I  received  the  following,  with   title  "Use  At  Own  Risk,"
anonymously.  I caution the  reader  that  I  have  no  idea  how
accurate  or correct the information given is.  NOTE THAT THIS IS
 +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +
The  following  are  primarily   operatives  of  the  ultra-right
so-called  "Christian"  movement.   They  have  been   diligently
tracked;  in  some  cases  for ten or more years.  With hardly an
exception, they are dedicated to various acts and doings to delay
the downfall of Bill Clinton while they engage in attacks on Vice
President Al Gore.  They perceive  him as a "socialist" or closet
"communist" and believe in some of the assertions  in  Edward  J.
Epstein's  recent book about the late Armand Hammer in respect to
the Gore family.  They believe that before Clinton is forced out,
they have to destroy, by various  means, Al Gore so that he could
not, upon the downfall of Clinton, become the President.  Whether
they do or do not prefer Jay Rockefeller to replace Al Gore is an
unanswered question.
   Some of them over the years may have  --  for  appearances  --
criticized  one  another  but nevertheless, have acted as a team.
They  are  most  every  one  of  them  viciously  anti-Israel for
religious  and  other  reasons,  and   generally   oppose   Jews,
particularly in the financial markets.
RONALD  F.  MEEKER:   For  some  years  purportedly  "worked" for
Alexander Proudfoot, international business consultants,  Chicago
and  elsewhere.  Traveled worldwide.  Overseas he interfaced with
the American CIA.  Domestically, he had working relationship with
the FBI.   His  ex-wife  (2nd  wife),  Rebecca  Meeker, claims he
wanted to move from Florida to Hong Kong area which she  was  not
in  favor of.  She alleges he got burned out on dope.  He, on the
other hand, claims she  has  been  "mule"  -- courier -- for dope
shipments through various Florida and other  offices  purportedly
financial intermediaries, such as loan companies, S&Ls, and such.
From  all the details, they appear to have been espionage couple.
From some time prior to  1995  to  on or about November, 1996, he
lived on sizeable farm  with  his  parents,  Covington,  Indiana,
across from Danville, Illinois.  Now dresses like Nevada gangster
to fit in with those he is part of in Cordova, Tennessee.  Meeker
helped  install  Lawrence  W.  Myers  (also  known  as  Myers  W.
Lawrence,   and  various  other  names)  as  chief  investigative
reporter at Media Bypass  Magazine.   The magazine got going just
before or about the time of  the  Oklahoma  City  bombings.   The
publisher, Jim Thomas, claims he had at one time topmost security
clearance  and he says "worked on the atomic bomb."  The magazine
publishes  numerous  anti-Clinton  pieces  and  is  dedicated  to
controlling what the Christian  ultra-right knows or thinks about
Clinton.  Meeker has been business consultant for Jeremiah Films,
propaganda  instrument  for  the   Christian   ultra-right.    It
purportedly is operated by Mr. Pat Matrisciana who earlier in his
career  was purportedly undercover operative for FBI to penetrate
West Coast dissident  movements.   His  consultant  on day to day
matters uses the fake name "John  Bennett,"  has  extremely  good
access to FBI records and Kenneth Starr's inner sanctum.
   At one time, Jeremiah Films, with full-page rear cover ads for
Media Bypass, was  major  source  of  funds  per  month  for  the
magazine.  Exposure of Myers as some type of government operative
caused Jeremiah Films to withdraw their support.
   Meeker co-ordinates the acts and doings of most of the rest of
those herein mentioned in their activities in respect to Gore and
Clinton,  including  "Bennett."  Although not publicly identified
with Kenneth Starr,  Meeker  is  one  of his principal non-lawyer
   Good  reason  to  believe  Meeker  is  co-ordinating  oriental
scandals against Gore.
JOHN  BROWN:   With  Karen  Brown,  purports  to  be  manager  of
brokerage  firm,  "Vining  -  Sparks, Investment Brokers," Little
Rock, Arkansas.  John Brown once Arkansas state detective, claims
he got in trouble  working  on  the  case,  about 1988, where two
young boys were found dead on railroad  track:   apparently  they
were  murdered  because  they took too much interest in planes at
night  dropping   satchels   apparently   of   dope.   Brown  ran
unsuccessfully for sheriff in 1996 in county  near  Little  Rock.
