Fear And Loathing On The Potomac
By Tom in Venice (former Democrat Party operative)
California, March 29, 1997 -- This  is Tom in Venice with today's
First, we are going to lay down a predicate.   President  William
Jefferson  Clinton,  in  our  opinion,  has  committed  countless
impeachable  offenses as President of the United States.  However
this has  been  covered  up  by  the  Eastern  elitist propaganda
ministry, commonly known to us as the "free press" in Washington.
These impeachable offenses began with  Clinton  firing  all  U.S.
Attorneys in one day, and replacing the Little Rock Attorney with
Paula  Casey,  Clinton's college chum.  She proceeded to obstruct
justice along with the RTC,  and  delay the criminal referrals on
Whitewater. {1}.
As Whitewater began to become a so-called press "feeding  frenzy"
of  sorts,  Clinton and his lawyer wife went to Marthas Vineyard,
Massachusetts, for vacation.  It was on that holiday that Clinton
requested Katherine  Graham,  Queen  Bee  of  the  Washington spy
corps, to lay off  the  scandals  involving  the  Clintons.   The
Washington Post, since that day, has desperately tried to forgive
and   forestall  all  Clinton  mis-deeds  up  to  this  so-called
fundraising flap.   In  fact,  Bob  "Naval Intelligence" Woodward
himself,  who  seems  to know all about the activities of FBI and
NSA (seems even to  know  more  than Clinton himself), has always
maintained that "there is nothing to Whitewater."  (The truth may
be there is nothing to Woodward either.)
For those who have  followed  my  writings  in  the past, we have
maintained that Kenneth Starr and his  predecessor  Robert  Fiske
are  nothing  more  than  containment  stooges  for the Clintons.
Their  job:   protect  the  Clintons'  CIA  cover  and  bury  all
wrongdoing involving  drug  running,  arms  dealing,  and massive
money  laundering  involving  Indonesia,  China,  and  other  CIA
operations involving Jackson Stephens,  Systematics,  and  Lippo.
So,  one  must  be bi-partisan and make it clear that George Bush
himself has set the foundation  for  this type of activity as CIA
Director and Vice President of the  United  States  under  Ronald
Reagan.   (Please  reference *Compromised:  Clinton, Bush and the
CIA* by Terry Reed and  John Cummings.  Remember:  All roads lead
to Mena.)
Remember:  the current fundraising flap is nothing  more  than  a
diversion or a cheap counter-intelligence trick.  It is important
to  note that Nancy Pelosi, Democrat from California, has already
confirmed that the House  Intelligence  Committee had evidence of
Chinese wrongdoing back in 1992, while George  Bush  and  William
Barr   were  running  the  country.   Question:   Where  was  the
Washington Post then?
I myself have had various conversations with none other than Mark
Shields of the Washington  Post.   These conversations took place
up to July of 1996, until the conviction of then-Governor Jim Guy
Tucker of Arkansas.  On that day, I  talked  to  Shields  and  he
seemed  upset.   He  then played a tape-recorded conversation for
me, from a show I did  on  KIEV  talk radio, here in Los Angeles,
commonly known as the George  Putnam  show.   He  stated  that  I
mis-quoted him about the possibility of Clinton being renominated
as  President  of the United States.  And he then said to me that
"Al Gore is not  your  horse."   Now  clearly the Washington Post
gang wants  to  spy  not  only  on  the  FBI,  NSA,  and  federal
prosecutors,  but  radio  talk  shows.  As a patriotic citizen of
one, I have no control  over  the Washington Post corporation and
their covert operations.  (That should be in  the  hands  of  the
Justice  Department.)  But I should point out to Mr. Shields that
the First  Amendment  applies  to  *all*  citizens  of the United
States, not just to *you*, Mark.  I then told Shields  that  this
whole  thing  with  Clinton was nothing more than a big narcotics
case, at which point Shields asked  me  not to call him any more.
I have honored that request.  However, given  what  is  happening
now,  it  is important to point out various other conversations I
had with Shields.
For example, at  one  time  during  our 2-year discourse, Shields
stated to me that he had talked to the prosecutor  (apparently  a
member of Ken Starr's team) and that no indictments were going to
fall  on the Clintons.  Shields also stated that Miquel Rodriguez
was nothing more than a loose cannon.
