Covert Action Teams -- Murder; Airplane Sabotage
(Partial List) by Sherman H. Skolnick
1.  Congressman Hale  Boggs  (was  member  of Warren Commission),
airplane   sabotage,   Alaska,   Oct.   1972   (pre-1972    Nixon
re-election).   Boggs had doubts that Oswald lone assassin; ready
to speak out.
2.  Dorothy Hunt, wife  of  Watergater, and 11 other Watergaters,
murdered:  sabotaged airplane, Chicago, Dec. 1972.   200  Justice
Department  operatives  surrounded  crash  site, kept out police,
fire department. United flight 553.
3.  1972-73.  6 NW Indiana officials, murdered.  Witnesses in gas
pipeline bribery  case,  implicating  U.S.  Attorney General John
Mitchell,  No.  Natural  Gas  (Omaha).   (2  pipeline   officials
murdered, flight 553.)
4.   Plane  crash,  north  slope,  Alaska.   Officials of El Paso
Natural Gas, had bribed Attorney General Mitchell. 1973.
5.  1973.  White House  Secretary  Beverly Kaye, knew about Nixon
tapes.  Murdered.  Reportedly by Stephen Bull, Nixon White  House
aide, and others.
6.   1973,  murdered  in  hospital  after  truck  driven by Naval
Intelligence agent  crashed  into  his  car  in McLean, Virginia:
Murray Chotiner, Nixon's personal attorney.  Widow threatened  to
go public, [but] Nixon pardoned [by Gerald Ford.]
7.  Clay Shaw, key figure in JFK murder investigation by District
Attorney   Jim   Garrison.    Was   murdered  at  time  of  Nixon
resignation.   Body  delivered,  dead,  from  hospital  back into
Shaw's house, New Orleans (a la Marilyn Monroe).   Shaw  official
of Permindex, JFK murder, knew of Nixon's role in Dallas plot.
8.    Approximately  1974,  Louise  Auchincloss  Boyer,  business
partner/girl friday to Nelson Rockefeller in South America deals.
Rockefeller society says  "somehow  fell  out  of  window" to her
9.   Three  genuine  assassination  attempts,  against  President
Gerald Ford, 1975,  by  government  operatives.   Vice  President
Nelson  Rockefeller wanted to be President.  [Gerald] Ford member
of Warren Commission whitewash.
10.   FBI  top  honcho,  William  C.  Sullivan,  knew  lots about
FBI/Justice murder squads.  Murdered  in  deer  hunt  "accident,"
11.   George  DeMohrenschildt,  key  witness/friend,  Lee  Harvey
Oswald.   About  to testify before House Assassination Committee.
Murdered, made to look  like  "suicide."   [An] agent of pro-Nazi
Vichy French secret police, he was savvy. 1977.
   [CN:  Also murdered about this time  and just before he was to
testify before  House  Assassination  Committee:   reputed  Mafia
chieftain, Sam "Momo" Giancana.  See book:  *Double Cross* by Sam
and Chuck Giancana.]
12.    Also   1977,   Gary  Powers  murdered  in  sabotaged  news
helicopter.   Rear  rotor  blown  off  with  shaped  charge.  Was
talking  on-air  two  weeks  prior  about  role  of  Oswald,  U-2
overflights, Atsugi, Japan monitoring base.
13.  Pope John Paul I, 33 days as Pope, murdered:  poisoned.  See
[book] *In God's  Name*  by  David  Yallop.   Result:   3 or more
genuine murder attempts  against  then-Chicago  Archbishop  Cody.
Pope  killed  1978.   Cody  secretly  indicted by Chicago Federal
Grand Jury for embezzling  $1  million  to favor Cody's mistress.
Indictment squelched with aid of U.S. Attorneys Dan K.  Webb  and
William  R.  Hogan,  Jr. (extended family tight with Archbishop's
office).  Hogan became  Assistant  U.S.  Attorney in Chicago.  In
position  to  know  about  murder/sabotage  squads.   Covered  up
CIA/Household International.
14.   July  1978,  John D. Rockefeller III, murdered near upstate
New York estate.   Made  to  look  like  car accident.  Small car
allegedly crashed  into  his  even  though  security  car  always
preceded his car.
15.   Norman  Ollestad,  former FBI agent, leading critic of FBI,
book writer about  FBI  bad  stuff.   Murdered in sabotaged plane
16.  1982, Roberto Calvi, head of Italian  bank  washing  illicit
funds  for  major  Italian  magnates  with  aid of Pope's banker,
Michele Sindona.   Found  hanging  with  heavy  weights in pocket
under  Black  Friar's  Bridge,  London.   (Sindona  used  Chicago
commodity brokers to wash illicit funds.)  Suicided, to cover  up
murder.   Justice Department teams with aid of Vatican Bank chief
Paul  Marcinkus,   originally   of   Cicero,  Illinois.   Justice
Department teams covering up for BCCI-Chicago,  BNL-Chicago,  P-2
North  American chief, Chicago Federal District Judge Nicholas J.
