By Sherman H. Skolnick (with Brian F. Redman)

  COKIE ROBERTS is the daughter  of the late Rep. HALE BOGGS.
  Hale Boggs expressed doubts  about  the  Warren  Commission
  findings  regarding  the assassination of JFK, but daughter
  Cokie, an apparent journalist, has no big problem with  the
  Warren Report.  Cokie's brother is THOMAS H. BOGGS, JR.  He
  is  of  the  law firm, Patton, Boggs, and Blow.  Partner in
  that law firm was  RON  BROWN, the late Commerce Secretary.
  On the day Ron Brown died under  suspicious  circumstances,
  Cokie's  brother  Thomas Boggs was himself the target of an
  assassination attempt.  WHAT DOES COKIE KNOW ABOUT IT???

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Some reporters rise to  the  very  top,  by showing they can help
cover up political assassinations.

ITEM:  Dan Rather, a relatively unknown reporter at the time, was
standing in the shadows under the Triple  Overpass  Bridge,  near
Dealey Plaza in Dallas, awaiting the President Kennedy motorcade.
Rather later claimed he was there to hand some rolls of film to a
messenger.   Right  near where he was standing was a hidden storm
sewer, not discovered for 25  years  after, from which one of the
assassins shot JFK from straight in front.  Also right  near  Dan
Rather  was the infamous Grassy Knoll where, from behind a picket
fence, another  assassin,  in  co-ordinated  military-style fire,
blew away the President.
   The motorcade, after having slowed down for  a  hairpin  turn,
passed  right  under  Rather's  nose.  He was the only one on the
planet to rightaway  be  able  to  look  right  close-up into the
murder car, to confirm for the military  and  CIA  plotters  that
Kennedy had been mortally wounded.
   As  a  cover-up  pay-off,  Dan Rather was made CBS White House
correspondent, later their evening network news anchor face, paid
millions of  dollars.   He  hosted  a  CBS  faked  up documentary
contending JFK and Dr. King were murdered by lone assassins.

ITEM:  Congressman Hale Boggs, of Louisiana, sat  on  the  Warren
Commission, which concluded that President Kennedy was slain by a
lone  assassin, that there was no conspiracy.  Later, in 1971 and
'72, Boggs began grumbling that  the  Warren Report was false and
more, that J. Edgar Hoover's FBI not only helped cover up the JFK
murder but  blackmailed  Congress  with  massive wire-tapping and
spying.  {1} Boggs fingered Warren Commission staff member  Arlen
Specter as  a  major  cover-up  artist.   For  the Warren Report,
Specter created the fake scenario of "the magic bullet," to frame
the dead Lee Harvey Oswald, the CIA patsy, as the  lone  assassin
--  a single bullet that supposedly mortally wounded JFK and went
on to severely wound John  Connally, yet the bullet emerged still
in pristine condition.  (Specter later became U.S.  Senator  from
Pennsylvania, with the aid of CIA.)
   Boggs  knew  that  Richard M. Nixon was in or near Dallas from
several days before the JFK murder  to late that day, Nixon being
part of the military and CIA planning group.  (To  supervise  the
assassination,  the  group  met  on  the  nearby ranch of Nixon's
crony, Clint Murchison  the  oil  man,  as  described in the book
"Farewell America," written under the pen-name James Hepburn, and
published about 1969 in Europe, in English and 14 other languages
-- a best-seller in Europe but suppressed  in  the  U.S.  In  the
appendix  of  the  book  is  the  only  known  list of secret JFK
political assassination documents,  implicating  the  CIA, in the
National Archives.)
   In 1972,  a  month  before  Nixon  was  re-elected  President,
Congressman  Boggs'  plane  disappeared  on  a  flight to Alaska.
Privately, investigators later said the  plane was found, but the
monopoly press, the military, and the CIA publicly proclaimed the
plane could not be located.  CONGRESSMAN BOGGS'  DAUGHTER,  COKIE
ROBERTS,  was  a lowly-paid mouthpiece for National Public Radio,
supervised by the Rockefellers.   (John  D. Rockefeller IV's wife
once headed NPR.)  In an interview on the radio (5/21/93),  Cokie
Roberts  said she and her mother Corrine (Lindy) Boggs, who later
took her husband's seat in  Congress,  went to Alaska and figured
out Hale Boggs' plane must be at the bottom of the sea  and  were
troubled by the statements of "conspiracy theorists."
   Cokie  Roberts  once  made  the  false statement that her late
father believed Lee Harvey Oswald  was the lone assassin and that
she believed it also.  With Oliver Stone's movie "JFK" escalating
talk of conspiracy, Cokie was paid off by being made top  dog  of
ABC Network's Sunday morning one-hour political cover-up show.
   Cokie  Roberts'  brother,  Thomas  H. Boggs, Jr., is part of a
highly corrupt  group  of  lawyer/lobbyists,  Patton,  Boggs, and
Blow.  His partner in the firm was Ron Brown, once a  top  honcho
of  the  Democratic  National  Committee.  Ron Brown was known as
"THE COLLECTOR,"  chief  blackmailer  and  extortionist  for Bill
Clinton.  Facing imminent federal criminal bribery  charges,  Ron
Brown,  in April, 1996, as Secretary of Commerce, died in a plane
crash in Croatia.  Some claim  it  was  sabotage.  At the time of
the  crash,  Cokie's  brother,  Thomas  H.  Boggs,  Jr.,  Brown's
partner, was himself the  target  of  an  assassination  attempt.
Boggs'  firm fronts for Guatemalan big businessmen who, on behalf
of  the  American   CIA,   supervise   "death  squads"  murdering
dissidents.  {2}
   Prior to his last plane flight,  Ron  Brown  confided  to  his
business  partners  that  when  he  is  prosecuted he intended to
finger Bill and Hillary Clinton  as  part of the bribery schemes.
But dead men are not prosecuted and don't talk.

