grandpa and the auto magnate got together in the 1920s.

  Jesse III particularly recalls  the 1928 meeting.  "It took
  place in Plattsmouth, Nebraska, at the cafe and hotel owned
  by Albert Brown.  Grandpa always called  Mr.  Ford  "Henry"
  and  Mr. Ford always called him "Colonel" or "Jesse."  Yes,
  Henry Ford knew Grandpa was  Jesse  James and never let the
  cat out of the bag.  The automaker complained that his wife
  didn't like the idea of him "hobnobbing  with  outlaws"  so
  Jesse James became Jack Halbrook to Mr. Ford.

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