By Sherman H. Skolnick
This is about a reputed  doper and blackmailer in Congress, given
a pass by President  Clinton.   In  Chicago  there  has  been  an
ongoing  scandal  called,  "Operation  Silver Shovel" {1} -- City
Hall creeps paid in silver to illegally permit toxic construction
junk, from nameless,  faceless  companies  {2},  to  be dumped in
vacant lots in mostly black neighborhoods.
Some City Hall lowlites have already pleaded guilty.   The  story
was  supposedly broken by Carol Marin, a talking head at the time
on Chicago's NBC outlet, Channel 5, WMAQ-TV.
NBC is owned by General  Electric  (GE)  which with its units are
likewise toxic dumpers into black areas.  Carol  Marin  butchered
the  stories  to  protect  GE and other big-time poison purveyors
(such as Stepan  Chemical  Co.,  of  suburban Northfield, tied to
Chicago Mayor Richie Daley.)
In the past, Carol Marin has been the "faucet" chosen by the  FBI
to  leak planted stories that protect federal and other big-shots
and finger local  midgets.   NBC  in  Chicago  has, reportedly, a
series  of  unmarked  offices  where  they  compile  and  process
undercover  video  for  the  federal  gestapo.    Such   as   FBI
surveillance  tapes  of  loudmouths  falsely labeled as "domestic
terrorists" by the federal secret police.
Off the  record,  Carol  Marin  called  *real*  scandals, "cosmic
conspiracies" and she helped bury them.  She is married into  the
Utley family that, with GE, owns the broadcast license of Channel
5 in Chicago.
Then the Clinton Justice Department with its local Task Force had
the  goods  on  Congressman  Luis  V. Gutierrez of the Windy City
[Chicago].  He was reportedly implicated  in Silver Shovel and in
major dope trafficking in the Midwest.  (Known, but not  part  of
the probe, is his doings as a reputed pedophile, taking advantage
of young Congressional page boys in Washington.)
Latino  narco-terrorist  street gangs reportedly financed him all
the  way  to   the   nation's   capital.   Congressman  Gutierrez
reportedly told Clinton that if Gutierrez is indicted -- well, he
will implicate and incriminate Bill and  Hillary's  pal,  Chicago
Mayor  Richie  Daley,  as  well  as  Daley's crony, former Police
Superintendant Leroy Martin,  in  a  whole  bag of crimes.  Mayor
Daley's brother, William, now Secretary of Commerce, in Clinton's
cabinet, has been the bagman and fixer corrupting various  public
officials to hush up Hillary's crooked deals.
Gutierrez  threatened  to  go  public  about the Daley family and
their  construction   material   kick-back   rackets,  a  reputed
tax-evading operation called the Glenrock  Company,  of  suburban
Northlake   as   well   as   Menomonee   Falls,   Wisconsin,  and
Indianapolis, Indiana.  If  you  want  a federally-financed State
highway deal, in the three-state area  --  well,  you  reportedly
have  to  give  kick-backs  and  buy your cement paving compounds
through the Daley family's Glenrock Company.
The  Task  Force reportedly had witnesses and documents available
to a federal grand jury  showing  the  rise to power of Gutierrez
has been financed by dope  proceeds  through  Latino  gangs,  and
celebration   committees   and   similar   fronts,  as  well  as,
reportedly, through the Chicago  unit  of Banco Popular of Puerto
And so Gutierrez, who is himself reportedly a dopehead,  said  he
would  blow the whistle on the hundreds of millions of dollars of
dope loot disguised  as  soybean  deals  on  the Chicago Board of
Trade, that financed Clinton's two campaigns for President.   And
the  Congressman  was  prepared  as well to name the five federal
judges in Chicago taking 62 million dollars in bribes to cover up
Clinton, the  dope,  and  the  Board  of  Trade  (which now also,
reportedly, is washing ethnic Chinese dope  loot,  as  supposedly
soybean  deals,  from  Lippo  Group,  of  which  Bill and Hillary
reportedly are secret stockholders.)
So Clinton got  the  message.   He  ordered Chicago Chief Federal
Prosecutor Jim Burns not to burn Congressman Luis  V.  Gutierrez.
And  since  an  NBC official in Chicago is likewise implicated in
the same dope rackets -- well,  Carol Marin fled Channel 5 before
the storm, dressed up as an ethics flap with Jerry Springer,  the
shock jock. {3}
So  facing  jail  is  Congressman  Gutierrez, Mayor Daley and his
brother, and their crony Leroy Martin,  as well as an NBC bigshot
doper, and various hotshots such as, reportedly, Jeremiah  Joyce,
linked  to  the  Glenrock  Company  which  is linked to the Daley
Hey, is there room in that jail for  Bill  and  Hillary  Clinton?
{4}, {5}.
---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
{1} "Operation Silver  Shovel."   For  further background, see CN
7.26, archived at
{2} "...City Hall creeps paid in silver to illegally permit toxic
construction junk, from nameless, faceless companies..."
   "Nameless, faceless companies" because Carol  Marin,  late  of
NBC, reportedly did not specifically *name* them in her report on
Silver  Shovel  --  as  if the toxic junk just passively appeared
near ghetto schoolyards!
{3} "And since an NBC  official in Chicago is likewise implicated
in the same dope rackets -- well,  Carol  Marin  fled  Channel  5
before  the  storm,  dressed  up  as  an  ethics  flap with Jerry
Springer, the shock jock."
   The story seems to be  that  Carol Marin, who married into the
Utley  family  and  reportedly was earning a sweet $1 million per
year at NBC, either felt she had to scram out of there and/or was
persuaded to do so  out  of  fear  that  a  major NBC scandal was
imminent.  Thus, apparently, she  would  have  distanced  herself
from the mess.
   And  how  well  it  was handled!  Ms. Marin comes out smelling
like a rose and may be  on  her  way to heading a new "Journalism
Ethics  Foundation."   (By  the  way,  sometime   TV   face   and
$100-per-breakfast   muncher   Garrick  Utley  is  Carol  Marin's
{4}  Further  info  on  the  alleged  rotten  deal,  based  on  a
conversation with Mr. Skolnick:
   Reliable sources linked to the  unplugged  Justice  Department
Task  Force  identify  20  or  so  witnesses  connected  with the
investigation as  now  being  in  danger.   Sources  contend that
opposition (non-Gutierrez  aligned)  street  gangs  in  Chicago's
Latino  community  are offering to protect these witnesses.  This
may lead to  shoot-outs  and  tremendous  violence  in the Latino
{5} AND:  If  you  don't  believe  that  dope money finances both
political parties, recall CN 5.98, excerpts from my own interview
with veteran White House journalist Sara McClendon:
  SARA McCLENDON:   I  think  that  both  parties are gettin'
  their money for the election from narcotics.  And  I  think
  the government is letting the narcotics come in here.