By Sherman H. Skolnick
To understand the Red Chinese Secret Police and the Clinton White
House, an unpublicized historical background is necessary.  After
the end of the Korean War, the Chinese vowed to punish the United
States directly for  causing  China  to  enter  the war when U.S.
troops approached the China border at the Yalu River.
Starting about 1954, the Chinese Secret  Police  infiltrated  the
United  States.   Some  became  university professors, laboratory
technicians,  and  other  professions,  mostly  scientific.   Who
noticed the strange violence  and  murders that followed?  A team
of former OSS officers,  left  over  from  World  War  II,  began
tracking   them.   For  several  decades  thereafter,  this  team
reported this murder and  mayhem  in  the  U.S.,  to no avail, to
their  successors  the  CIA  and  to  the  FBI.   But:   no  U.S.
government action came of these detailed reports.  (A free-lance,
independent-minded  investigative  reporter  was   given   inside
details when the federal authorities repeatedly took no action.)
At  Madison,  Wisconsin  was  a building housing a giant computer
complex that co-ordinated the  Viet  Nam  War.  It was called the
Army Math Center.  Strange as it may seem,  local  residents  and
university  students  knew the data compiled and sifted there was
shared with the Soviets.  Why  and  how?  Did it matter that from
time to time the Red Chinese were on the outs  with  the  Soviets
and had border clashes with them?
Starting  in the 1960s, on the South Side of Chicago, were black,
narco-terrorist street  gangs,  called  originally the Blackstone
Rangers (named after a South Side street).  Their leader was Jeff
Fort.  The Chicago Police Gang Intelligence  Units  protested  to
the  higher-ups,  to  no  avail,  that these street criminals had
massive funding from CIA-linked  foundations (such as the Charles
Merrill  Trust  of  Cambridge,  Mass.,   an   offshoot   of   the
Merrill-Lynch  stock and bond brokers; and the Kettering Fund, of
Denver).  And the elite police units complained that these street
criminals mysteriously  had  near  total  immunity  from criminal
prosecutions, yet they openly fire-bombed buildings and  murdered
other blacks in the middle of the street in broad daylight -- and
the police were restrained from interfering.
These  gangs were financed, programmed, and studied as a computer
model for the giant  super-secret  Army  Math Center computers --
that is, to  develop  ways,  for  example,  of  how  to  cow  and
terrorize  into  submission  hamlets  and  villages in South East
Asia, by using random murders, fire-bombing properties, and other
violence done with no restraint or remedy.
In  1970,  the  Red  Chinese  Secret  Police,  operating  without
restraint in the United States,  bombed to oblivion the huge Army
Math Center.  And yet, the media-CIA propaganda  machine  said  a
lone  mad  bomber  did  it  who had fled to Canada.  Really?  The
public, not knowing of the  Red  Chinese Secret Police allowed to
do murder and mayhem in the  U.S.  with  impunity,  accepted  the
"lone nut" bomber explanation.
As they had done repeatedly before and after, the former OSS team
made  their  report  about  the  Red Chinese Secret Police -- yet
another  example  of   violence   in   America.    A  report  and
investigation, to no avail, no restraint of the true culprits.
The  Red  Chinese  Secret  Police,  according  to   knowledgeable
intelligence  sources,  are  the  most  secretive  in  the world.
Having a strange dialect code, they  seldom have had any of their
members defect to the West -- just one in some 45 years.   Called
Te Wu, they have apparently never been penetrated successfully by
the American counter-intelligence.
And  notice  this:   the head of Te Wu, for all of North America,
reportedly resides for  many  years  in  the Midwest.  And figure
this out:  he shares data with the American CIA.  Strange, but he
enjoys direct numbers and means  to  contact  the  Clinton  White
For  many years, the Red Chinese Secret Police have been stealing
military and  industrial  secrets  *in*  *the* *United* *States*.
The details have been in various reports  by  the  team  tracking
them.   How  is  it  that  the  bosses  of  the U.S. intelligence
community do not seem to notice or care?
Note:  the Chinese diplomatic delegation is one of the largest in
America, and a large percentage  of  those are suspected of being
Te Wu. Various federal programs are bringing in great numbers  of
so-called Chinese "students" and would-be "scientists."  All this
espionage greatly escalated since Clinton became President.
A  money  laundry machine reportedly for all this dirty business,
including political  assassinations,  has  been  Lippo Bank, with
branches in the U.S. Bill  and  Hillary  Clinton  reportedly  are
secret  shareholders in the parent firm, Lippo Group.  And how is
it that America is  giving  away  to  the  Red Chinese the family
jewels?  Such as Long  Beach  Harbor,  and  an  airport  also  in
And  the  one  supposed  to  investigate  the  Clintons  has been
Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr  WHO IS ALSO AN UNREGISTERED
subject  himself to arrest.  You see why we say both Bill Clinton
and Starr should be in the  same  jail cell.  What is the reason,
none dare call this treason?