John McLaughlin, host  of  the  PBS  slugfest, "The McLaughlin
Group," predicts (01/12/96) that Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr
will "drop indictments within 2 weeks."  Not  exactly  clear  is,
what  does  "dropping  indictments" mean?  Presumably, McLaughlin
does not mean that Starr  is  "giving up on" (dropping) indicting
anyone.  But *who* will be indicted?  Bear in mind  also  one  of
the   craggy  host's  predictions  given  earlier,  in  mid-1996:
"Fasten your seatbelts:  there  *will* be an 'October Surprise.'"
Of course, McLaughlin's then-prediction failed to materialize.
   Supporting McLaughlin's prediction  is the following, received
from "Mr.  Boderby"  (pseudonym)  last  week:   "Brian,  You  can
confirm  this  from J.O. Grabbe...  World controllers plan to put
Jay Rockefeller in  the  line  of  Presidential succession...  Of
course, this plan is for the time when the  Bill/Hill  gang  have
vacated  the  premises,  which  some  predict to be in relatively
short order."
   Conspiracy  Nation  stands  by  its  previous  prediction that
Hillary Clinton will *not* be indicted in 1997.
   Also predicted on The McLaughlin Group (01/12/96),  this  time
by Clarence Page:  "Henry Hyde  will  be  Speaker of the House by
the end of 1997."  Readers of Conspiracy Nation (CN)  may  recall
that  Hyde,  according  to  Sherman Skolnick, oversees the "black
budget" of CIA, therefore giving him more power than even the CIA
Director.  And wasn't Hyde  somehow  connected to Clyde Savings &
   In the previous issue  of  CN  I  forget  to  mention  another
connection between Hustler Magazine's Larry Flynt  and  so-called
"conspiracy theories."  Flynt published a version of the Skeleton
Key  to the Gemstone Files in the February 1979 Hustler.  This is
a further link between Flynt  and private investigations into the
JFK assassination.  For more info on the Gemstone Files, the book
*Project Seek* by Gerald A. Carroll (ISBN:  0-9640104-0-2;  phone
1-800-729-4131) is recommended.
   In  the  article  by  "Mr.  Mercedes"  (CN  9.95 thru 9.98), I
omitted a key player,  Peter  Videnieks,  when  I edited the last
portion (to save typing).   According  to  "Mr.  Mercedes,"  Earl
Brian's  secretary  stated  "that  she  received  calls from U.S.
Customs/CIA contract  agent  Peter  Videnieks,  and  CIA contract
agent Michael Riconosciuto, and that there were files  on  Inslaw
and  PROMIS.   Both  Videnieks  and  Riconosciuto  were  actively
involved  in Agency covert ops and the sale of PROMIS, along with
Earl  Brian."   In  Rodney   Stich's  encyclopedic  reference  on
government    corruption,     *Defrauding     America*     (ISBN:
0-932438-08-3;   phone   1-800-247-7389),   Videnieks   is   also
mentioned.  In the "Affidavit of Michael J. Riconosciuto" printed
therein, Riconosciuto states that "Among the frequent visitors to
the  Wackenhut-Cabazon  joint venture were Peter Videnieks of the
U.S. Department  of  Justice  in  Washington,  D.C.,  and a close
associate of Videnieks by the name of Earl W. Brian."