By Tom, in Venice (former Democrat Party operative)
March  11,  1997  --  This  is  Tom,  in  Venice,  with tonight's
As  you  know,  we  have  maintained  that  the  entire   Clinton
presidency is nothing more than a counter-intelligence operation.
Let's  establish a predicate:  the so-called Chinese espionage is
somewhat of a  diversion  itself  on  top  of a policy diversion.
Nancy Polosi,  Democrat  of  California  and  a  friend  of  Vice
President Albert Gore, has stated in the last couple of days that
she  warned, in 1992, then-Attorney General William Barr (working
out of  the  Bush  administration)  that  the  House Intelligence
Committee had evidence of Red Chinese penetration of  the  United
States government.  As we know, Mr. Barr did nothing -- as he did
nothing  with other aspects of Mena, Arkansas, Clinton, Bush, and
the CIA.
Now, the FBI and the NSA:   Let's  get up to speed to 1996.  They
could become aware of *more* Chinese penetration and espionage of
the Clinton campaign; that is,  the  1996  re-election  campaign.
Clinton  says he "did not know," and the FBI said it was "okay to
let the chain-of-command  know"  --  out  of which Clinton didn't
know about his own NSA and his own FBI?  Even though the FBI said
it was "okay?" Ridiculous.
Now,  since  we've  established  the  predicate  of  the  Chinese
penetration being old news (since it has been going on since 1992
and probably going back to the days of the Korean War),  we  must
look  beyond  the smokescreen.  Let's look at the actors involved
once  again:   Hillary  Rodham  Clinton.   Bernie  Nussbaum.  Bob
"Naval Intelligence" Woodward.  All former Watergate  operatives.
(And  we  know  that Hillary had Vince Foster hire Jerry Parks to
spy on her husband.  Of course,  Mr. Parks was murdered in 1993.)
It is clear that Bill Clinton is linked directly to the Bush  CIA
gang.   Therefore,  his  presidency is compromised to begin with.
Albert Gore was considered  an  individual  Clinton needed, to be
elected.  But since his days in Congress and up to  this  present
day, Albert Gore has been constantly an outspoken opponent of the
Central  Intelligence  Agency.   In  fact,  in 1988, I personally
heard him give a speech in  California in which he stated that he
would get  to  the  bottom  of  the  assassination  of  President
Kennedy.   Accordingly,  Albert Gore becomes a "national security
risk" to the so-called narco-democracies.
What we can likely deduce now  is that Hillary told Bill Clinton,
her husband, that a covert operation was taking place against the
Vice President, and the NSA screen  was  to  be  the  President's
"plausible  denial."   Hillary's  knowledge of such activities is
not considered unlikely,  since  her  whole  career and her whole
history is that of espionage -- as is those  of  Bernie  Nussbaum
and Watergate gangster Bob Woodward.
We  have  information  that  is now confirmed by Pentagon sources
that Ken  Starr  has  up  to  150  surrogates,  with  FBI and CIA
backgrounds, actually working for him, on the periphery, creating
smears on Clinton but actually operating covertly  to  delay  the
downfall  of  Clinton  in  order  to  frame  Al Gore on so-called
oriental scandals.  Part of this  operation not only includes the
Washington Post but major  media  assets  with  the  Los  Angeles
Times.   That is why Charlie Hayes, now convicted in the state of
Kentucky, and affiliated with the Chinese secret police, met with
George Stephanopolous in Pennsylvania in September of 1995 at the
time of the pending Iraqgate  case, which *also* involved Clinton
and Bush, and now is in the hands of Kenneth Starr.
What, if anything, did FBI and Washington Post and NSA know,  and
when  did  they  know  it?   (Since  they  seem to be running the
country  and  not  Clinton.)   What  we  have  here,  ladies  and
gentlemen,  is  a  classic  covert  operation  against  the  Vice
President of the United  States,  going  on with the knowledge of
FBI Director Freeh and certain members of the NSA.
Now as CBS News reported last night, Jack Quinn somehow  got  the
information   from   a   certain  NSA  asset.   We  believe  this
information was a tip.  It  was handed to the Justice Department.
It is likely one patriotic hero fingered this  type  of  treason.
So as of now, we are happy to report (although things can change)
that  this  current operation against the Vice President has been
compromised and smashed.  Clearly,  that explanation can be given
credence, based on Bob Woodward's appearance  tonight  on  "Larry
King  Live,"  in which a question was asked of Naval Intelligence
Woodward what he thought of  the explanation that the White House
gave concerning the dispute between the FBI and the White  House,
or  what  we  should  say, the so-called lack of communication in
which the President was  not  knowledgeable  of the activities of
his own NSA and his own FBI, and of which he was never  informed.
(The White House claims it was a mis-communication.  Most average
people  consider  that  an  Alice  in  Wonderland  theory.)   Bob
Woodward   said   (and   I  am  quoting),  "Well,  the  so-called
mis-communication is a *plausible* explanation."  Clearly, if Mr.
Woodward believes that's plausible, we  can also believe that Mr.
Woodward's latest escapade into espionage has been a fake.