Gov. George Bush, Jr., To Seek Presidency?

Hillary Clinton, according to the  July  20, 1997 issue of Parade
magazine, as reported in The Spotlight, Aug. 11, 1997, may  be  a
presidential  candidate  in  the year 2000.  Notes The Spotlight:
"Although posing as  'light  fare,'  Parade  actually  has a long
history of floating trial balloons and  leaking  information  for
the   intelligence  community  and  the  plutocratic  elite.   So
Hillary's candidacy may indeed be in the offing."  And what could
be worse than that?  How  about  Spawn of Bush, Gov. George Bush,
Jr., of Texas as Republican presidential nominee?

Our story thus far:  Ronald Reagan, Republican nominee  in  1980,
is  forced  by  Rockefeller  to  choose  George Bush, Sr., as his
running mate.  "What the  heck,"  thinks  Reagan.  "I'll still be
President."  Reagan believes that, as President, he  is  actually
in  charge.  He steers his own course, and what does he care when
his Vice President tries to tell him to do otherwise.  But Reagan
gets a strong "message"  to  the  contrary when, supposedly, John
Hinckley, Jr., almost kills him in 1981.  Hinckley's father, John
Hinckley, Sr.,  owns  Vanderbilt  Oil  and  has  been  a  Houston
neighbor  for  years  of George Bush, Sr. Hinckley, Sr., has also
given "campaign contributions" to Bush, Sr., since way back, when
Bush, Sr., first ran for Congress.

So after surviving the  attempted assassination, Reagan gets wise
and bows to George Bush, Sr., in certain areas.   Then  in  1988,
George  Bush gets elected as President.  We therefore have George
Bush as *de facto* President from 1981 through January of 1993.

While  Bush  was  *de  facto*  President,  he  had  been  visited
privately  by  the then not-well-known governor of Arkansas, Bill
Clinton.  Clinton had met with  Bush in Portland, Maine and later
privately visited him at Kennebunkport.   (*Boy  Clinton*  by  R.
Emmett  Tyrrell, Jr.)  The Clinton-Bush nexus is also seen in the
book *Compromised:  Clinton, Bush and the CIA* (by Terry Reed and
John Cummings; a  book  sometimes  sneered  at  by those who have
never actually read all of it.)  Write Reed and  Cummings,  "Here
was  what  seemed  a strange alliance.  A state [Arkansas] run by
Democrats   in   bed   with   a   Republican   administration  in
Washington..."  What Bush and Clinton have had in common is  that
both  of  them  are  CIA  boys:  Bush connected to that nefarious
agency since at least the  time  of  the JFK assassination and on
through when he was CIA Director in the 1970s; Clinton a part  of
the  CIA  "community"  since  at  least  his days as a student at
Oxford,  when  snitch  Clinton  ratted  on  the  anti-Vietnam War
movement of that time. (See *Partners in Power* by Roger Morris.)

What this all means is that George Bush, Sr., has never been "out
of the loop"  since  1981  --  including  during  Bill  Clinton's

Bill   White   of   Houston   helped   Texas   Republicans   with
"investments."  White was sponsored by Lloyd Bentsen, Jr., son of
former-senator Lloyd Bentsen, Sr. Lloyd Bentsen, Jr., was Harvard
classmate of  George  Bush,  Jr.,  now  the  governor  of  Texas.
Another  friend  of Bush, Jr., has been James Bath, reportedly "a
front man for  Arabs  connected  with  BCCI  [Bank  of Credit and
Commerce International] who were buying  influence  in  America."
(*The  Outlaw  Bank*  by  Jonathan  Beaty and S.C. Gwynne.)  Bath
reportedly is/was also  CIA,  recruited  by  George Bush, Sr., in
1976.  "Son of Bush," George, Jr., owned a tiny "energy  company"
named  *Arbusto*  (which in Spanish means "Bush").  *Arbusto* was
purchased in 1988  by  Harken  Energy.   "Son  of Bush" was named
director of Harken.  *Then*, Harken Energy got  very  "lucky"  --
they  had *no* offshore drilling experience, yet "won an offshore
drilling concession from  the  Gulf  kingdom  of Bahrain that was
potentially worth billions."  (*The Outlaw  Bank*)  According  to
Bill  White,  spilling  the  beans  to Beaty and Gwynne for their
encyclopedic book on BCCI, that rogue bank seems to have played a
part in the oil-drilling concession  that went to Harken and "Son
of Bush," the potential U.S. President-elect in  the  year  2000.
(See  also  an article on the Bahrain oil concession by Beaty and
Richard Behar, apparently published in Time magazine.)

So a continuing Bush dynasty looms on the horizon.  Or, you could
vote for Hillary Clinton, herself tied to the Bush  dynasty.   Or
there's  always Al "Knight in Shining Armor" Gore, whose pressure
favoring NAFTA has  led  to  erosion  of  American paychecks.  Or
there's "Smiling Dick" Gephardt -- no dirt on  him  available  at
the  moment.   Or how about "Lame Duck" Bill Clinton?  You say he
can't seek a third  term?   Hey,  Bill  Clinton can get away with
murder.  Or there's even  Oliver  North  who,  according  to  "Ru
Mills"  (pseudonym),  is being positioned for a presidential bid.
One of George Bush's other buddies, retired General Colin Powell,
is also a possibility.  Overall, the apparent plan is that if you
throw enough crap into the process,  one of "our" guys is sure to

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