Brown  travels  around  the  country  spreading disinformation or
premature information, to  sabotage  and  delay  downfall of Bill
Clinton while Brown, Meeker, and others of their  team  crank  up
scandal against Gore.  Brown apparently the source supplying data
for  exclusive  story, 2/15/97, in Democrat-Gazette, Little Rock,
that Starr's office conducted "mock"  trials, two in Little Rock,
two in  Washington,  D.C.,  with  Bill  and  Hillary  Clinton  as
purported  defendants  or  prospective defendants.  Brown and his
associates then apparently torpedoed  the  story,  so that one of
the officials of that newspaper had to say the "source" now  says
the  story  is  not "correct" -- the correspondent working on the
exclusive story contends the  story  was  and is correct, despite
the backtracking of the "source," apparently John Brown.
   The  purpose  was  to  give  Starr, the team, and others, more
time, delaying the downfall of  Bill  Clinton while they go about
wrecking and scandalizing Gore who  they  perceive  as  a  closet
"communist," unfit to replace Clinton as President.
   Efforts  by  this team to delay downfall of Clinton while they
destroy Gore are aided by  certain  Detroit mobsters tied to John
Brown, Ron Meeker, and others of  the  team.   Namely,  "Detroit"
Copeland,  sometimes  called  "Detroit"  Kaplan,  and "Horse Face
Pete."  Their  actual  names  and  addresses  in  Detroit  so far
difficult to uncover.
   Through her brokerage  connections  and  Detroit  links,  John
Brown's wife, Karen, is actually in control of his efforts on the
team  as  to Clinton and Gore.  John Brown, together with Meeker,
and others of  their  team,  co-ordinate  a  group  of ex-GIs who
served in Viet Nam and are now "murder for  hire"  hit  men,  who
pose  an  extreme  danger  to Gore and his circle.  The "hit men"
include  and  are   supervised   by   Gary  Collins  who  travels
extensively in a camper with John Brown checking out details  how
to  go  about murdering witnesses so as to slow down the downfall
of Clinton while they  plot  to  destroy  Gore.  Collins, with an
extreme pathological personality, is  the  type  who  could  kill
someone  and then go and eat his lunch.  He has recently moved to
Jefferson City, Missouri.
   To slow  down  the  demise  of  Clinton,  John  Brown and Gary
Collins apparently arranged the murder of John  Tarullo,  Berwyn,
Illinois  (a  Chicago  suburb  near the Mafia enclave of Cicero).
Tarullo, a retired member  of  the  London  Gold Pool, had inside
knowledge of Vincent W. Foster, Jr's., money  laundering  efforts
on  behalf  of  Bill  Clinton  that  could have put the President
quickly in prison.  Tarullo was murdered August 28, 1996, shortly
after John Brown  and  Gary  Collins  drove  back from Detroit to
visit Tarullo on a pretext.
FRANCIS K. FONG:   Defrocked  professor  originally  with  Purdue
University,  Lafayette,  Indiana.  Believed to be chief of the Te
Wu, the Red Chinese secret  police, operating in the U.S. Retired
intelligence sources have complained to CIA  and  others,  to  no
avail,  that the Te Wu was operating in the U.S. since the end of
the Korean War, to  punish  the  U.S.  for taking action in North
Korea that forced Red China to  enter  the  war  as  U.S.  troops
approached  the China boundary at the Yalu River.  Not restrained
by the CIA (because the CIA  was  too busy tracking Te Wu, and so
didn't  restrain  them),  the  Red  Chinese  Secret  Police  have
committed assassinations, bombings, and mayhem within  the  U.S.,
and  have  gone unpublicized and unpunished, according to retired
intelligence operatives working in  small teams to investigate Te
Wu's U.S. activities.
   Fong patented a form  of  heavy  water  process  for  creating
energy.   He  comes from prominent ultra-rich family in Shanghai,
linked to the Hong Kong  &  Shanghai Bank (Hong-Shang Bank), long
tied to financing the dope trade going all the way  back  to  the
Opium Wars of the 19th Century.
