I received a packet  of  info  from Phoenix, Arizona dealing with
what looks like an ongoing cover-up of the true facts behind  the
"Gulf War Syndrome." Here is part of that information.
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Response to ABC-TV / American Investigator's Report On
Or Should It Be
There  exists  a  "paper trail" showing Peter Kawaja's efforts to
expose crimes of agents of  the federal government and foreigners
which would adversely affect (kill) Americans, going back as  far
as  May,  1989,  to  the  CIA,  the  FBI,  US  Customs,  and  FBI
In   March  1990,  ABC-TV  20/20  came  to  the  offices  of  the
International  Security  Group  in   Pompano  Beach,  Florida  to
interview Peter Kawaja, and took back a videotape  outlining  the
dangers  that  "were  to  come."  20/20 NEVER aired any show, and
refused to return the  videotape  Master  made  BY Kawaja, as his
property,  but  instead,  turned  it  over  to  agents   of   the
In  1991,  immediately  after  the  Gulf War firing ended -- when
American forces were beginning to  return and showing up sick and
dying (but the public did not  know  that  yet)  --  ABC-TV  once
again,  in  a  joint  venture  with the Financial Times of London
(Alan Friedman, who  later  wrote  a  book called "Spider's Web")
contacted Peter Kawaja and promised to do a full expose'.  Kawaja
met with ABC-Nightline producers -- Jay Lamonica and  the  senior
producer  John  Fielding,  and  with  Alan Friedman of the London
Financial Times  --  in  clandestine  meetings,  for  weeks:  ABC
stated they had to "verify"  everything  BEFORE  they  would  air
anything,  a  stipulation of "their attorneys" for liability.  In
1991,  after  *three*  *months*  of  intensive  investigation  by
(reportedly) 30 investigative reporters  (or  as they more likely
were,  intelligence  agents  around  the  world   verifying   the
information  by  Kawaja),  Ted  Koppel with co-host Alan Friedman
finally did three  different  segments  about  the  Gulf War, the
Arming of Iraq, and the PIT (Product Ingredient Technology) plant
in Boca Raton, Florida.  Peter Kawaja appeared in  one  of  those
segments.   When  contacted and asked why they did *not* tell the
whole story, ABC's answer as to  why  they did not go all the way
was,  "we  do  not  wish  to  topple  the  entire  United  States
government."  That statement  was  recorded  by  Kawaja.   Damage
control was already underway!
Asked, "Who are  you  more  afraid  of,  George  Bush  or  Saddam
Hussein," Kawaja replied, "George Bush."  Within 3 months, Eileen
Kawaja,  wife  of  Peter  Kawaja,  "DIED."  Mr. Kawaja's life and
freedom have been threatened.
An "Affidavit for Search" has  come to light.  That affidavit and
other government documents proves the U.S. government  knew  what
was going to take place in the war with Iraq.
  **  Federal  agents  provided  their  evidence of "gas mask
  penetration" at the Boca Raton PIT Plant.
  ** Federal agents provided  their  evidence (excerpt from a
  letter to a U.S. Senator from  Louis  Champon,  partner  to
  Haidar  Barbouti in the PIT project), "I can assure you, if
  drums of  Cyanide  left  our  plant,  Dr.  Barbouti had his
  reasons, either to be used against American troops (written
  in 1990) or for U.S. terrorist  acts  against  us  here  at
  **  Federal  agents  provided their evidence, that Barbouti
  had established "chemical warfare production capability, at
  a facility identified as  Product Ingredient Technology, in
  Boca Raton, Florida."
  ** Federal agents provided their  evidence,  that  Barbouti
  owned  "specialty  chemical  companies"  and  a  company in
  Europe identified as Cross Link, in Belgium.
  **  Federal  agents  provided  their  evidence,  that Ishan
  Barbouti was supplying military items to Iraq.
  ** All this and more was sworn  to  by  federal  agents  in
  1990,  yet  all  of  it,  and all evidence taken from Peter
  Kawaja under an illegal search warrant, was sealed and made
  secret   from   all   America,   and   the   President  and
  Commander-in-Chief (Bush) went  ahead  with  the  war  with
  Iraq, and knowingly placed your sons, daughters, wives, and
  husbands in harms way.
