In the wee hours of Saturday morning, April 5, 1997, afflicted by
an unusual restlessness, I arose  from  my bed chamber.  For some
reason I went to the kitchen, tuned in the wireless, and got  the
Art Bell show coming out of Chicago.
Bell  spoke,  that  4 a.m., about his new book, "The Quickening,"
due out he says on April  7th.   From what I could gather, Bell's
thesis goes like this:  the pace of life has  been  accelerating,
most  especially  in  the  past  several years.  This exponential
speeding up of our lives  is all leading somewhere, most probably
to an important event, collapse, breakdown, and then a "solution"
of some type.
Bell's guest on the program was a Catholic priest, Father Malachi
Martin.  Father Martin is, as I recall, the author  of  at  least
one  book,  named  (I think), "Keys of This Blood."  Martin liked
Bell's term, "the quickening," and  immediately said he was going
to borrow it.
What is the Art Bell show all about?  Take your pick:  either (a)
he is what he seems, host of an  interesting  show  dealing  with
fringe  topics, or (b) part of a deeper plan, forwarding selected
fringe items (and avoiding  others),  all  as part of some hidden
agenda.  True, according to Sherman Skolnick, Bell is related  to
financial  *wunderkind* Warren Buffet.  But does that really mean
anything?   Yet  when  Father   Martin  says,  "You  know  what's
happening really?  The quickening.  And  the  quickening  is  the
closest it's...  I believe we are being driven to turn to Christ.
Solve  our  problems.  Solve our problems, because we will commit
global suicide if you don't  come  and save us," that, again, can
be read at more than  one  level.   Is  Bell's  guest  just  your
average  priest,  peddling  religion?  Or can Martin's remarks be
heard in a different way, such as, "I believe we are being driven
to Christ.  Many adults are  still  at an infantile stage.  Mommy
and Daddy aren't there, but they  still  need  someone  to  solve
problems for them. What is needed is a strong leader?" 
Father  Martin himself comes across as an enormously likeable and
kindly old man; again --  two  levels.   Is  he what he seems and
nothing else?  Or is he serving a  deeper  plan,  acting  as  the
"father  we never had" and luring in emotionally immature adults,
promising them the  Daddy  Plan:   let SuperChrist handle things,
with myself and cohorts  as  intermediaries,  and  we'll  "solve"
things for you?
Certainly both Bell and  Martin  have  hit  on at least one solid
fact:  the pace of life does keep accelerating and at some  point
it  must reach such a speed that it cannot be sustained -- hence,
collapse.  But are we capable  of  picking  up the pieces when it
happens, or do we need Big Daddy to do it for  us?   (Or  perhaps
the answer is, a little of both?)
Here are abbreviated excerpts from the broadcast.  An audio  tape
of  the  entire  several-hour  broadcast  is available by phoning
CALLER:  Can Lucifer imbue his demonic influence right to the top
of even our ecclesiastic leaders?
FATHER MARTIN:  The answer is, absolutely yes.  And I said to Art
earlier this morning that politicking  prelates, of any kind, are
abhorrent to God.
ART BELL:  [Refers to an article, "Two Eminent Churchmen  Agree,"
that  there  are  Satanic  practices going on at the Vatican.] Is
that true?
FATHER MARTIN:  Yes, it is.  Now  when we say it's at the Vatican
-- it's at a certain level.  And there's no doubt about  it  that
there  have  been  and  still  are  practices  that  are formally
venerating Lucifer, the prince  of  this  world.  The Vatican has
about 8 resident exorcists.  And it uses them both there, and  in
the  two other cities that are devil-ridden in Italy:  Milano and
Turin.   And  there's  no   doubt   about  it  that  Satanic,  or
Luciferian, practices have *taken* place, and *do* take place.
   Amongst Luciferian organizations, there is a prophecy that  if
they  can  invade  "The  Citadel"  (and that's their name for the
Vatican), they will have power for a thousand years.
[CONSPIRACY  NATION:   *Speculation*   *Only*:    And   is  it  a
coincidence that, in  America,  a  military  college  named  "The
Citadel"  has,  from some perspectives, also been "invaded?"  See
CN 3.66 et al.:  "Feminism:   Mask  for Marxism?"  Marxism is the
Satanic vehicle *par* *excellence*.]
ART BELL: How close are they?
FATHER MARTIN: *Very* close.
   Only Christ can save the Church.  The organization is shot, as
far as I'm concerned. We're in deep do-do. We *are*!
   You know what's happening really?  The  quickening.   And  the
quickening  is  the  closest it's...  I believe that we are being
driven to  turn  to  Christ...   Solve  our  problems.  Solve our
problems, because we will commit global suicide if you don't come
and save us.
