Transcript of a talk given by officer Jack McLamb (retired) of 
the Phoenix Police Department.

Biographical note: Officer McLamb was one of the most highly 
decorated members (if not *the* most highly decorated) of the 
Phoenix Police Department. Besides many acts of heroism, officer 
McLamb is also the originator of the "Officer Friendly" program, 
a program in which police officers visit school children to help 
them be better acquainted with the police. Officer McLamb was 
disabled in the line of duty and is now retired from the Phoenix 
Police Department. He currently hosts a radio show which can be 
heard Monday through Friday, 7 pm cst, on WWCR, 5.810 mHz 


Now. We're comin' right down to what Bill Clinton has in mind, 
and Hillary Rodham Clinton has in mind, for our nation.

Well their plan is to continue setting up a system in America 
where, number one, they can control every police agency across 
this nation. And number two, they can set a plan together to 
remove every gun away from the American people. This is a very 
vital part of their plan! It is so vital, folks, [that] they 
cannot go forward, they cannot go forward, until they somehow get 
all the police in the nation together that will react at the same 
time, at the same moment, and create the same activity on the 
west coast and do the same activity on the east coast, in the 
north and the south of this nation, at the same instant moment.

For example: if we wanted to, as law enforcement people -- or 
let's say if we were directed to -- come and get the guns of the 
American people... *Or*, perhaps before that, if we were to have 
to go and pick up all the "crazy" radical right-wing fanatics in 
the nation one early morning, like 4 o'clock in the morning when 
all of you [were] in bed, maybe -- We would have to be totally 
synchronized across this nation! How can you have this happen in 
L.A. two hours after it happens on the east coast?! You can see 
what would happen. Word would spread so fast, you'd have a 
revolution in one part of the country! So it has to be done, 
synchronized, at the same moment.

So how are they going to do that? Well number one, they have to 
be able to standardize every policy and procedure across the 
nation in every law enforcement department.

Now they tried it with LEAA. Some of you will remember that name. 
The Law Enforcement Assistance Administration was set up, it was 
set up specifically for two reasons. The Law Enforcement 
Assistance Administration was set up for two reasons, and two 
reasons only. And that was, to remove the guns away from the 
American people, put a plan together to do this. And number two, 
to set up a national police force.

Now. Let's take "national police force" first. How were they 
going to do that? Two ways: They were going to fund, put federal 
funds into, every law enforcement agency across this nation, 
until they could gain total control over those police agencies. 
So LEAA started doing that. They had millions and millions and 
millions of dollars pumped into every small and large police 
department across this nation. And they *did* gain great control 
over those agencies. It's just like, here in Arizona, we're now 
being told by the federal government what to do. And if we don't 
do it, they're gonna take our highway funds away from us, and 
they're gonna take *this* fund, or they're gonna do *that* to us. 
The same thing they've been [doing] on the other political 
levels, they did in law enforcement in the early 70s -- started 
funding crime prevention programs and equipment for law 
enforcement agencies across the nation.

Well that was very successful. In the Phoenix Police Department, 
I remember one lieutenant telling me one time, "Jack, go out and 
spend this money." I was working in the area of crime prevention, 
and he was working in the area of community service, in the 
Phoenix Police Department. And this lieutenant told us all, 
"Listen. We've got all this money left. We'll you've gotta get 
out and spend it, 'cause if it's not spent before the end of the 
fiscal year, we won't get that money back next year." So we had 
to find ways to go out and spend this money so we could get it 
back next year.

So it was highly successful. But then the second thing LEAA got 
in trouble for: They figured the way they'd set up a national 
police force is they would standardize every policy and procedure 
in every agency across the nation. Well, how were they gonna do 
it? What they did was, they decided that they would send out a 
model to all the departments to show how they could 
"professionalize" {1} and become a more "professional" {2} police 
agency if they would standardize every policy and procedure.

There's an organization that was called a radical, "crazy", anti- 
communist organization, called the John Birch Society. And they 
were called all *kinds* of names. And they discovered this plot 
to set up a national police force. And they started a program, 
the John Birch Society did, called "Support Your Local Police and 
Keep Them Independent." Some of you will remember the bumper 

But they stopped that. And our "good" President -- quote/unquote 
"good" President, Ronald Reagan -- told us that he disbanded the 
LEAA. Because he felt that the American people wanted that done.

