Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska
[CN:  Preliminary note:  The "Larry  King" mentioned below is not
to be confused with the Cable News Network talk show host of  the
same  name.   Talk  show  host Larry King is not involved in what
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"Explosive New Edition of Book About Satanism in Nebraska"
(New Federalist, Jan. 27, 1997)
Review by Allen Douglas
In November 1988,  the  FBI  swooped  down  on a small, federally
guaranteed credit union in  Omaha,  Neb.  Some  $40  million  was
missing from the till, but that was the least of the scandal:  It
soon  emerged  that  Franklin,  and  its manager Larry King, were
centerpieces in  a  nationwide  drug-running  and  pedophile ring
which reached into high political circles in Washington.   There,
King   maintained   a   mansion,   was   a   leading   figure  in
African-American affairs for the  Republican Party, and according
to witnesses, provided children to be sexually abused by the rich
and powerful.  He was also a key figure in  the  money-laundering
and financial support apparatus for the Contras.
Shortly  after  the  credit  union was seized, the Nebraska State
Legislature set up  its  "Franklin  Committee" to investigate the
matter.  Soon, child victim-witnesses  named  some  of  the  most
prominent  figures in Omaha as being involved in the sex-and-drug
orgies,  including  World   Herald   newspaper  publisher  Harold
Andersen and police  chief  Robert  Wadman.   The  children  also
testified  to  almost  unbelievable tales of Satanic ritual human
Former State  Senator  John  DeCamp,  one  of  the country's most
highly decorated Vietnam veterans, was the personal lawyer of the
Franklin Committee's chairman, Sen. Loran Schmit, and  himself  a
protagonist in the case:  When law enforcement authorities showed
no signs of moving on the case, he wrote the famous "DeCamp memo"
in   1990,  which  named  five  prominent  Nebraskans,  including
Andersen and Wadman, as being involved, and which caused the case
to  explode  into  headlines  in  Nebraska's  press,  and beyond.
DeCamp also  became  the  lawyer  for  several  of  the  children
In  1992,  DeCamp  wrote  a  book  about  the case, "The Franklin
Cover-Up:  Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska."  Based
upon the documentary evidence  accumulated  by the State Senate's
Franklin  Committee,  and  his  own  first-hand  involvement,  he
created in his book what was probably the most  detailed  account
ever published of the dozens of ritual abuse and pedophilia rings
which  have surfaced all over the U.S., and internationally, over
the last two decades.  The book also provided voluminous evidence
to show that the  U.S.  Department  of  Justice  and the FBI were
covering up the case.
Without a single dollar of advertising, DeCamp's book sold 50,000
copies -- an almost unheard-of figure for a self-published book.
                   Four Years Later...
Now, some four and one-half years later,  DeCamp  has  written  a
second  edition.   It  has 116 new pages, which makes it almost a
new book; like the first, it  is a bombshell.  The first three of
its eight new chapters update the case, and recount some of  what
DeCamp  calls "the hundreds of mini-miracles" which have occurred
since the first  book  was  issued:  individuals stepping forward
with new information which proves everything he said in the first
book, and which develops the case much further.
One of the most striking  features  of  this  second  edition  is
DeCamp's  account  of the super-secret "Monarch Project," aspects
of which were reported on  earlier in this newspaper.  Under this
name, Paul Bonacci and other victim-witnesses were subject  to  a
military   mind-control   experiment   that   involved   creating
"Manchurian  candidate"-style  programmed assassins, prostitutes,
drug  couriers,  etc.,  through  inducing  "multiple  personality
disorder" in the victims.
In addition to the  new  information  which  has poured in on the
Franklin case per se, two other events  have  since  taken  place
which amplify the events described in the first edition:  The San
Jose  Mercury-News  account,  in  August  1996, of the Nicaraguan
Contras introducing crack cocaine  into American ghettos, and the
exploding scandal of a high-level pedophilia and Satanism ring in
Belgium, which has caused the largest  street  demonstrations  in
that country's history.