   Up to about 1989,  Fong  was  in  the  energy-patent  form  of
business   and   his   business  partners  included  Bishop  Paul
Marcinkus, head of the Vatican Bank, and Walter J. Cummings, Jr.,
Chief  Judge  of  the   U.S.   Court  of  Appeals,  7th  Circuit,
headquartered in Chicago.  Cummings and  his  family  have  been,
according to the financial disclosures required of members of the
judiciary,  major  owners  of  the Continental Bank of Chicago, a
major  depository  for  the  Vatican  as  well  as  the commodity
exchanges and markets in Chicago.  Fong has been in a position to
have inside information as to the soybean deals, in the  billions
of   dollars,   used   to   disguise  dope  funds  from  Arkansas
incriminating Bill and  Hillary  Clinton.   Fong  has had a close
link with Stein, Roe & Farnham, at one time the brokerage for the
   Fong  reportedly kept track of the top U.S. military official,
from West  Lafayette,  Indiana,  who  headed  up  a  coup attempt
against  Commander-in-Chief  Clinton  and  who  perished   in   a
sabotaged  plane crash, killing an entire group of coup-plotters,
April 17, 1995, near Alexander City, Alabama (near a secret Delta
Force base).  Some contend snuffing out the coup had some link to
the Oklahoma City bombings, two  days  later, April 19, 1995, and
that weekend, April 22,  1995,  Independent  Counsel  Kenneth  W.
Starr  made  apparently his first entrance into the Clinton White
House to take the deposition of the President and the First Lady.
   Although Fong  is  part  of  the  team  herein mentioned, with
Meeker, John Brown, Gary Collins, and others, from time  to  time
they  appear  or pretend to be on the outs with one another.  For
example, Fong claims Gary  Collins  called  Fong on the phone and
threatened to murder him; apparently some kind  of  shakedown  by
John Brown and Gary Collins.  Fong, for some acquaintances, plays
a purported audio tape recording that appears to be, in fact, the
voice of Gary Collins.
   Fong has a form of laboratory  in  his basement where he is an
expert at creating fake documents.  He is in a position to create
so-called "documents" for or against Bill Clinton or Al Gore, for
use by the team members.  As the apparent head, in the  U.S.,  of
Te  Wu,  Fong is in a position to get purported inside data to be
used to supposedly incriminate  Al  Gore on alleged oriental-type
scandals.  And to combine that with fabricated documents to  make
it all appear to be a genuine scandal against Gore.
   Fong's expertise in claiming to have "genuine" tapes, records,
and  documents, are set forth in an extremely lengthy decision by
a federal  district  judge,  published  in  a  law  court report,
available  in  law  libraries:   Francis  K.  Fong  vs.    Purdue
University,  692  Federal  Supplement  930  (U.S. District Court,
Northern District of Indiana, Hammond at Lafayette Division, Aug.
10, 1988).  The printed  decision  goes  on  to  page 968 in that
   Fong's wife works as a purported volunteer  for  a  foundation
reportedly linked to the American CIA, the Wildlife Foundation.
   Fong's brother heads up an Oriental Museum linked to Princeton
University.   Fong  keeps track of the money laundering through a
riverboat gambling casino in Joliet,  Illinois (a south suburb of
Chicago), of "China White," high-purity heroin  from  South  West
China,  flooding  into  the  United States through small airports
surrounding Chicago, including the  Joliet Municipal Airport; the
Lansing,  Illinois  Airport   (another   suburb);   and   through
Pal-Waukee  Airport,  near  Prospect  Heights,  Illinois (a north
suburb of Chicago).
