By Sherman H. Skolnick
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So far, the newsfakers have  seemed  to succeed with the Big Lie,
promoting One Bomb/One Bomber -- Oklahoma.
ITEM:  Timothy McVeigh's defense attorneys were forbidden by  the
judge  to mention at the trial any item about a conspiracy.  Yet,
prior to the trial,  McVeigh's  attorney,  Stephen Jones, and his
team, filed a 180-page petition in the higher court,  to  try  to
compel  the  trial  judge to force the CIA and other intelligence
agencies to release records showing  Iraqis, tied to the American
CIA, supervised the multiple bombings using local  dissidents  as
surrogates.   The monopoly press ignored the petition or sloughed
it off as merely "Jones filed his conspiracy theories."
   The heavily-documented  petition  referred  to  both  the open
records and the secret records in the  McVeigh  case,  supporting
the  contention that there was Iraqi and other foreign complicity
in the bombings.
ITEM:   Two  of  the  federal  prosecutors  in  Denver  were from
Chicago:  lead prosecutor Joseph Hartzler  {1} is in a wheelchair
-- a trick by the government to subconsciously seek sympathy from
the jurors.  His assistant, Scott Mendeloff, is  highly  corrupt.
He  covered up the murder of Wallace Lieberman, a Chicago Federal
Bankruptcy Court official ready to finger, before a federal grand
jury here,  several  judges  for  bribery.   The assassination of
Lieberman, as Mendeloff knew, was tied to the corrupt  activities
of First National Bank of Cicero, a Mafia/CIA laundry.
ITEM:  The trial  judge  in  the  McVeigh  case  did  not  permit
evidence  showing multiple bombs were used.  One fertilizer bomb,
on the street, could  not  have  sheared off the reinforced steel
concrete pillars inside the Murrah Building.   {2}  (One  of  the
leading explosives experts in the U.S., retired Brigadier General
Benton Partin, had published analyses of this.)
ITEM:   It could not have been a diesel oil fertilizer bomb which
would have released a  nitric  acid  cloud.  Notice:  none of the
rescue people required a gas mask.
ITEM:  Two or more informants for the U.S. Treasury's  Bureau  of
Alcohol,  Tobacco  and  Firearms  (BATF)  warned  that  a plot to
destroy a federal building was being hatched.  One such was Carol
Howe, 24.
  Carol Howe, whose reliability was evidenced by her  passing
  a  dozen  lie  detector tests, was unknown until early this
  year.  An ABC 20/20 investigating team led by Roger Charles
  prepared an in-depth expose on her story, which included an
  interview  with  the  young  ATF  informant.   According to
  Charles, network executives scuttled  the  piece  following
  intense pressure from  the  Justice  Department and Clinton
  White House.  An outraged Roger Charles  then  called  into
  the  national  talk  radio  and television program, The Don
  Imus Show, and  decried  the  network's craven kowtowing to
  the government  coverup.   The  honor  bound  reporter  was
  quickly granted his walking papers by ABC.  He regained his
  job  after he began to talk to reporters in the independent
  media. -- (Relevance newsletter, April 1997, page 8)
ITEM:  An  Oklahoma  TV  station  team  did  a  local documentary
showing the Iraqi connection.  Their TV station was bought out by
a mysterious New York group that told them to "shut up" or all of
them would be fired.
ITEM:  Families of some of the victims have a damage suit pending
against the U.S. government.  Offered are evidence and  witnesses
that the government had prior knowledge.
  One man who arrived  at  the  blast  scene, looking for his
  wife, related to  Brad  Edwards  of  the  local  television
  station, KFOR, that an ATF agent on the scene told him that
  he  and  his  comrades  were "tipped by their pagers not to
  come into work that  day."  -- (Relevance newsletter, April
  1997, page 8)
  As we reported in September 1996, the  Oklahoma  City  Fire
  Department  headquarters received a call on April 14th from
  the FBI warning of  a  possible terrorist act.  One witness
  recalled seeing a huge convoy of fire  trucks,  lights  and
  sirens  blaring,  heading  straight  for  the nearby Murrah
  Building just seconds before it exploded. -- (ibid.)
ITEM:  A U.S. Secret Service  agent  who  knew too much about the
Clinton White  House  corruption  was  steered  into  the  Murrah
Building. He was among the 168 that were killed.
ITEM:  McVeigh's defense attorneys are to be paid between ten and
twenty  million  dollars,  for  fees and expenses, by the federal
government, as Public Defender lawyers.   They would lose that as
well as risk being sent to jail  for  contempt  if  they  said  a
single word to the jury about a conspiracy.
ITEM:   Trial judge Richard Matsch has always been tight with the
American  CIA   supervising   the   Iraqi  intelligence  officers
implicated in the bombings.
   By  covering up this, and the missile attack on TWA Flight 800
(reportedly implicating Iran),  President  Clinton  has given aid
and comfort to sworn enemies of the U.S. WHAT IS THE REASON  NONE
---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
{1}   "...lead   prosecutor   Joseph  Hartzler..."   Hartzler  is
reportedly now in line for an appointment to a federal judgeship.
A reward for his part in the cover-up?
{2}  "One  fertilizer bomb, on the street, could not have sheared
off the  reinforced  steel  concrete  pillars  inside  the Murrah
Building."  From The Spotlight,  6/9/97,  "Tape  Points  to  U.S.
Cover-Up," by Andrew Arnold (excerpts):
  Engineers,  including  [Benton] Partin, have pointed out it
  is impossible for a bomb  placed  that far from the pillars
  of the Murrah building to do the damage attributed  to  the
  truck bomb.
  According   to   basic   physics,  i.e.  the  inverse  cube
  principal, the explosion would have lost too much energy by
  the time it hit the building to destroy it.
  If a truck bomb  didn't  destroy the building, critics want
  to know what did.