After recounting some new evidence about Larry King, George Bush,
and  the  Contras,  and  reminding  his  readers that some of the
abused children  were  couriers  for  a  West Coast-centered drug
ring, DeCamp asks:  "So, was Larry King's buddy George  Bush  the
country's 'drug kingpin' in the 1980s?  I don't know.  But what I
*do*  know  is  that  if Bush were running the Contra affair, and
drugs were a  big  part  of  it,  that  would  certainly jibe 100
percent with everything known or rumored about Bush, Larry  King,
and the Franklin Credit Union."
Although  DeCamp  did  not  have  time  to develop the leads from
Franklin  into  Europe  in  time  for  this  second  edition, key
features of the Belgian case are present in  Franklin,  providing
strong prima facie evidence that the two are linked.
                   The Higher Stakes
First of all, pedophile rings involving important individuals are
invariably  international, as the Franklin case itself shows, and
as the revelations  over  the  last  year  about a pedophile ring
centered  in  Australia's  aptly  named  Department  of   Foreign
Affairs,  has  also  demonstrated.   Second,  victim-witness Paul
Bonacci, all of whose other  charges  have been proven in spades,
has stated that he was flown  to  Europe  aboard  planes  of  the
Strategic  Air  Command,  based at Omaha's Offutt Air Force Base.
The  SAC  base  is  tightly  tied  to  the  NATO  headquarters in
Brussels, Belgium; NATO personnel were almost certainly  involved
in the Belgian pedophile ring.
Third,  ritualistic, Satanic activity, including human sacrifice,
was a  "marker"  for  the  Belgian  events,  just  as  it was for
Franklin.  Fourth, the Belgian ring was involved in illegal  arms
deals,  some  of  which  apparently aided the Contras.  And last,
high-level Freemasons were prominent in both rings, and the Omaha
Masons had extensive connections into Europe.
                 The Role of Bill Colby
The final chapter of this  second edition is titled "In Memoriam:
Bill Colby."  The former CIA  director  was  DeCamp's  commanding
officer  in  Vietnam;  the two had been close friends ever since,
and, as DeCamp now  makes  clear,  Colby  was a crucial figure in
pushing DeCamp to keep fighting in the Franklin case, against all
odds.  Colby once told DeCamp, "This case is so much bigger  than
you  think.   It  goes  to  the  highest  levels; we have to keep
pulling the strings."
Colby also encouraged DeCamp to keep  up his activity as a lawyer
for numerous figures in the "militias," which have come about due
to the wide circulation of his first book [sic].   Three  of  the
new   chapters   deal  with  the  militias,  with  DeCamp's  deep
involvement in investigating the unsolved bombing of the Oklahoma
federal  building  in  April  1995,  and  with  the  U.S. Justice
Department's assassination  of  Midwest  farmer  activist  Gordon
Kahl.  DeCamp is now the lawyer for Gordon's son Yorie, and bases
his  chilling account on Gordon's own never-released diary of his
final months, as well as Yorie's inside knowledge.
Colby  constantly  stressed  that  the  militias,  many  of whose
members or sympathizers are  people  who  shed  blood  for  their
country  in  America's  wars,  are merely symptomatic of the fact
that, he  suggested,  three-quarters  of  the American population
hate their government, and that "lines of communication" must  be
opened, or else tragedy will ensue.
All  of  this highlights Colby's own mysterious death by drowning
in April 1996.  At the time,  Colby was writing for the Strategic
Investment newsletter of London's Lord William  Rees-Mogg,  whose
crowd  has  been  instrumental  in  trying to focus populist rage
against President Clinton, whom  Colby strongly supported.  Colby
told DeCamp not to believe a word he read in the newsletter, and,
furthermore, to be  "very  careful"  about  a  Rees-Mogg  minion,
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, who had contacted DeCamp.  Interestingly
enough, Evans-Pritchard has taken time out from trying to destroy
President  Clinton,  to  write articles which savagely debunk the
existence of Satanic pedophile rings.
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