By Sherman H. Skolnick
A terrible  power  struggle  at  the  highest  level.  Blackmail,
extortion, even murder.
ITEM:  Clinton White House rats facing wipe-out.  The rat  poison
is called File-Gate and Travel Gate.  By the way, the White House
Travel  Office  has  the secret records as to who steered the JFK
motorcade into the hairpin trap  where his brains were blown out,
military-triangulation style.
ITEM:  In 1965, hundreds of  thousands  of  government  opponents
were slaughtered in Indonesia, arranged by the American CIA.  The
result:   a  CIA-created  financial octopus, Lippo Bank and Lippo
Group, whose tentacles reach  into  Arkansas and elsewhere in the
U.S. Bill and Hillary Clinton, CIA darlings  from  a  young  age,
reportedly  are Lippo stockholders.  Lippo financed their '92 and
'96 campaigns and Lippo  reportedly  helped  coverup the CIA dope
money, laundered as soybean deals in the Chicago markets.
   Remember our exclusive stories:  a Vatican-owned Italian firm,
Ferruzzi, was getting big in the U.S.  in  soybeans.   They  were
smashed by five federal judges in Chicago being bribed 62 million
dollars, in cases involving the  Chicago Board of Trade.  [See CN
10.02] Taking over Ferruzzi's U.S. unit has been  a  French  firm
reportedly fronting for Lippo and the Clinton CIA cabal.
ITEM:   President  Clinton  installed   Webb   Hubbell   as   the
3rd-in-command of the Justice Department, as a secret conduit for
Lippo to avoid jail by massive bribery.  But a three-way struggle
resulted,  between  George  Bush's  extortionists  still  in  the
Justice Department, and Clinton's blackmailers and assassins, and
confederates  of  Al  Gore  (who  doesn't get along with Bill and
   Hubbell continued as the Lippo  point  man even as he was sent
to jail.  If he sings, Hubbell's songs would put Bill and Hillary
themselves in prison.
ITEM:   The  Independent  Counsel  and  other   prosecutors   are
conferring  quietly  with  law  professors.  Question:  Under the
U.S. Constitution, can a sitting  President be sent to prison, or
can he be punished only by impeachment?
   So, we have a  twice-elected  President  who  is  a  charming,
accomplished  actor-criminal-assassin.   Only 24 percent of those
eligible to vote chose him in '96.
ITEM:  To resolve  matters,  the  real  rulers  want  to create a
vacancy by pushing out, or assassinating, Vice President Al  Gore
and  inserting  Jay  Rockefeller,  like  in  the Nixon era.  Then
Clinton would be junked and Rockefeller would be President -- all
under the 25th Amendment without an election.
ITEM:  Trying to terminate Al Gore have been life-long enemies of
Gore's  family,  General  Electric  and  Westinghouse.   For many
decades, Gore's family control the  Tennessee  Valley  Authority,
big  users  of  electrical  stuff.  The TVA set off an anti-trust
power-quake resulting in top  officials  of G.E. and Westinghouse
going to prison in 1961.  The electric bandits do not  forget  or
forgive.   Now G.E. owns NBC Network and Westinghouse owns CBS --
and they  are  determined  to  destroy  Al  Gore  to  benefit Jay
   But Gore's loyalists in the Justice Department  are  reminding
the  electric  fakers they could be sent to prison all over again
now for monopoly practices.
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Mr.  Skolnick,  since  1963,   has  been  founder/chairman  of  a
public-interest  group,  CITIZENS'  COMMITTEE  TO  CLEAN  UP  THE
COURTS, researching and disclosing certain instances of  judicial
corruption  and  political  murders.   Since  1971,  as editor of
updates of the  group's  work,  called  HOTLINE  NEWS, a 5-minute
recorded phone message, changed  several  times  per  week  --  a
regular  phone  call  --  (773)  731-1100.  Since 1991, a regular
participant, now moderator, of a  popular, public access cable TV
program, called "Broadsides", in Chicago and suburbs --  on  most
every  Monday  evening  in  Chicago, on Channel 21 cable, 9 p.m.,
available to some  400,000  households.   His  comments appear on
Internet on several websites; archives  of  his  stories  can  be
pulled up and printed out.  Also, on Internet, his stories appear
on  some  five  categories of news groups, such as alt.conspiracy
and alt.activism.  (See also https://https://.shout.net/~bigred/cn.html
and see also  ftp.shout.net  pub/users/bigred)  Office (8 a.m. to
midnight, 7 days):  (773) 375-5741.   9800  So.  Oglesby  Avenue,
Chicago, IL 60617-4870.  Call before sending FAX.
A few highlights of the group's work:  Caused the biggest bribery
scandal in U.S. history, the collapse  of  the  Illinois  Supreme
Court,  1969.   Investigation  of  the  sabotaged Watergate plane
crash, 1972-73.  12 Watergate  figures perished including Mrs. E.
Howard Hunt, wife of the Watergate burglar.  One of the first  to
comment on the Vice President Spiro Agnew bribery mess, resulting
in  his downfall, 1973.  Investigation and disclosure causing the
jailing for bribery of the highest level sitting federal judge in
American history, Chicago Federal Appeals Judge Otto Kerner, Jr.,
1973.  Touching  off  "Operation  Greylord,"  in  which  20 local
judges and 40 lawyers jailed for bribery, 1983-1993.