Are Myers and Hayes "Tweedledum" and "Tweedledee?"
Writes Lawrence W. Myers  in  the  September  1996 issue of Media
Bypass Magazine:
  [Charles] Hayes and a small cell of experienced retired CIA
  computer hackers, commonly known  as  "the  Fifth  Column,"
  have  effectively  disrupted  the  international  financial
  markets,  derailed a number of promising corporate careers,
  and  in   many   ways,   altered   the  American  political
  landscape... it was Hayes who provided  James  Norman  with
  the  details  of  money  laundering  and  secret Swiss bank
  accounts tied to key government officials...
Later, Hayes reportedly  went  so  far  as  to  somehow screw up
payment of FBI Director Louis Freeh's  paycheck.   Was  that  the
last straw? Did Freeh vow revenge?
The  FBI  is  connected  with the current case of Charles "Chuck"
Hayes, which case is now performing strange gyrations in the area
of  London,  Kentucky.    According   to   Gail   Gibson  of  the
"South-Central Kentucky Bureau" ("Bureau" of what?), "Prosecutors
charge that Hayes, 61, arranged to pay an  undercover  FBI  agent
$5,000  to  kill his son...  The two men are involved in a bitter
legal fight over the estate  of Chuck Hayes' mother."  But wasn't
it $100, and not $5,000, that was supposedly paid?
J.  Orlin  Grabbe   (https://,   in   "Judge
Jennifer  B.  Coffman's  Kangaroo  Court,"  notes  that Hayes had
"begun to name names under  oath."  But was Hayes cross-examined?
Sherman Skolnick suggests that  by  Hayes  speaking  under  oath,
whatever  he  has said can now be publicized as "true."  Skolnick
told this editor in a phone  conversation (1/17/97) that he has a
pipeline into the developing  legal  situation  in  Kentucky  and
suspects a "tremendous deception" by Hayes and Myers.
Yet,  as  noted in CN 9.94, Grabbe in the past has hinted to this
editor that Skolnick is somehow  connected to Mossad.  But wait a
minute:  "Mr. Boderby" (CN 9.59;  in  sub-directory
pub/users/bigred/vol9)  hinted  that  Lawrence  W. Myers was with
Mossad.  Are Myers and  Skolnick  *both* with Mossad, and working
against Hayes?
Yet Myers is  revealed  in  the  Gail  Gibson  article  from  the
"South-Central  Kentucky  Bureau"  as having been "the free-lance
writer who told the FBI that Hayes wanted Hayes' son killed."  It
appears that Myers is  a  rat.   If  Myers and Skolnick were both
connected with Mossad, why would Skolnick have repeatedly  warned
about Myers?  As far back as June of 1996 (CN 8.18), Skolnick was
saying, "On the day of the Oklahoma bombings...  Thomas [of Media
Bypass  Magazine] hired a person using the name Lawrence W. Myers
(is that person really  linked  to  that name?  Is his background
what he says it is?)"
This raises an interesting question: Is "Myers" really Myers?
In CN 8.50 (circa 7/17/96), Skolnick further warned that, "As far
as Chuck Hayes:  he alleges that he retired from  the  CIA.   But
since  he  has  condemned  me  as  a 'nut,' when my stories about
Foster and Whitewater were broader and more comprehensive, I have
to assume that Hayes is still with CIA.  And since I believe that
Lawrence   W.   Myers   reportedly    still   is   a   government
counter-intelligence agent, and now has joined forces with Hayes,
I have to assume that the story instigated by Hayes -- the 'Angel
of Death' thing -- is a melodramatic, watered-down version of  my
original story."
Regarding Hayes having called  Skolnick  a  "nut,"  here  is  the
relevant  excerpt from Myers' interview of Hayes published in the
August 1996 Media Bypass Magazine:
  HAYES:  This group,  Accuracy  in  Media  [AIM],  has  been
  attacking  the  Fostergate story for more than a year.  You
  know, it's a funny  thing  about  these  folks over at AIM.
  Everyone in the intelligence community knows  these  people
  are  mouthpieces  for the Mossad.  When people as ludicrous
  as Scott Wheeler get hired  to  write hit pieces on people,
  no one takes them seriously.
  He is nothing.  It's not even worth my time to even discuss
  this individual.  I do not take time to respond  to  claims
  by  Scott  Wheeler,  Sherman  Skolnick and a bunch of other
  nuts   trying   to   make    a   living   with   half-baked
A key statement by Skolnick, as noted above, from  CN  8.50,  and
published in July of 1996, is "I believe Lawrence W. Myers... has
joined  forces  with  Hayes."   According  to Skolnick, Myers had
spoken with him and promised  that  if he were to "behave," Myers
would have pulled strings to get Skolnick  his  own  radio  show.
Skolnick  suspects  that Myers somehow strong-armed The Spotlight
newspaper into not publishing  a  story by Skolnick when Skolnick
refused  to  go  along  with  Myers'  alleged  deal.   Currently,
Skolnick "strongly suspects a game," with Myers and Hayes doing a
Tweedledee/Tweedledum routine for some  purpose.   As  to  Hayes'
circus of a trial, Skolnick believes "the whole thing is a sham."
Not so, according to "Mr. Mercedes" (pseudonym), with whom I also
spoke this evening.  Myers, according to "Mr. Mercedes," is *not*
affiliated with Hayes.  Close  to  those  inside  the  developing
Hayes  case,  "Mercedes" is of the opinion that Hayes was setting
up the FBI for a  sting  and  used  Myers for that purpose.  Says
this east coast source, "Chuck was  testing  Myers,  almost  like
Judas and Jesus Christ," (but adds that this is only an allegory,
that  Hayes is definitely no angel.)  "Without Judas, where would
Christ have  been?   Without  Myers,  Hayes  could  not  work the
sting."  Hayes presumably hoped to benefit from the  maneuver  by
thereby  having access to legal discovery procedures.  But things
didn't turn out as  Hayes  had planned, observes "Mercedes," with
the  undercover  agent  arrested  for  solicitation  of   murder.
Instead, Hayes himself wound up in the slammer.
Or,  along a different line, "Mercedes" theorizes the whole Hayes
in jail fiasco may have been arranged by Clinton et al. to remove
heat from Hayes and his "Fifth Column" until after  the  November
election.   In one thing both "Mercedes" and Skolnick agree:  the
prosecutor,  in  the  trenches  and  actually  bringing  the case
forward, does not have a clue as to higher subtleties involved in
the case.   Increasingly,  the  whole  case  is  turning  into  a
Keystone Cops episode and, if Judge Wapner of "The Peoples Court"
were  presiding,  it would have long since been thrown out.  "The
longer the Department of Justice continues, the worse it will get
for them," predicts "Mr. Mercedes."
Of interest in the Myers/Hayes, Tweedledum/Tweedledee theory is a
reported  statement  made  by  Myers:  "I know who is running the
court.  Hayes sits there like a  cheshire cat, with a big grin on
his face."