   The quickening is, men are going to rush around,  looking  for
solutions, and finally wave their hands and say, "Come. Save us."
ART  BELL:   I  think it's not the end of the world, Father.  But
there's going to be a change.   There's  going to be a big event.
I don't know when, I don't know what.   And  I  don't  know  from
where. I just know it's coming.
FATHER  MARTIN:   It  *is* coming.  I think that you shortly will
get some great  light  on  that,  Art.  Especially  if you notice
events taking place in Rome, about a week or ten days  from  now.
[i.e.,  circa  April 12-15.] And I think that something will take
place. I don't *know*; I'm not a prophet.
CALLER: [Comment on Archbishop Milingo(sp?)]
FATHER MARTIN:  Manuel  Milingo.   He's  an  African bishop.  And
he's been engaged in a verbal dispute with people in the Vatican.
Milingo is a very honest man.  And he objects  to  something  Art
referred  to  a short while ago, namely, the practice of Satanism
or Luciferianism amongst  Vatican  people.   And there's no doubt
about it.  And Milingo has emphasized it,  because  he's  run  up
against  it.  Because the behavior of Vatican churchmen in Africa
and in Rwanda has not  been exemplary.  And Milingo was attacking
                  -+- The Fatima Secret -+-
   The Fatima Secret is something that was written  down  by  the
person  that  received this secret information back in the 1920s.
And this person is still  alive;  her  name is Lucia, and she's a
nun in Spain.  And it's called, "The Third Secret."  And  it  was
sent over to the  Pope.   And  according  to the description that
Sister Lucia got from the Blessed Virgin Mary, it was the Pope of
1960 who was supposed to reveal the  secret  and  follow  up  the
instructions, do what it said.
   The  Pope  of  1960 was the good Pope John XXIII.  He refused.
He refused to obey Our  Lady.   He refused the mandate of Heaven.
He refused to publish The [Third] Secret, and he  refused  to  do
what it said. And consequently: we're in trouble.
   Now  *what's*  The Third Secret?  It's rather a dire document.
It's not pleasant reading at  all.   I'm under oath not to reveal
the actual details of it.  I've read  it.   It  is  not  pleasant
reading *at* *all*.
ART BELL: Does this involve a chastisement?
FATHER MARTIN: Yes. Several.
 +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +
CN: Other perspectives on the Catholic Church:
*The Two Babylons* by Rev. Alexander Hislop
*Fifty Years In The Church of Rome* by Father Chiniquy
There  are  many fine people in the Catholic Church.  At present,
the Church has a  big  umbrella  and embraces people of divergent
views.  Father Malachi Martin represents one faction, but not the
only one.  The purpose of this issue (CN 10.41) is  to  point  to
views  not  well  heard, as always assuming an intelligent reader
who can make up their own mind. 
On a related note, here is  an excerpt from *Hasta no verte Jesus
mio* by Elena Poniatowska.  (Mexico City, 1969.   Translation  by
Conspiracy Nation.)
  The  *frailecito* was opened and Benito Juarez entered with
  all of his escort and he  grabbed hold of the priests.  And
  he sent them to  jail.   He  evicted  the  nuns.   Then  he
  ordered  that  they  dig  into  the  patios  outside of the
  convents, because although  Juarez  had  been  just a child
  then, he had seen them well-swollen and then from  one  day
  to the next their swelling had disappeared.  And because he
  wasn't  a  fool, he said, "Well, and where are these little
  creatures, that I don't see them?  There's no way that they
  all can have been miscarriages."
  So,  on  digging  they  found many little skulls, many tiny
  bones.  The nuns.  What  other  thing  could they be except
  the beloved ones of the priests?  How were they going to be
  so many years lying in bed alone?   And  so  Benito  Juarez
  managed  to open the eyes of the people.  And those who did
  not want to see  were  forced  to see.  He brought together
  all the priests and nuns and he told them that he  did  not
  like  for  them  to  deceive  the public.  That they should
  marry and leave behind  their  pretenses.  And because they
  wanted to keep on as before, he pursued them  and  he  took
  away  all  of  their  possessions,  their  houses and their
  treasures.  There were so  many  young girls not unhappy to
  be in  the  confessionals!   One  confessed,  and  one  was
  tempted;  the  priests  began to caress them and from there
  guided them to their bedrooms.
  Here in the city, their  works  have even been published in
  the newspapers.  In the little Villa they made  excavations
  --  it  will have been thirty years now.  And they found an
  entire  cemetery  of  little  deceased  ones,  like  little
  calfskin bellies.