BY THE WAY . . . .
By Sherman H. Skolnick
** Bill and Hillary Clinton promised regulatory, anti-trust,  and
other  federal favors to various firms if they would lavish large
"consulting fees" on Webster  Hubbell  as  he was facing jail for
tax evasion, for embezzling large sums  from  his  law  partners,
including  Hillary,  in the Rose Law Firm.  This "hush money," an
obstruction of justice of Hubbell as a federal grand jury witness
against the Clintons,  came  from  Pacific Telesis, Sprint, Lippo
Group and Lippo Bank, and the Padres  sports  team,  and  others.
Hubbell  was paid between one and as much as four million dollars
to be silent and not testify against the Clintons.
   Most of  the  Rose  Law  Firm  partners  wanted  to  arrange a
settlement with Hubbell and not be complaining witnesses  against
him in the investigation by Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr.
Hillary  refused, as a law partner, to settle, paving the way for
Hubbell to plea bargain a  short  jail sentence while he received
the "hush money."
   The Clintons,  so  far,  are  blackmailing  Starr  who  is  an
unregistered  foreign  lobbyist  for  the Red Chinese government,
subject himself to being  arrested  and prosecuted by the Clinton
Justice Department.
** The monopoly press has so far ignored the  Clintons'  "Chicago
connection" to the crime syndicate.  Including links to Arthur A.
Coia,  president  of  the  mafia Laborers' International Union of
North America.  The Clinton  Justice Department reportedly failed
to prosecute Coia on various federal  criminal  offenses  as  the
boss  of the corruption-ravaged union.  Hillary's late father was
reportedly a  middle  level  mobster  specializing  in laundering
mafia loot through banks and insurance companies world-wide.
   Some  forget  to  mention  the  "Chicago  connection"  of  the
gangsters to the winter resort in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  The new
Secretary of Commerce, William Daley, brother  of  the  Mayor  of
Chicago,  has  reportedly been the bagman and fixer for Hillary's
various criminal offenses.  Bill Daley  has been a law partner in
the Mayer, Brown & Platt law firm trying to hush up the  "enemies
list"  case  against the First Lady, pending in the federal court
in Chicago.
** The IRS  has  a  special  unit  dedicated  to  covering up tax
evasion by  Bill  and  Hillary  Clinton.   All  applications  for
rewards  for  turning in the First Couple for federal tax evasion
are directed to this IRS  whitewash  team.  The unit rebuffed one
whistleblower, turning in the Clintons for embezzling 47  million
dollars  from an Arkansas savings & loan, by saying the amount in
question -- now get this -- was  too small to warrant a reward to
the whistleblower.
** President Clinton has  covered  up  the  two  major  terrorist
events in U.S. history:  #1) the Iraqi connection to the Oklahoma
bombings; and #2) the Iranian connection to the missile that shot
down  TWA  Flight  800.   In  a  180-page  higher court petition,
Timothy McVeigh's attorney,  Stephen  Jones,  tried  to force the
Denver trial judge to bring out in court the Iraqi link.  Federal
counter-terrorism experts confirm, off the record,  that  Clinton
has  covered  up  an  apparent Iran link to the downing of Flight