Gov.  Fife  "Freon"   Symington  Thwarted  --  Chlorofluorocarbon
(CFC-12) gas, known as "Freon," is the  cheapest  refrigerant  on
the  market.   DuPont  Chemical  company  develops  SUVA, a Freon
substitute.  (Decades  back,  DuPont  developed cloth substitutes
such as nylon and rayon, and that "signaled the end of  the  hemp
industry."   --  Free  American  9/97) Controlling DuPont are the
Bronfman   family.    The    Bronfmans   give   large   "campaign
contributions" to both Republicans and Democrats -- the Bronfmans
like  them  all!   But  what's  this?   Freon  suddenly   becomes
"dangerous."   The  kindly  federal government steps in and says,
"We will save USA from Freon!"   But nasty Gov. Fife Symington of
Arizona says, "Screw you, feds.  Freon  is  A-OK  in  my  state."
Then,  strangely  and  mysteriously,  Gov. Symington is indicted,
found guilty, and not  Governor  of Arizona anymore.  Coming soon
to *your* car: Freon-sniffing dogs.
Goodbye Al Gore; Hello Jay Rockefeller  --  Longtime  readers  of
Conspiracy  Nation  know  that   Sherman  H.  Skolnick  has  been
screaming for years about a plot to replace V.P. Al Gore with Jay
Rockefeller.   Now,  veteran  journalist   Sarah   McClendon   is
reporting  on  Bill  &  Hill  talking  about  Jay  Rockefeller as
replacement should Gore be forced to resign.   McClendon  reports
on  a  "seething  distrust  of  the  President  against  the Vice
President."  Although  mass  media  portrayed  Bill  as doing the
"voracious reader" routine during his Martha's Vineyard  holiday,
it seems the truth is, discussions on "good-bye Al Gore" occupied
much  of  his  time.   I  have learned that McClendon herself has
recently done a 180 on  her  opinion  of Bill Clinton; that, in a
dramatic change of view, she now perceives Mr.  Bill  negatively.
That *is* a major sea change in itself.  But is Sarah's awakening
just  pragmatic;  is  Sarah just bailing out of what she knows is
the sinking ship USS Clinton?
   In  a  related  story,  Non-Network  News  confirms  that  the
Clintons want to  remove  Al  Gore,  but  replacing  him with Ted
Kennedy. Gore is probably being framed, says this source.
   Still More On Lady Diana Death -- Death scene photos taken  by
"paparazzi"   won't   be  printed,  supposedly  because  National
Enquirer et al. are taking  some  kind  of  moral stand -- but is
that the real reason?  Or is that just *part* of the real reason?
(And note the indignation concerning certain of the photographers
who  have  disappeared  and  gone  into  hiding.   "What  kind of
'journalists' are they?" snorts the mainstream press.   "Why  are
they  hiding?   Why  won't they come to us with their crash-scene
photos?")  Some  of   the   so-called  "paparazzi"  are  actually
mainstream journalists.  One, for instance, has covered Tiananmen
Square, Bosnia, and has worked as an AP  photographer.   Wouldn't
it  be nice if these dreaded "paparazzi" (a demonizing term) were
interviewed during the current  "Diana's dead" media frenzy?  Dan
"Formaldehyde" Rather *did* interview one  of  them;  but  *that*
interviewee  wasn't even there when it happened!  He tells Rather
he arrived at the scene 15 minutes later.  Too bad  the  rest  of
the available "paparazzi" crew -- *eyewitnesses* -- are locked up
indefinitely  in  the  judicial  process  (a  la  Tim McVeigh who
two-plus years after OKC hasn't  been  able  to let loose with so
much as an Oswaldian "I didn't do it") and "can't" tell what they

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