By Sherman H. Skolnick

During the  Watergate  period  there  were  a  number  of strange
events.  The mass media never saw fit to see any  links.   Dozens
of persons connected to the  scandal  in  one way or another were
suddenly dead, most believed to have been murdered.  For  example
one  month after Nixon was re-elected President, twelve Watergate
figures died in a sabotaged plane  crash in Chicago.  We were the
only ones that obtained the secret, documented details which were
publicized in Europe, but not the United  States.   (The  largest
airline  in  the  U.S.,  United  Air  Lines, part of the sabotage
cover-up,  could  have  lost  their  certificate  to  fly.)   One
independent  commentator,  Mae  Brussell,  called  the  string of
happenings "Murdergate."

During that period there were a number of reported and unreported
break-ins and entries, called in spy  jargon  "Black  Bag  Jobs."
Incriminating  evidence  and records were thus stolen or planted,
depending on who they wanted  to  blackmail or frame.  Doing some
of the dirty tricks were the so-called  "White  House  Plumbers,"
dedicated  to  trying to stop leaks of Nixon's secrets or framing
up of those on  his  "Enemies  List."   It  was a group of covert
operations involving supposed experts which  included  E.  Howard
Hunt  (whose wife Dorothy died in the sabotaged plane wreck.  Her
baggage with 2  million  dollars  in  "hush money" securities was
stolen and "fenced" for 5 million dollars by Chicago mobsters who
knew the securities could be traced back to Nixon); also part  of
the gang were G. Gordon Liddy and several CIA/Anti-Castro Cubans,
left over from the aborted invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs.

So it should come as  no  surprise,  there  have been a string of
similar events from 1992  to  date,  linked  to  persons  of  the
Clinton  scandals.   The  Black Bag Jobs escalated in June, 1997.
One of many related examples:

We have  mentioned  exclusive  details,  from  undisputed federal
court records, about John E. Gierum, a lawyer  crony  of  Hillary
Rodham  Clinton;  both from the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge.  In
the presence of a witness  {1},  Gierum  confessed to me that the
Clinton White House was trying to frame him.  All  in  regard  to
his  reported  supervision of federal funds parked with Household
International and Household  Bank,  to  make  good  the claims of
Gierum's  former  client,  Joseph  Andreuccetti.   Fifty  million
dollars of those funds were secretly transferred to Little  Rock,
in  an  attempt to cover up the 47 million dollar embezzlement of
Madison Guaranty  Savings  &  Loan,  for  which  Bill and Hillary
Clinton are subject to federal criminal prosecution. {2}

Gierum was once Senior Litigation Attorney for the Small Business
Administration (SBA), a federal agency closely linked to  various
Clinton  frauds  and  scandals.  Gierum's office is inside a Park
Ridge law firm, Di Monte,  Schostok  & Lizak.  They defend Gierum
as a defendant in our "Enemies List" case in the  federal  courts
against  Hillary  Rodham  Clinton and others (No. 96 C 4373, U.S.
District Court, Chicago, also U.S. Court of Appeals, Chicago, 7th
Circuit, No. 97-1985.)

Some knowledgeable  sources  contend  the  Di  Monte  law firm is
involved in the laundering of dirty  money,  worldwide.   One  of
their  partners  was  formerly  vice  president of a major German
bank.  Hillary's late father  was [allegedly] a mid-level mobster
specializing in washing the mob's illicit loot through banks  and
insurance  firms  worldwide.   He  was  [allegedly]  part  of the
Chicago mob's links to Hot  Springs, Arkansas, where Bill Clinton
grew up.  In its simplest form, the marriage of Bill and  Hillary
was simply two CIA darlings, each with a separate agenda, merging
at  the  same  time  the  underworld  business of Chicago and Hot
Springs.  Like Gierum, the Di  Monte  law firm has reported links
to the American CIA as well as other intelligence agencies.

Gierum and his cronies have important  records  that  could  blow
open,  reportedly, the Clinton White House scandals.  On June 13,
1997, a staged event took place  at the law firm's address.  Some
one using a toy gun supposedly tried to  steal  a  wallet  there.
Someone  pulled  the fire alarm and the building was emptied out.
Some in  the  media  claimed  it  was  a  major  attack requiring
bringing in a SWAT team.  In the process,  under  cover  of  this
confusion, records were stolen.  {3} Please note:  several former
Green Berets operate in that vicinity,  purporting  to  be  local
"fire  men,"  specializing  in  unusual  disasters.   Later,  the
newspapers ran watered-down, misleading stories.

Similar  fake  fires,  stick-ups,  burglaries, and such occurring
nationwide  [CN:   Reportedly   in   Phoenix,  AZ,  for  example;
so-called "Phoenixgate"] have been the cover for Black Bag  Jobs,
around   the  U.S.  This,  perpetrated  by  a  gang  of  pirates,
blackmailers,  and  extortionists.   They  operate  under various
disguises, identities, and  false  flags.   One  day  they  offer
incriminating  records  to Whitewater Independent Counsel Kenneth
W. Starr; himself subject  to  arrest  as an unregistered foreign
lobbyist for the Red Chinese government.  At other times they try
to blackmail him and/or the  Clinton  White  House,  and  various

So  far,  this  pirate  gang,  switching  roles,  have  tried  to
scandalize,  unsuccessfully,  Vice  President  Al Gore, to blow a
hole in the line of succession  to the presidency for the benefit
of  Jay  Rockefeller  who  itches  to  be  President  without  an
election.  Jay's uncle Nelson Rockefeller tried a  similar  trick
in the Watergate period.