  **  None  of  this  evidence  was ever presented to a Grand
  Jury,  to  indict  anyone.   Yet,  Peter  Kawaja,  who  was
  subpoenaed to appear,  as  the  star  witness  for the U.S.
  government supposedly against the  Barboutis  et  al.,  was
  *not*  allowed  to  answer  pertinent  questions  from  the
  jurors,  and when Kawaja attempted to tell the truth to the
  jurors, Assistant U.S. Attorney (AUSA) Thomas O'Malley shut
  down the Grand Jury, dismissed  Mr. Kawaja, and motioned to
  waiting federal  agents  (one  of  them  from  FinCEN)  who
  approached  Kawaja  and  threatened  him  inside  a federal
  ** No evidence obtained in the raid against Kawaja was ever
  presented  to  the  Grand  Jury,  yet  the  U.S. government
  considered Kawaja's evidence so critical, a War Powers  Act
  Affidavit/Search  Warrant  was  used to seize his evidence.
  Only because Peter Kawaja was  still alive four years later
  was he able to finally unseal the sworn affidavit.
  ** In a separate action, in response  to  a  lawsuit  filed
  against some of these agents, the U.S. government states as
  follows:   "That  criminal  investigation is ongoing and is
  centered around  persons  involved  in  the manufacture and
  shipment of lethal and illegal  chemicals  to  be  used  by
  terrorist  nationals  AGAINST the United States."  The U.S.
  Attorney is  attempting  to  have  Kawaja's suit dismissed,
  claiming the government has an ongoing investigation.   Yet
  all  the evidence exists to prosecute the criminals.  There
  is no  ongoing  investigation.   By  claiming  there  is an
  ongoing investigation, our government can keep its  secret.
  Kawaja's  suit will open up IRAQGATE and crimes against all
  ** James G. McAdams III (U.S. Attorney), who covered up the
  CCC-BNL [CCC(?)  - BNL (Banca Nazionale deLavoro)], and the
  Noriega case, was  moved  to  West  Palm Beach, Florida, to
  cover up Iraqgate and Gulf War Illness.
  ** Janet Reno, who was moved to Washington from  Miami,  to
  become   Attorney  General,  was  also  used  to  cover  up
  Iraqgate.   Reno  appointed   John  Hogan  "Counselor,"  to
  investigate and  present  the  BNL  Task  Force  Report  on
  Iraqgate/GWI  (Gulf  War Illness).  Mr. Hogan, an attorney,
  was also from  Miami,  and  represented  the Barboutis, the
  terrorists  that  the  same  U.S.  government  proved  were
  terrorists, and  who  supplied  weapons  to  Iraq  to  kill
  ** The only major portion of Mr. Hogan's BNL Report that is
  blacked  out  and  considered "National Security" is on the
  terrorists, Ishan Barbouti.   What  is  the U.S. government
  hiding from America?
  ** The PIT plant was taken  over  by  the  RTC  (Resolution
  Trust  Corporation), and now by Century Arms International,
  who flew the British  flag  over  that building until Peter
  Kawaja wrote and distributed a document about them.  Please
  check out their background and  ties  to  CIA  and  British
  **   A  sworn  affidavit  by  federal  agents  proves  that
  warfare-grade "free" cyanide was dumped into the Boca Raton
  water supply and that this  was  known but kept secret from
  the citizens of Boca Raton.  Kawaja has received  inquiries
  from  people  who  claim  to live and work south of the PIT
  plant who either have or  know of persons now in hospitals,
  "brain dead" and dying from cancer.
  ** The Drs. Garth and Nancy Nicolson,  both  Ph.D.'s,  have
  published  their  report  in  JAMA (Journal of the American
  Medical  Association)  and  featured  in  Criminal Politics
  Magazine, wherein they  describe  how  Dr.  Nancy  Nicolson
  almost   died   from  Gulf  War  Illness;  their  cat  also
  contracted this  "disease"  from  their  daughter-in-law, a
  Gulf veteran.  They have made  the  tie  also  with  George
  Bush/James   Baker  III  et  al.,  to  biological  weapons,
  genetically engineered/man-made,  identified as *Mycoplasma
  incognitus*, one of the GWI  "Syndromes"  found  in  Desert
  Storm veterans.
(Source for above is "The Phoenix Project" and/or  Contact,  Inc.
More  info  may  be  available  at  https://https://.dnet.net/~pkawaja/
Contact, Inc. can be reached at 1-800-800-5565.)