In  CN  10.07  was  discussed  the  case  of  Lawrence  Myers,  a
"journalist  *extraordinaire.*"  It   was   shown  how  Myers,  a
supposedly truth-hungry reporter, had  played  a  major  role  in
getting   Hoppy   Heidelberg   removed   from   the   grand  jury
investigating the Oklahoma City bombings of April 19, 1995.  As a
member of  that  grand  jury,  Heidelberg  had  become aware that
evidence was being suppressed, and he swam against the stream  by
pushing for all the facts in  the case.  (*All* past issues of CN
are available at https://feustel.mixi.net)

In reading  the  comprehensive  textbook  on  the  Oklahoma  City
tragedy (*Oklahoma City:  Day One* by Michele Marie Moore.  ISBN:
0-9653301-1-0.   Published  by  The  Harvest  Trust, PO Box 1970,
Eagar, Arizona 85925), we learn  that close associate of Lawrence
Myers has been supposed "independent"  investigator  of  the  OKC
bombings, Mr. J.D. Cash.

The  role  played  by  "independent"  investigator  Cash  in  the
on-going  cover-up  of  the April 19th tragedy unfolds in Moore's
encyclopedic book, *Oklahoma City:   Day  One*.  Here is the gist
of the story.

(1) We have the unique situation of the "incredible growing truck
bomb" at the doomed Murrah Building in Oklahoma City:  It  starts
as  a  car bomb, becomes a van bomb, then a small-truck bomb, and
finally matures into a  huge ammonium-nitrate contraption filling
the largest available truck-size in the Ryder  fleet,  given  the
necessary  parameters  (e.g.  not a semi-trailer).  (In charge of
Ryder Systems, Inc. -- Mitchel  Anthony Burns, member of the Club
of 300, Trilateral Commission.)

(2) But still, even though the "incredible  growing  truck  bomb"
had  reached its allowable maturity, it still would not have been
powerful enough to do all  that  damage.  So the mainstream press
floated stories  of  "racing  fuel"  as  being  included  in  the
"fertilizer  bomb"  contraption.   These mainstream press reports
were never substantiated, says Moore.

(3) Enter now Mr.  "Don  Quixote"  Cash.   That knight in shining
armor says he has discovered a BATF arsenal was illegally  stored
in the Murrah Building.  "Ah  hah!  Then *that* explains it!"  We
are led along the primrose path  to  conclude  that  the  amazing
growing  truck  bomb  in  turn  set  off the BATF arsenal.  "Case
closed,"  is  the  apparently  desired  inference.   "It's  okay,
everyone," implies J.D.  Cash,  journalist *extraordinaire*.  "No
need to look elsewhere (like on the building's  support  columns)
for additional explosive devices."  But in her book, Moore proves
that Cash's explanation is full of holes.  Moore even goes so far
as  to  call  Mr.  Cash  a  "possible  damage-control operative,"
meaning Cash had at least  inadvertently assisted the cover-up of
what really happened in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995.

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