   Fong's business partner, Bishop  Paul Marcinkus, while head of
the Vatican Bank, also  was  the  dominant  force  running  First
National Bank of Cicero (Cicero being a long-known Mafia enclave,
adjacent  to  Chicago).  The Cicero bank, together with Household
International and Household Bank, were the ones that arranged the
secret transfer  of  50  million  dollars  of  federal funds from
Chicago to Little Rock, and thence to a known dope money  laundry
in  the  Caribbean  and  thence  to Swiss accounts.  All, for the
purpose  of  attempting  to  cover  up  the  47  million  dollars
embezzled from Madison Guaranty  Savings  &  Loan, for which Bill
and Hillary are  subject  to  federal  criminal  prosecution  and
JAMES R.  VASSILOS:   Divorced  from  his  wife  who  is  part of
Algemene Bank Nederland (ABN) and AMRO  Bank,  8th  largest  bank
chain  in  Europe,  now  actively gobbling up banks in most major
cities in the U.S. Vassilos is a money laundry expert through his
ex-brother-in-law, Theo Bark,  a  director of ABN-AMRO.  Vassilos
was disbarred in Illinois in May, 1993, for, among other  things,
cheating  his  clients  in  personal injury cases.  Despite that,
Vassilos travels around  the  nation,  purporting  to be the *pro
bono* (for free) attorney for CIA pilots who get in trouble,  CIA
covert  operators  who  get  in  trouble,  and  such.  He was the
purported legal advisor for Charles  Hayes, another member of the
"destroy Gore" team.   Hayes,  from  the  small  town  of  Nancy,
Kentucky,  was  found guilty about February, 1997, of arranging a
murder contract against his  estranged  son in a probate dispute.
The key witness against Hayes  was  Lawrence  W.  Myers,  an  FBI
undercover operative.
   Vassilos  is viciously "anti-Socialist," and "anti-Communist."
He regularly travels the  route  around  the  nation to the other
team members, staying  at  their  residence:   Francis  K.  Fong,
Charles  Hayes,  John  Brown,  and  others.   With  the  help  of
Vassilos,  the  team  hopes to slow down the downfall of Clinton,
while they go about destroying the  one they perceive as a closet
"Communist," Al Gore, unfit in their view to become the President
upon the wreckage of Clinton.  Vassilos  mouths  off  most  every
word "Jesus Christ."  For the purpose  of  running  an  espionage
front,  for  many  years  Vassilos,  with the help of team member
Michael Tario, ran the  Chicagoland  version of the "National Day
of Prayer."
   Vassilos' live-in girl friend is Shirley Sitrick, once married
to a member of the Sitrick family.  Her  brother-in-law,  Michael
Sitrick,  is  into  crisis  management, Los Angeles, Chicago, New
York, and apparently has a  link  to Fred Goldman, an advertising
executive, father of Ron Goldman, slain along with  Nicole  Brown
Simpson.    In   her   divorce   case,   she   contended  another
brother-in-law in the  Sitrick  family  was  a  member of Israeli
   Vassilos apparently makes the financial arrangements  to  keep
the  "destroy  Gore"  team  going.   He reportedly has vast sums,
skimmed off various scams by  him  and others, parked with small,
downstate Indiana banks.  Vassilos  goes  directly  to  the  bank
president's  home  of  such  banks  and  transacts  right  there.
Primarily  with  banks that do not keep microfilm records of past
   Vassilos is a close associate of Dan Walker, Sr., who was sent
to jail in the  downfall  of  a  Savings  &  Loan, in Oakbrook, a
Chicago suburb.  The S&L was wrecked by bond  schemes  from  Bill
Clinton's  dope  crony,  Dan  Lasater.  Hillary Clinton and Vince
Foster, as  lawyers,  were  brought  in  by  the Resolution Trust
Corp., the S&L bailout agency, to  handle  the  affairs  of  this
defunct  S&L. According to published accounts, Hillary and Foster
falsely settled the matter  for  a  mere pittance, defrauding the
Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.  The major  outside  counsel  for
RTC  has  been Hopkins & Sutter, of which Tario's brother-in-law,
Dan Hartnett, is a partner.
   Vassilos is an expert  on  how  to  speed  up or slow down the
Clinton scandal, so as to give the team more time to set about to
destroy Al Gore.
MICHAEL J. TARIO:  He and his associates in the late  1970s  were
the  brokers,  fixers,  and  scam  experts for the Pope's banker,
Michele  Sindona,  a  leading  so-called  "anti-communist."  They
transacted on the American Stock Exchange and elsewhere.