Some  believe  some  of  the  details  of this pirate gang, under
various false flags,  are  known  to  Al  Gore  who apparently is
trying to combat them because he suspects they are involved  with
trying to frame him for the purposes of the Rockefellers.

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---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
{1} "In the presence of a witness, Gierum confessed to me..."
   For further details, see my April 1995 interview with Skolnick
and Joseph Andreuccetti, archived at  (a)  telnet
(b)  logon  as  "visitor"  (c)  "go  citcom"  (d)  look  for "The
Andreuccetti Affair" under the  "Whitewater"  heading.  Here is a
relevant   excerpt   from   that   interview,    regarding    Mr.
Andreuccetti's assessment of John E. Gierum:

  CONSPIRACY NATION: John E. Gierum was your attorney, right?

  ANDREUCCETTI:   At one time, he was my bankruptcy attorney.
  He is  a  senior  litigator  for  the  SBA  [Small Business
  Administration] loans.  He's a crony of Hillary  [Clinton.]
  We  know  that.  And he admits that the money [$50 million]
  was secretly wired to Arkansas!

  SKOLNICK:  Gierum is now  with  a  group of lawyers in Park
  Ridge who represent international bankers.  And Gierum  has
  got his office inside there.
     And  it  was outside that office, that he got into Joe's
  [Andreuccetti's] Jeep and sat and talked about his problem,
  with us:  that they are framing him (this was January '94),
  and that he was worried  that  they  were gonna send him to

  CONSPIRACY NATION:  [to Andreuccetti] You were a witness to

     [Mimics Gierum] "...One  of  them  is  connected  to  my
  little  5-year-old  daughter."   And  it  was  all kinds of
  concern.  I mean, he was  like  a  man that was ready, just
  about, to be shot!

  CONSPIRACY NATION: And you believed his confession.

  ANDREUCCETTI:  Absolutely!  You can look a man in the  face
  [and  tell]  whether  he's lying or telling the truth.  You
  can see it  in  the  eyes.   He  was  a  man practically in
  despair at the time.

{2} Regarding the alleged embezzlement of Madison Guaranty,  here
are  relevant  excerpts  from  Conspiracy  Nation 9.44, including
remarks made by Congressman Dan Burton:

  Document "A"


  47.  That the  scheme,  as  in  pararaphs 10 through 10(c),
  preceding, for the unlawful  transfer of 50 million dollars
  portion of 58.4 million dollars of  funds  of  the  Federal
  Home Loan Bank, parked with Household  Bank  and  Household
  International in the Chicago area,  and supposed to be held
  to make good  the  claims  of  plaintiff Andreuccetti; said
  transfer  was  in  three legs or three steps, including but
  not limited to, as follows:

  (a) from the Chicago area, to Little Rock, Arkansas;

  (b) from Arkansas, disguised as purported funds of Arkansas
  Development Finance Authority, wired by way of Fuji Bank to
  the Cayman Islands;

  (c) and from there disguised as funds relating to purported
  insurance  transactions,  sent  or  wired  to  secret coded
  accounts  in  Switzerland,  for  the  benefit  of defendant
  Hillary Rodham Clinton under the code "Chelsea Jefferson".

  48.  Referring to the second leg  or  second  step  of  the
  same,  are  the  remarks  of  Congressman  Dan  Burton (R.,
  Indiana), on May 29, 1996:

  "ADFA [Arkansas Development Finance Authority] was  created
  by Governor Clinton in 1985 to provide economic development
  loans in Arkansas.  In December of 1988, ADFA deposited $50
  million in a Japanese bank in the Cayman Islands.  I have a
  copy  of the contract that I will enter into the record.  I
  have  also  delivered  a  copy  of  this  document  to  the
  Independent  Counsel's  office.    Why  would  an  economic
  development agency in Arkansas deposit  $50  million  in  a
  bank  in  the  Cayman  Islands?   The  Cayman Islands are a
  well-known  center  of  money  laundering for drug dealers.
  The  State  Department's  international  narcotics  control
  report  described  the  Caymans  as  'a  haven  for   money

  And also:  "One of the questions that I think is very, very
  important is why did  the  Arkansas  Development  Financial
  Authority send $50 million of  Arkansas money to the Cayman
  Islands to deposit in a bank in the Cayman  Islands,  which
  is  a major drug transit point acknowledged by almost every
  DEA agent in the world?"  And also:  "I have the electronic
  bank transfer statements in my  office.   I am going to put
  them in the Congressional Record.  There is  no  doubt  the
  money was wired to the Cayman Islands.  The question  needs
  to be asked, why was it wired?  Why would the  Governor  of
  Arkansas  allow  that?"    Congressional  Record,  5/29/96,

{3} From Chicago Sun-Times, June 15, 1997, "Metro Briefs":

  Park Ridge police evacuated an office building... searching
  for  a  robber  who  may  have  used  a toy gun...  Police,
  thinking the  robber  was  still  inside,  pulled  the fire
  alarm, sending hundreds  of  workers  outside.   Meanwhile,
  Illinois SECRETARY OF STATE POLICE [emphasis added] stopped
  a  33-year-old  Palatine man for driving on the shoulder of
  the Kennedy Expy. and discovered  in  his car the wallet of
  the robbery victim, along with a toy gun...