By Sherman H. Skolnick

More  and  more,  Paris   is   becoming  a  center  of  political

ITEM:  In July, 1996, Amschel Rothschild was murdered, just as he
was about to become the new  head  of  the  Rothschild  worldwide
banking  empire, tied to the Vatican.  Most of the American press
were silent:  some said it was a heart attack; others, a suicide.
He was found with a bathroom cord tied around his neck, connected
to a towel rack.  In  checking  it out, however, the Paris police
discovered the rack came right  off  the  wall!   Hence,  it  was
murder, not suicide.
   Rothschilds and Rockefellers have engaged each other in bloody
financial  wars for many decades.  Rothschild was murdered on the
anniversary of  the  murder  of  John  D.  Rockefeller III, 1978.
Recently, we repeated the exclusive details.

ITEM:  February 1997:  A long-time, major financial supporter  of
Albert  Gore,  Jr., was murdered in Paris:  Pamela Harriman, U.S.
Ambassador to France,  widow  of  Averell  Harriman  of the major
banking and railroad fortune.  With her  help,  Gore  had  joined
with top U.S. military leaders, who had fled to France, to arrest
their Commander-in-Chief, Bill Clinton, for treason.

ITEM:    Various   western   intelligence  agencies  arranged  to
assassinate Princess Diana, in Paris.  She was killed on a sacred
section called Pont  l'Alma  --  from  that  is  derived the word
"Pontiff," that is, "Pope."  The ancient section  is  where  most
every  royal family in Europe comes from.  According to legend, a
person killed there goes straight  to Heaven, as a representative
of Jesus.
   According  to  unreleased  witness  reports,  a  vehicle   (on
purpose)  tapped  or hit the rear of Diana's Mercedes, one of the
heavily-built models, reportedly made bomb- and bullet-resistant.
A slick had already been spread  ahead of her car, which then hit
an intentional, heavy obstruction planted in the tunnel  roadway.
The  second  car  had  intelligence  agents from the super-secret
Committee of Twenty-Six, headquartered  in Bristol, England, made
up of covert operatives of  the  United  States  and  the  United
Kingdom, skilled in murder disguised as auto accident.
   Informed of this in advance, French Intelligence took a "hands
off"  posture  and delayed the arrival of the Paris police to the
murder scene.  The  local  authorities  in  Paris reportedly have
"smoking gun" video evidence made by  "Paparazzi"  on  motorbikes
(that  is,  celebrity-chasing  photographers), reportedly showing
the political  assassination  details.   French  authorities have
proof to blackmail Bill Clinton, both on the murder of  Diana  as
well as the cover-up of the missile attack on the Paris-bound TWA
Flight 800, in which 60 French nationals perished, including 8 of
the French Secret Police.
   Diana and her intended Arab husband were set to shift billions
of  dollars  from the West, to banks in Germany and Austria.  The
princess was crushed between the  East and the West:  between the
Pope and the failing, degenerate British monarchy, the  House  of
Windsor.   Newsfakers  here  and  overseas  continue to call it a
so-called "auto accident." Stay tuned.

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