Part 1, CANCELBOTS Destroy Our Freedom of Speech & Assembly
By John DiNardo

Take a look at alt.conspiracy and notice the absence of the
many fine informationists who, a year or so ago, brought to the
net citizenry a proliferation of vital reports on countless
topics of federal criminality and corruption under the aegis
of the fascist New World Order.

Today those fine informationists have disappeared!
Did they disappear of their own volition?
Did they just say, "Ah hell, I give up. I'm going back to 
watching the boob tube and getting dumbed down." ?
No. They were disappeared from the net!

You know, in the Chilean dictatorship under General Pinochet, the
word "disappeared" was grammatically changed. Disappearances 
became so common that people got used to saying, 

   "He was disappeared, never to be seen again by his weeping
    wife, children and mother."

Not "he disappeared", but, "he was disappeared."

Well, here in the land of the free ... with liberty and justice for
all ... where we have life, liberty, etcetera ... they only
"disappear" the very most effective people -- not in wholesale 
numbers, as in brutal, iron-fisted dictatorships. After all, we are
only in the early stages of our descent into enslavement, and
the New World Order social engineers feel that they can still get
some more useful wear out of that velvet glove on their covert
iron fist. 

So, when they disappear a particularly effective citizen
informationist from the Internet, they try first to block his  
means of communication with his fellow citizens; specifically,
by cancelling the articles that he posts to the worldwide audience
of Usenet. Their weapon of choice -- at this moment in the twilight
of our children's free America -- is known as the "cancelbot."

How convenient for the power elite that the cancelbot has come along
to pull the plug on so many voices of opinion and reportage just
when the Internet's readership was soaring to a phenomenal level.

Oh, the culprits could never be agents of the federal government.
The government would never harm or suppress its own citizens.
The government defends the Bill of Rights because it is the law.
Let's not be paranoid. The culprits are only misguided individuals,
not our dedicated, sincere, freedom-loving federal agents.

You post a particularly revealing article, perhaps a transcript of
an interview of an investigative reporter. Then you ask about ten
Internet friends around the country to check alt.conspiracy for
the posting of your article. They ALL report that it is missing
from their newsreaders. Now you know that you are among that select
group whose information is particularly damaging to someone ....
"someone", not agents of the federal government. Certainly not!

How do you thwart the cancelbots? Well, that's what I'd like you
to help me with. I don't have the technical savvy that so many of
you out there have. So I need your help. Please tell me what
electronic countermeasures I might use to thwart the cancelbots --
to escape from the center of their cross-hairs.

You will be helping, not only me, but everyone, including yourself,
because if they can deny me the right to freedom of speech and
freedom of assembly under the First Amendment, then they will
definitely deny you all of your rights under the Bill of Rights.
Help me, and you will be helping yourself and those who will need it
the most: your children, as they are gradually sucked into the belly
of the beast in the beckoning twenty-first century.

The cancelbots will kill my message soon after I post it,
so I rely on you, to whom I am e-mailing, to post it for me.
We must all pitch in and help each other, otherwise we will each be
cast into our own dark closet, far removed from the fresh air and
sunlight of our Internet town square.

                John DiNardo