ITEM:  During his 1988 primary election  bid  for  President,  Al
Gore  said,  if  elected, he intended to get to the bottom of who
assassinated President Kennedy, which  would  have to include the
CIA.  Now, Cokie Roberts and Dan Rather are part of a team  sworn
to  blow  a  hole in the line of succession to the presidency, by
falsely scandalizing Al Gore.  This,  so  that their man, John D.
Rockefeller IV, calling himself "Jay" to be  cute,  could  become
President without an election.
   Apparently,  the secret agenda now is that Clinton will not be
forced out by scandal and  threats  of impeachment, until Al Gore
is first removed and Jay Rockefeller inserted as Vice  President.
Then,  upon  the  downfall  of  Clinton,  Jay Rockefeller becomes
President without an election.  If Al Gore does not "go quietly,"
will he be the  target  of political assassination?  Some contend
that Cokie Roberts'  brother,  Thomas  H.  Boggs,  Jr.,  and  his
confederates,  are  part  of  a dirty scheme to falsely accuse Al
Gore of various offenses  of  which  Clinton himself is primarily

---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
{1}  Regarding  Congressman  Boggs'  doubts  about   the   Warren
Commission:   see  the  Oliver Stone movie, "JFK."  In that film,
District Attorney  Jim  Garrison  chats,  while  on  a commercial
airliner,  with  a  certain  congressman  (portraying  Rep.  Hale
Boggs.)  That congressman voices skepticism to Garrison about the
Warren Report, saying, "That dog won't hunt."

{2} From *The Wall Street Journal*, 3/23/82, "The Power Brokers":

  It  is  hardly  a  secret,  for  instance,  that the firm's
  [Patton, Boggs, and Blow's] foreign  clients  --  including
  retainers  of  $100,000  a year from the government of Oman
  and $60,000 from Amigos  del  Pais, the Guatemalan business
  group -- are based on political connections...

  ...[Patton, Boggs, and  Blow's]  lobbying operations have a
  distinctly bipartisan coloration.  The Democratic  side  is
  led  by  Mr.  Boggs, former Congressman O'Hara, former Sen.
  William Hathaway of Maine and Ronald Brown, a former deputy
  chairman of the  Democratic  National  Committee  and a top
  adviser to  Sen.  Edward  M.  Kennedy's  1980  presidential

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