At one time, I asked one of my professors, "What do you think of 
these 'conspiracy theories'?" He looked at me, then said, "You 
mean like the JFK assassination?" He then looked around, lowered 
his voice, and added, "You know. I have a friend who insists that 
Oswald didn't shoot Kennedy!"

Here's me, mock startled, responding to this "revelation" of the 
professor: "No! You don't mean it!"

Delving into conspiracy theories is like finding out there is 
(allegedly) another side of the moon that you've never seen. So 
you get on a rocket ship, fly to the other side, and it begins to 
dawn on you: "My God. There is so much!"

As Peter Dale Scott noted during a debate with Gerald Posner, "It 
is so vast."

It is so vast. And here is some more to add:

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AIDS: What the Government Isn't Telling You
by Lorraine Day, M.D.
(Part 1)

In the preface, Dr. Day, who has worked as an orthopedic surgeon 
and assistant professor at the University of California, 
describes how she began to have the disheartening realization 
that those above her in the chain of command had compromised 
their principles. At one point she asked one of her superiors, 
"But what do you want me to do? Sell my soul?" The response? 
"Sooner or later everyone sells his soul." So much for so-called 

Dr. Day charges that many of those in charge of combatting AIDS 
have their own hidden agendas which keep them from dealing 
effectively with the epidemic. Professionals routinely behave in 
a "politically correct" way or else risk losing their jobs.

Dr. Day tried to work within the medical establishment. But when 
she saw to what extent many "experts" were privately saying one 
thing, then publicly saying another, she decided that the public 
had a right to know the truth. So, she began to speak out. "I 
made the decision to tell what I know for the safety of the 
unsuspecting public; for the safety of my fellow health care 
workers who are taking far greater risks than the government is 
admitting, and for my children and the children of other 
concerned parents."

Our leaders "are playing a deadly game with our lives and the 
lives of our children."