This is Sherman Skolnick.

"National security" (like with Diana and the British monarchy) is
a "justification" used  against  leaders  and  others,  including
those  that  are  assassinated  in  the  United  States,  such as
President John F. Kennedy.   The  press  here is getting ready to
crank up a story that John F. Kennedy was a  Communist  (and,  by
inference,  that  any  plot against him was justified.)  That Dr.
King was a "Communist."  That  the  mayor of Chicago at the time,
Richard J. Daley, was a "Communist" -- at least that's  what  the
Chicago  Tribune  had  in a big front-page story on the very same
Sunday that  they  put  in  (at  the  last  minute)  a story that
Princess Diana was dead.

The  main story in earlier editions of the Sunday Chicago Tribune
was the Richard J. Daley story:  the late mayor of Chicago, whose
son, Richard M. Daley, is now  the mayor, that, in so many words,
"his father was a Communist."  [CN:   Chicago  Tribune,  8/31/97,
carried  a story on their front page about J. Edgar Hoover of the
FBI having spied on the  late  Mayor Richard J. Daley, suspecting
he was a Communist.]

There is a related  item:   on  the  Thursday  before  Diana  was
killed,  August 28th, I had transfered a number of very sensitive
records to an associate of  mine's  house.  Because we were under
threat that they might want to ransack my facilities in order  to
stop  some  investigation  of  which we had already mentioned, in
court, was going on.   And  the  American Gestapo (and that's the
way I *have* to describe them), heavily armed, forced  their  way
into  my  associate,  Joseph  Andreuccetti's,  home  -- WITHOUT A
SEARCH WARRANT -- and  then  and  there took away books, records,
and tapes that Andreuccetti was going to copy.   They  took  that
away,  threatened  to shoot his wife, and thereafter (under false
charges) arrested his  wife  and  him  and  took  them to a local
police station.  But at no time did they have any search  warrant
to  search  the  property,  which  *at*  *that*  *time* contained
records, books, and  tapes  relating  to  our  working on what we
already knew in advance was the Tribune's upcoming fake story  to
defame and scandalize the Daley family.

And  the simple reason for it was, we had been working on a story
that Richard M.  Daley  (the  current  mayor)  had been in secret
conferences with Vice President Albert Gore, Jr.; that  Democrats
in  Congress -- *Democrats* -- were going to start an impeachment
move against the  President  (to  protect  the Democrat party and
force Clinton out.)  And the Thursday before it appeared  in  the
Tribune, the "American Gestapo" took our only copies of that.

On Thursday, September 4, 1997, I and Joseph Andreuccetti brought
an action, in local court, against those [raiders] whose names we
know.   (There  are others of this "Gestapo" unit, heavily armed,
that forced their  way  into  Andreuccetti's  house.  Those whose
names we did find out, we named as  defendants.   Others,  as  we
point  out in the lawsuit, we do not know the names of.)  [CN:  A
full copy of Skolnick and  Andreuccetti's most recent lawsuit can
be viewed at]

One of them picked up the phone while this raid was going on (his
name we know), and spoke to me, at  my  residence,  that  *I*  am
next!!   In  other  words,  they're  going  to ransack *my* house
without a search warrant and take away whatever they want.

So anyone that reads this,  that  believes  that if you're on the
cutting edge of the investigations  involving  the  White  House,
that  the  Constitution protects you, I'm here to tell you that I
and my associate, Andreuccetti,  have *no* Constitutional rights.

And when something relating to this  came  up  in  court  Friday,
September  5th, in front of a judge, I was twice, in the hallway,
threatened with arrest  (without  cause)  by  the judge's bailiff
(who reached for his gun.)

Among the records that were taken away in the  August  28th  raid
included  details  we had just uncovered about how the mass media
was going to scandalize a  whole number of people.  (And remember
that the records were taken *prior* to the Tribune running  their
story that the late Mayor Daley was a Communist.)

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Skolnick  adds  that the mass media had been given fraudulent FBI
records to show that Vice  President  Al  Gore and his family are
Communists.  He then added that, from 1958 until the present,  it
has  been his policy not to go public with threats he's received.
His reasoning has been, if he  and/or his group goes public, they
might frighten away potential sources who  are  already  at  some
risk.  However, says Skolnick, in 39 years of cutting-edge public
interest  research,  he  has  "*never* felt in such great, mortal

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