   Background reading:  "St. Peter's Banker:  Michele Sindona" by
Luigi DiFonzo (Franklin Watts, 1983, New York,  London,  Toronto,
   Together  with  Mark  Sato  (later  detailed),  they  fingered
several  Jews  who were big in supporting Israel:  Michael Milken
and  Ivan  Boesky.   Tario  and  Sato,  both  part  of  the  team
mentioned,  are  viciously   anti-Israel   and  oppose  Gore  who
apparently favors Israel.
   As an IBM systems analyst and engineer, Mark Sato set  up  the
computer  that  took  the  Midwest Stock Exchange (now called the
Chicago Stock Exchange)  from  paper  records  to computer record
keeping, 1978.  Built into the  system  was  a  way  for  certain
exchange officials to skim off hundreds of millions of dollars by
phantom  records  (from 1987 to date, the subject of a lawsuit in
the Chancery Division, of Cook  County Circuit Court, against the
Midwest Stock Exchange).
   Tario has inside connections to cabinet members in  Tokyo  and
Rome.  This enables Tario to be a  highly  "successful"  currency
and  other  instrument  trader.  From 1988 to 1992, Tario was the
president of Lashco, Inc. and LCO Trading Company, trading on the
major exchanges.  The  Chief  Executive  Officer  of these firms,
Lance W. Shields, locked  Tario  out  of  the  company  in  1992,
contending  Tario  was  skimming  off funds through the computer;
Tario, in  turn,  accused  Shields  of  secretly  setting  up the
computer for  "front  running"  the  firm's  clients,  apparently
cheating the clients of vast sums of money.
MARK SATO:  After fingering and setting  up  Michael  Milken  and
Ivan   Boesky,  Sato  apparently  became  an  FBI  informant  and
provocateur.  He poses  as  a  purported "illegal tax protester."
He specializes in  supposedly  setting  up  Bahamian  trusts  for
runaway money.  Does the money somehow fall into the hands of the
   As  a  computer  analyst and engineer, Sato set up most of the
computers for commodity brokers on LaSalle Street in Chicago.  He
apparently aided  the  Japanese  in  efforts  by  them  to get an
armlock  on  the  Chicago  markets  in  the   early   1980s.    A
knowledgeable  intelligence  operative contended that Sato worked
off and on for the Japanese secret police in the U.S. Since there
are apparent efforts by the  team  to  scandalize Al Gore on some
"oriental" matter, Sato is the perfect one  to  assist  Vassilos,
Meeker,  Fong,  and others to slow down the Clinton scandal while
they set about to wreck or try to wreck Al Gore. 
   Viciously anti-Israel and anti-Jew,  Sato  is a natural member
of the "get Gore" team.  Sato has a good handle  on  the  soybean
dealings used to disguise dope money.  He once publicly ridiculed
a  commodity  expert  on  the  dope  question,  by  way  of  Sato
preserving his "cover."
Most   of   the   foregoing   team  members  are  intermediaries,
investigators, and compilers of  data for the Independent Counsel
Kenneth W. Starr.  They spread disinformation to  slow  down  the
Clinton  scandals  while they set about to wreck Al Gore who they
perceive as being unpatriotic  and  unfit to replace Clinton.  In
their  work,  the  team  members  engage  in  extreme  extortion,
shake-downs, and blackmail.  Tens of thousands of pages have been
compiled on their dirty work which  is  allowed,  permitted,  and
condoned  by Starr and his cronies.  This team is not the visible
group of lawyers as  assistant  prosecutors  written about in the
press from time to time  {1}.   Charles  Hayes,  once  of  Nancy,
Kentucky,   apparently  arranged  or  was  about  to  arrange  to
fabricate records with the use  of  computers  to try to frame Al
Gore.  Hayes relied heavily on  team  member  Fong  for  document
faking.   Hayes,  among  the team members, refers to Fong as "the
Putting the  finger,  publicly,  on  this  team  of blackmailers,
extortionists, and gangster business  arrangers,  would  tend  to
force Starr to proceed full speed ahead against Clinton and wreck
the schemes of the "get Gore" team.
This  report  is  backed  up  by  a  virtual  warehouse of tapes,
records, and reports which are here just summarized.
---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
{1} Besides his team of lawyers, Starr's team (not to be confused
with  the  alleged  team mentioned above) reportedly includes 150