In Chicago, an assistant federal prosecutor is a *door* into 
understanding major corruption and dirty business: that's William 
R. Hogan, jr.

After some unusual hearings, 2 federal judges here have accused 
Hogan of arranging sex and dope for several in jail on charges of 
dope racketeering. The defendants are members of the "El Rukn" 
street gang, once called the "Blackstone Rangers".

During the Vietnam War era, some gang members were part of a 
computer-model program on Chicago's south side: How To Cow and 
Terrorize Neighborhoods. The knowledge was used to control 
portions of South Vietnam.

Jeff Fort, gang chief, and his cohorts, received funding from the 
CIA through the Charles E. Merrill Trust of Cambridge and other 
CIA foundation money pipes. Chicago police who complained were 

Other details squelched by the monopoly press fakers:

#1) El Rukns, and their extended family members, occupy various 
federal jobs in the federal court house here -- the Dirksen 
Federal Building -- all the way from the basement to the top 
floor. Judges are *not* prepared to utter a single word.

The overall corruption of the federal judges and the federal 
prosecutors office is called, "The Dope Underground". A lot more 
than narcotics is involved.

#2) As confirmed by federal investigators, Hogan himself has been 
reportedly implicated in the dope business on the west coast and 
elsewhere. Now that's a funny thing: a federal doper supposedly 
running after competitors?!

#3) Hogan's extended family has included close ties to the 
Catholic Archbishop's office here -- largest archdiocese in 
America. About 1981, a federal grand jury here handed up a 
criminal indictment against Archbishop Cody for embezzling $1 
million of church funds to favor Cody's mistress. Chief federal 
prosecutor Dan K. Webb {1} pocketed the indictment and has been 
using it as [unclear] blackmail. In all this, Hogan and his gang 
have played an instrumental part. (William Clemens(sp?), a *Sun- 
Times* reporter working on the story, was murdered.)

#4) In January '94, a federal grand jury was reportedly 
investigating Hogan. Notice what happened: First, several grand 
jury witnesses were murdered! Then, authorities disclosed 4 or 
more Mafia people had somehow infiltrated the grand jury system! 
Then a pipe burst, flooding the grand jury assembly room with 2 
feet of water. Uh, were all of these accidents, huh?!

#5) Hogan reportedly knows about the 3 savings and loans here, 
now defunct, used for CIA covert activities: Clyde Savings, 
Olympia Savings, and Libertyville S&L. A director of Clyde was 
congressman Henry Hyde, who has been head of CIA's black budget 
-- more power than the director of Central Intelligence!

#6) Hogan has direct data on corruption of the FBI and the 
Justice Department, and "fixing" big bucks federal cases 
involving large corporate interests -- including widespread 
bribery of federal judges here. Such cases include a 1987 case 
that Hogan participated in that should have exposed Household 
International and their units, Household Bank.

Hogan has stated that if he "goes down", 3 or more federal judges 
will go to prison with him. (The Justice Department reneged on 
their promise of a report on Hogan; he gets his salary, but stays 
at home.)

Call up the news fakers and tell them to stop kidding us.

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--------------------------<< Notes >>----------------------------
{1} "Chief federal prosecutor Dan K. Webb..." In the national 
spotlight recently. As I recall, Webb is defending Rep. Dan 
Rostenkowski, a.k.a. "Rosty".