He didn't disband it. He took the name off of it, took half of it 
into the Justice Department and put half of it under a new 
program, that was created just a few years before, called FEMA -- 
the Federal Emergency Management Agency. And LEAA's whole 
internal organization is *still* alive and well today.

But they *knew* that they could not set up a national police 
force and standardize every policy and procedure through the 
government any longer! So what happened? In the late 70s, five 
police organizations, five private police organizations... and I 
think I have [...pauses...] yeah. I have their names right here. 
You should know about this. All of a sudden, five private, 
*private*, police organizations came up with this idea of 
standardizing every policy and procedure in every police 
department across the nation. Here's those organizations:

The International Association of Chiefs of Police. Now *that* is 
a pro-Marxist organization if you ever see one. Because you 
think, "International Chiefs of Police". There are more pro- 
Marxist chiefs of police around this world than there are 
Republicans or conservatives or anti-communist police chiefs. So 
of course, you have an "International Chief of Police 
Association," the votes are going to go toward the left and not 
towards center or to the right.

Another is PERF, the Police Executive Research Forum. That's a 
think tank for police officers and police associations.

And the National Sheriffs Association -- which is a pretty good 
organization. Sheriffs, of course, are more independent. Why? 
Because you vote them in office. Right? Police chiefs are all 
appointed by leftist city councils, just like in this city. All 
right? So you don't have anything to say about who your police 
chief is. And so you're going to find sheriffs, who you elect, 
are more in tune with what you want in America and what your 
goals and desires are, than police chiefs.

O.K. The next organization was the National Organization of Black 
Law Enforcement Executives.

Now these five organizations just mysteriously came up with an 
idea, all together, that they were going to "professionalize" all 
the police agencies in the united States. And how were they gonna 
"professionalize" them? Well, they were going to "accredit" them. 
They were gonna "accredit" them, if they would standardize every 
policy and procedure in their police agencies.

Isn't this interesting.

And so we had, since the early... or late 70s, police chiefs 
working together -- leftist police chiefs. One was a chief by the 
name of Ruben Ortega -- some of you might remember that name. He 
travels under the tag of "Republican," but he's never been 
Republican according to *this* old Republican. And he was one of 
the people instrumental in starting this program called CALEA.

So these five police agencies started an organization called 
CALEA, and that is called the Commission on Accreditation of Law 
Enforcement Agencies. Now basically, it does the exact same thing 
that the old LEAA was doing, but the John Birch Society caught 
and got them shut down on that part of their program.

But now the government, this conspiratorial, subrosa government, 
the one government below -- or let's say above -- the government 
you and I see; the puppets out there that are dancing and saying, 
"We're your elected representatives," when they're not (they 
actually work for this subrosa government); they decided that 
they'd have to do the standardization through the *private* 
sector. So they had these five police organizations say that 
every police organization in the united States, [every] agency, 
has to be "professionalized" so that we can do something about 
the crime and the drug problem.

So CALEA was started. And they've been very successful. There's 
thousands of police agencies. Thanks to chief Ruben Ortega, the 
Phoenix Police Department is now accredited through CALEA; we are 
now ready for the national police force. Because we've 
standardized every policy and procedure. The Sheriffs Department 
in [unclear] county is now in CALEA; they've standardized every 
policy and procedure. So Phoenix is pretty ready, aren't we? To 
be part of the national police force for the... uh, what do we 
call it? Martial law is what you call that. Once the national 
police force is all set up, you'll have martial law.

                     [...to be continued...]

---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
{1} "...professionalize..." This word, "professional", was very 
big when I was in grad school just these past couple years. The 
apprenticeship phase had us as instant "colleagues". Here I was, 
a former nobody from the midwest, arrived at the fabled 
university: Son, you're a "colleague" now; these others are your 
"colleagues". Hot damn! Then they started giving me this "act 
like a professional" stuff. What it boils down to is that you 
wear a mask of professionalism; you act like a robot whenever you 
are in front of the public. But when you are alone with your 
colleagues, you can tear each other's hair out.

{2} "...professional..." Like "The Rose Law Firm: A Professional 
Association", or so says the sign out front. Sorry Mr. Scarecrow, 
the Wizard can't give you a brain. But he can make you a 
professional. Sorry Mr. Tin Man, the Wizard can't give you a 
heart. But he can give you a testimonial.
   Remember, kiddies: Be like the lawyers and the doctors and the 
congress critters -- act professional. (And I do mean act.)


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