By Sherman H. Skolnick
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Bank account numbers in which Hillary Rodham Clinton has reported
beneficial  interest,  created  by one or more espionage agencies
including the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  Beneficial
interest overlaps that of  George  Herbert  Walker Bush, the late
Vincent  W.  Foster,  Jr.,  and  other  spooks.   Accounts   were
reportedly  created  in  part  with  her late father as agent for
Sicilian Mafia.

Amounts involved are  in  the  many  hundreds  of millions.  Each
account requires a  password,  at  the  moment  withheld,  to  be
revealed via pending litigation.

  EX  4505  3216 Credit Suisse corrected to EX 4505 9065 3218
  Credit Suisse

  AL 1946 3078 51 Banco de Espana

  31002 871653 Belgium Cre Lux

  9517 30013-5-00 Wien ONB

  918762500-10-150 ANB

  2577321836550 Vaduz

  328671-11-08-155 Credit Lyon

  4402010-00-08 ANB

  3712 0915 67172 AMEX transfer #

  714-16782-005-092-0 Cr. Lyonnaise

  3712 0012 10501 CitiBank

  440 40 1213 ANB

  440 68 1211 ANB

  6100 52 1762 501 Chase Man

  9106 1250 01 086219 CitiBank

  01156 86 7918 4578 01 World Bank

Is William  Jefferson  Clinton  implicated?  Foreign intelligence
sources including Interpol say YES.

Funds are from dope, gun,  and  gold  transactions  disguised  as
soybean   trades,  currency  trades  on  the  Chicago  Mercantile
Exchange,  other  transactions  on   the  Chicago  Board  Options
Exchange, Comex, and other markets.

Disclosure would reportedly cause international bank scandal also
implicating, reportedly, National Security Agency (NSA) and their
proprietary, Systematics.  Hillary would most  likely  leave  the
U.S.  to  take  up  residence  in Ireland or Spain, to evade U.S.
federal criminal prosecution.   Overall  situation  would lead to
impeachment of Clinton.

Related criminality:  D'Onofrio Affair, Naples,  Italy,  12/4/95,
clandestine  sale  of  nuclear  bomb triggers, weapons, and money
laundering implicating Vatican Bank and reportedly the Archbishop
of Barcelona, as well  as  former  Vatican Bank Chief Bishop Paul

If Vice President Al Gore  were  to  make  public  issue  of  the
foregoing,   he   would   most  likely  be  victim  of  political
assassination at the hands  of  alleged "lone assassin," actually
high-level hit-team  that  has  carried  out  numerous  political
murders since the end of World War II.

Intermixed  in  the  illicit  transactions  have  been 47 million
dollars embezzled  from  Madison  Guaranty  Savings  and  Loan of
Little Rock; an embezzlement for which Bill and  Hillary  Clinton
are  subject  to  federal  criminal prosecution.  To cover up the
embezzlement,  50   million   dollars   of   federal  funds  were
transferred from Household International and Household  Bank,  of
the  Chicago  suburb  of  Prospect Heights, funds parked there to
make good the pending claims of Joseph Andreuccetti; the transfer
was to Little Rock and  from  there, via Coral Re-Insurance, to a
known dope-money laundry center in  the  Caribbean  and  then  to
Swiss accounts.

Also  implicated  in  the  illegal  transactions  have been First
National Bank  of  Cicero,  long  dominated  by Marcinkus; Cicero
being the [historical] suburban Mafia enclave  next  to  Chicago.
That  bank  is now the flagship of Pinnacle Banc Group, successor
and alter  ego  of  the  infamous  Bank  of  Credit  and Commerce
International (BCCI).

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