The key that unlocks the  door  in  this whole web, I believe, is
still the Ken Starr plea bargain with Webb Hubbell while  Hubbell
was  receiving  hush money from the Lippo/Red Chinese connection.
This was an orchestrated  obstruction of justice scheme involving
Ken Starr's  office  and  the  White  House  itself.   The  goal:
protect  the  Clintons and their CIA laundry machine and the sale
of U.S. intelligence secrets  involving  Systematics and the late
Vincent W. Foster.  We believe the fixer  in  this  cover-up  for
Hubbell  was  none  other  than  Mark  Tuohey,  formerly with the
Clinton Justice  Department,  then  working  as  the  head of Ken
Starr's so-called Washington-end of  the  investigation.   Tuohey
blocked   Miquel   Rodriguez   in   the   Washington-end  of  the
investigation because Rodriguez  had  empowered grand juries,  it
seems dedicated to finding the  truth  and  not  just  finding  a
Clearly  (in  my  opinion),  Shields'  source  about  the lack of
indictments against the Clintons was  none other than the blocked
Miquel Rodriguez's associate, Mark Tuohey.
Although Al Gore seems destined, despite fundraising  diversions,
to  gather  in  more  Electoral  College  votes  in 2000 than any
Democrats in  a  generation,  he  now  falls  victim to attempted
frame-up and, if that doesn't work, countless personal attacks by
elite media heads like Mr. Shields of CNN's  "Capitol  Gang"  and
the  PBS  Newshour  with Jim Lehrer.  He is aided and abetted, in
our opinion, by Al  Hunt,  also  of  CNN's "Capitol Gang" and the
Wall Street Journal, and Judy Woodruff and Bernard Shaw of  CNN's
"Inside  Politics."  (It must be mentioned that Hunt and Woodruff
are husband and wife.)  CNN  also  has had various appearances by
Lamar Alexander operative Ariane Huffington.  In fact,  rumor  is
that  Ms.  Huffington  is  the chairwoman of a growing membership
called "Republicans for  Gephardt."   They  may  even prefer John
Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts, known  BCCI  fixer  and  Oliver
North  cover-up man,  since Northeastern ultra-liberal is exactly
what Republicans have wet dreams  about.  Yes, there is a duality
of purpose between various ultra-liberals in the Democratic Party
and so-called "conservatives" in the Republican Party.  It  is  a
Washington  Mafia.   It  is  a  political  class  involved in the
possibility of  drug  running,  arms  dealing,  and massive money
laundering, dedicated to  greed  and  control  of  the  political
process.   A  good  example  is  Susan  Estrich, Dukakis campaign
manager in 1988.   She  may  have  been  an unwilling victim, but
admits that Bruce Lindsey, Clinton's fixer, helped Dukakis  raise
millions  in  1988  -- hoping clearly to win a Dukakis nomination
and then a Bush  victory  while  fellow Southerner and GOP-Dem Al
Gore  could  elevate  his   presidential   ambitions   by   being
electorally  operative  versus  Bush.  Estrich herself, who has a
KABC radio call-in show in  Los  Angeles,  went with a story from
the Los Angeles Times by Jack Nelson that Ken Starr's office  had
ruled  Foster's death a suicide.  Estrich, however, went further;
she stated that Starr's office  had also signed off on Travelgate
and Filegate.  Our sources now confirm (some,  Pentagon  sources)
that  John  Bennet  (not his real name), of Jeremiah Films on the
West coast, leaked this to Nelson and Estrich.
So what  we  have  here  is  a  so-called  "right wing" operative
working in duality with  a  so-called  "far  left"  operative  to
protect  Clinton  and  his CIA cover.  The bottom line is that Al
Gore is not trusted by  the  CIA's  so-called "far left" and "far
right" intelligence agents in both the media  and  the  political
world.   However,  Vice President Gore will not surrender to this
treason, which is  designed  to  place  Jay  Rockefeller  in  the
presidency  without an election.  Gore comes from a proud liberal
Democratic family.  So if  a  Constitutional smash-up is pending,
we all know that Al Gore is *our* patriotic horse.
---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
(Notes are by Conspiracy Nation, and not by Tom in Venice.)
{1} Another angle of perception on Clinton's,  circa-early  1993,
sudden  purge  of the Justice Department is that he wanted Bush's
appointees out of there.   However  this Justice Department purge
by Clinton was unprecedented in scope.