Four Dangerous Minds Said To Be Planning Invasion Of Small School
                          Panic Sets In!
    Gerald Posner and "Chip" Berlet Help "Circle the Wagons!"
                   Will YOUR College Be Next!?

An article in the  Los  Angeles  Times,  dated  August  21,  1997
("Community College Course Claims JFK Conspiracy"), warns readers
of  an  apparent  stealthy  attack planned by certain "conspiracy
theorists" on an idyllic community  college.   Said to be part of
the invasion were SHERMAN SKOLNICK, a telephone-addicted mutterer
on supposed dark plots, DAVE EMORY,  who  spreads  his  seductive
ideas  via  small radio stations, JOHN JUDGE, a local Washington,
DC character, and MICHAEL COLLINS PIPER, sometime scribbler for a
fringe newspaper.

The ever-alert L.A.  Times  warns  that  the  South Orange County
Community College District "has approved a course that  claims  a
conspiracy  was  behind  the  assassination  of President John F.
Kennedy  and  has  committed  $5,000  for  flying  in  four guest

Rushing to guard against such conspiracy  ideas  being  discussed
on,  of  all  places,  a  college campus, was the Anti-Defamation
League (ADL), which may have been  correct in accusing ONE of the
four invited speakers, Mr. Piper, of anti-Semitism.   From  there
it  was  just  a short hop-skip-and-a-jump to the conclusion that
"if one speaker is anti-Semitic,  others must also be."  At least
that is what the  L.A.  Times  article  directly  states  in  its
headline,  "SOME  scheduled  speakers  contend  [JFK] killing was
planned by Israel."

Although too-trusting Americans may  wonder  how such as SKOLNICK
(himself  an  orthodox Jew), EMORY (a well-respected anti-fascist
researcher),   and   JUDGE   (a   tireless  investigator  of  CIA
skullduggery) could possibly be "anti-Semitic," Gerald Posner (an
"Oswald  did  it"  stalwart)   and   John  Foster  "Chip"  Berlet
(described as an "examiner of authoritarian thinking") were quick
to stomp out the question.   Regarding the fevered thinkers about
to shamble onto campus, Posner exclaimed that he was "aghast"  at
hearing  of  the  planned  course.  He added that a conference on
conspiracies behind  the  Kennedy  assassination  strikes him "as
similar to the notion that  the  Holocaust  was  a  hoax."   John
Foster  Berlet,  named  after  beloved State Department personage
John Foster Dulles, on hearing of the sneaky thought-crime attack
on the hallowed  halls  of  academe,  exclaimed,  "Oh, get out of

Others were not so kind regarding the  planned  invasion  of  the
Hallowed  Halls  of Correct Thought.  "All of this is out-and-out
anti-Semitism,"  fumed  Cheryl  Altman  of  Saddleback  Community
College.  Roy Bauer,  a  philosophy  instructor  at Irvine Valley
Community College, called the invited  guests  "crackpots."   And
Joyce Greenspan of the ADL darkly warned that some of the planned
speakers  write for the feared "extremist organizations."  (Since
Skolnick writes for Conspiracy  Nation, among other publications,
the inference is clear:   CONSPIRACY  NATION  ITSELF  MAY  BE  AN

This editor has learned that a  puzzled  Sherman  Skolnick  never
made  a  definite  committment to attend the proposed conference.
Reportedly, John Judge  had  never  even  been  formally asked to
attend.  Emory and Piper could not be reached for comment  as  we
go to press. 

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