Transcript of a talk given by officer Jack McLamb (retired) of 
the Phoenix Police Department.

Biographical note: Officer McLamb was one of the most highly 
decorated members (if not *the* most highly decorated) of the 
Phoenix Police Department. Besides many acts of heroism, officer 
McLamb is also the originator of the "Officer Friendly" program, 
a program in which police officers visit school children to help 
them be better acquainted with the police. Officer McLamb was 
disabled in the line of duty and is now retired from the Phoenix 
Police Department. He currently hosts a radio show which can be 
heard Monday through Friday, 7 pm cst, on WWCR, 5.810 mHz 


But that's how we succeed at this. We have to do several things. 
(And I'm out of time. I see I'm on zero, right now. I'm supposed 
to sit down.)

And I want to leave you with this thought: There's a lot of 
negative you'll hear at meetings like this. At a 3-day seminar, 
Preparedness Expo, you hear a lot of negatives: "Oh woe is us, 
the sky is falling! It's all over! We're doomed! There's nothing 
we can do! Get your goods and move out into the country and run 
to the mountains and build your bomb shelter!" Whatever. Whatever 
it is.

All of this is important, *yes*, to prepare! I'm an old boy 
scout. Yes! We're supposed to prepare! In case we're not 
successful at recovering the hearts and minds of our government 
leaders and these individuals in uniform -- if we're 
unsuccessful, we must be prepared *now*, and in the very near 
future, to take a different approach to trying to save our 
nation, that I'm not gonna talk about right now. I'm gonna talk 
about that tomorrow in my speech, about the second approach. 
Right now we're talkin' about a non-violent approach, of 

One thing *you* must do: Don't write to me anymore and tell me -- 
and you police officers, the same way -- don't write to me 
anymore and say, "Jack. I want to be on your list. I want to get 
educated. I want to be on your mailing list. But. I don't want 
you to put my name on your list! You know, the government might 
find my name on the list! And then they'll put me on *their* 

I'm telling you, folks, the first thing you have to think about 
-- and you police officers, too: If we have a government, a 
foreign government, that has taken control of our constitutional 
Republic -- *we* *need* *to* *get* *on* *their* *list*! 
[cheers/applause] Every one of us needs to be on their highest 
list! You should be public enemy number one, public enemy number 
one against the type of system that has taken over our 
constitutional Republic. And if... God forbid, and God protect 
you, if the day comes when our holy Father comes back and you're 
not on the highest list of the satanic influence that's taken 
over our God-given rights.

So join us now! Get on those lists! And I hope to work with you 
in the future. And we're gonna have a lot of fun and a lot of 
success, together.

God bless all of you! Thank you.


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