Bua (later,  special  Justice  Department  Counsel,  to  cover up
murder of Danny Casolaro and Inslaw mess.  [CN:  See  book,  *The
Octopus* by Kenn Thomas and Jim Keith]) Bua, as judge, covered up
data  about Allen Dorfman/CIA.  Doing stories on TV about Roberto
Calvi:  Jessica Savitch,  murdered;  made  to  look like car fell
into canal.
17.  1982, FBI team  that  set  up  Teamsters  Bank  wizard/money
washer  Allen  Dorfman.   About time of his conviction on federal
charges, they were murdered in sabotaged plane crash, Ohio, 1983.
Dorfman, talking to BBC  documentary  movie  crew, [about] how he
should not be jailed because he and  his  father  used  Teamsters
Pension  Fund  as  large,  private,  unregulated bank to help CIA
counter so-called subversive  unions  overseas.  Dorfman murdered
just before to be sentenced to jail.  His murder  protected  from
exposure  his  business  partner,  then-Illinois Governor (former
Chicago U.S. Attorney) Jim Thompson.
18.  1983, Vicki  Morgan,  mistress  of  Diner's Club boss Alfred
Bloomingdale, murdered.   To  protect  Ronald  Reagan's  "Kitchen
Cabinet"  of  cronies  from  sexual/financial  scandals.   Murder
blamed on a nobody itinerant.
19.   1991, two planes crashed, 24 hours apart, made to look like
accidents.   Helicopter  steered  into  plane  [bearing]  ketchup
tycoon Senator John  Heinz  (Pennsylvania).   Former Senator John
Tower (Texas) and daughter killed in Brazilian-made  plane,  both
to  silence  him  and  to  cast doubt on Brazil's airplane making
industry.  Just about time  of  major book, *October Surprise* by
Gary Sick, charging George Bush and others with apparent treason,
delaying release of American hostages in  Iran,  1980,  to  screw
Carter's  re-election bid for President.  Tower Commission, 1987,
named after  Sen.  Tower,  issued  report  whitewashing  Bush re:
Iran-Contra.  Heinz was on Senate committee with key data on Bush
and others.  Tower, as  Senator,  headed  committee  with  inside
knowledge  about  October  Surprise.   His  chief  aide  at time,
20.  Bernard "Bud" Fensterwald, alleged assassination researcher,
close with CIA, attorney  for Watergate double-agent James McCord
(who wanted to get caught to finger Nixon).  Fensterwald murdered
about time of two plane crashes as in #19 above.
21.   Dec.  1991,  murdered,  Wallace  Leiberman,  Chicago   U.S.
Bankruptcy auctioneer, federal grand jury witness in Inslaw mess.
Doing  too  many  favors for Israel's Mossad.  Subject of federal
suit vs.  [Judge] Bua. 40  federal grand jury witnesses murdered,
including British Intelligence operative Ian Stuart Spiro.
22.  April 1993.  Edwin Hoffman, head of Household International,
successor  to  CIA's  Nugan-Hand  Bank.   To  cover   up   Joseph
Andreuccetti  affair.   Unspecified so-called "natural causes" --
actually murdered.
23.  July 20, 1993.  Murdered by Justice Department covert teams,
Clinton White House aide, Vincent Foster, Jr. With Hillary Rodham
Clinton, arranged for BCCI to have large role in  U.S.  for  CIA,
French Intelligence, Mossad, etc.
[CN:  24.  April 3,  1996.   Then-Commerce  Secretary  Ron  Brown
apparently  murdered  in  a  sabotaged  plane crash.  Pres.  Bill
Clinton sheds a fake tear for the cameras, but then those cameras
catch him laughing  it  up  in  an  unguarded moment.  Says "Wall
Street Underground" (June  1996),  contrary  to  some  U.S.  news
reports,  it  was not a dark and stormy night, when Brown's plane
crashed.  It was the middle  of  the afternoon.  About this time,
an attempt was made on the life of  Brown's  law  partner,  Tommy
Boggs,  in  South  Africa.   Surviving  the Brown plane crash was
stewardess Shelly  Kelly.   Four  hours  after  the  crash, Kelly
boards a helicopter, unassisted, to be flown  to  hospital.   She
dies  enroute.   According  to  "Wall Street Underground," -- "an
autopsy later reveals a  neat,  three-inch incision over her main
femoral artery.  It also shows the incision came at  least  three
hours after all her other cuts and bruises."]