By Sherman H. Skolnick

One  of  the  strangest  banks   in  the  world  is  in  Chicago.
Originally chartered as South Shore *National* Bank, at the  time
of  the  assassination  of  President  John F. Kennedy one of its
largest  stockholders  was  the  wife  of  Texas  oil  man  Clint
Murchison,  Jr.  Over  the   years,  knowledgeable  sources  have
contended that some of the funding for the Dallas JFK murder team
was laundered through South Shore  National  Bank,  disguised  as
meat packing transactions.

Operatives of French Intelligence penetrated the plot against JFK
--  similar  to  the  failed  scheme  against  the French leader,
Charles DeGaulle.  France  was  saved,  however, from a political
murder, as shown in the book, "The Day of the Jackal" by Forsyth.
Another  book,  "Farewell  America,"  was   written   by   French
Intelligence under a pen-name, James Hepburn.  [CN:  The book was
reportedly suppressed in the United States, but was a best-seller
in  Europe.] It tells about the "Committee" of top U.S. Military,
American  CIA,  and  other  establishment  bigshots  that  met to
orchestrate the murder of President Kennedy, who opposed the  oil
monopoly.   A  whole section of the book details the oil industry
schemes against JFK who wanted to stop the tax loop-hole giveaway
called oil depletion allowance.

The Committee met for last  minute  plans  for four days prior to
the murder, on the Murchison ranch.   On  the  murder  junta  was
Richard  M.  Nixon, rankled for having lost the 1960 presidential
election to JFK through eight thousand votes in Chicago stolen by
local gangsters.  (It helped Illinois swing its electoral vote to
JFK, cinching the election for him.)  [CN:  See *Double Cross* by
Sam and Chuck Giancana.]

The  Nixon  Archives,   subsequently   closed,   showed  a  close
relationship between Nixon and Murchison who often wrote to  each
other.    Obtained  from  the  same  document  repository  was  a
handwritten letter, dated the summer  of 1960, from Ronald Reagan
to Nixon -- we call it a "death warrant" -- implying that if  JFK
is  elected, he should have his brains blown out, Reagan claiming
that JFK is a communist. [1]

(Reagan as California Governor  refused to permit the extradition
of a key JFK assassination witness sought by New Orleans District
Attorney Jim Garrison.)

In  the 1960s and 1970s, the South Shore National Bank financed a
Chicago south side  narco-terrorist  gang,  called, at that time,
the Blackstone Rangers.  During that period, the  Chicago  police
had  a Gang Intelligence Unit to track these street criminals who
were creating havoc.  Members of the elite police unit complained
to their commander, to no avail, that these terrorists were being
financed by the Central Intelligence  Agency  as a test of how to
subdue  and  cow  neighborhoods,  an  example  to  be   used   in
controlling hamlets in Viet Nam during the war there.

It was virtually impossible to keep the terrorists under  arrest.
They   had   some  secret,  high-level,  total  immunity.   Local
mobsters, messengers for CIA, seemed  to  promptly show up at the
police stations with piles  of  bail  money  for  the  Blackstone
Rangers  (headed  at  the time by Jeff Fort, a sneaky illiterate,
later given an honorary college diploma.)

The CIA financed  these  gangs  through  foundations as conduits,
including  the   Charles   E.   Merrill   Trust   of   Cambridge,
Massachusetts  (founder  of  Merrill, Lynch stock brokerage), and
the Charles Kettering Fund of  Denver.  The gangs were supervised
by a strange white man with red hair, connected to the  political
action unit of a major labor union.

In later years, these street narco-terrorist gangs were  re-named
the  El  Rukns.  One of those who supposedly was to prosecute the
gangs, *en masse*, was reportedly  formerly with CIA:  William R.
Hogan, Jr. As Assistant Federal Prosecutor in Chicago, Hogan  was
accused of prosecutorial misconduct in the El Rukn criminal cases
shortly  after  Bill  Clinton,  himself  a  CIA  darling,  became
President.   (Hogan  reportedly  countered the misconduct charges
against  him publicized by federal judges in the El Rukn cases by
stating his  bosses,  in  the  U.S.  Justice  Department, took no
action even  though  they  had  substantial  knowledge  that  six
federal  judges  in  Chicago  took  bribes:  three in the Federal
District Court,  and  three  in  the  Federal  Appeals Court, 7th
Circuit, headquartered in Chicago.)

Re-chartered by the state of Illinois, the South Shore  Bank  was
the  only  bank in the nation to be owned and operated by a group
of  foundations.   Over  the  years,  we  developed  expertise in
researching  foundation  tax  returns  (which  happen  to  be   a
little-known  public  record.)   Our  investigations  showed  the
foundations  owning the bank were conduits for huge sums from the
American  CIA,  used   for  various  counter-insurgency  projects
labeled "community developments."

Recently, the U.S. Treasury had millions of dollars  supposed  to
be used by banks nationwide for such local development.  Strange,
but  Hillary  Rodham  Clinton  steered  the bulk of those federal
funds to the South Shore Bank, snubbing  other  banks  nationwide
supposed  to  also get such money.  [2] After all, the First Lady
has long had her  own  duties,  separate from her husband's, with
the CIA.

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[1] A copy of "The JFK Death Warrant" can be seen for a 10-dollar
donation.  Write  to  Sherman  Skolnick,  9800  S.  Oglesby Ave.,
Chicago, IL 60617 or phone him at 773-375-5741 for more info.

[2] Hillary Clinton, although not holding an  official  position,
nonetheless  has  a great deal of power and was "instrumental" in
steering the funds to South Shore Bank, says Mr. Skolnick.

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