Transcript of a talk given by officer Jack McLamb (retired) of 
the Phoenix Police Department.

Biographical note: Officer McLamb was one of the most highly 
decorated members (if not *the* most highly decorated) of the 
Phoenix Police Department. Besides many acts of heroism, officer 
McLamb is also the originator of the "Officer Friendly" program, 
a program in which police officers visit school children to help 
them be better acquainted with the police. Officer McLamb was 
disabled in the line of duty and is now retired from the Phoenix 
Police Department. He currently hosts a radio show which can be 
heard Monday through Friday, 7 pm cst, on WWCR, 5.810 mHz 


So that's important. I like to start out this way because we have 
new police officers, new soldiers, and we have new private 
citizens here that really come into these meetings and they don't 
know what we're about and what we're doing.

What does this have to do with Clinton's new plan to bring 
together all the law enforcement agencies in the nation? It has 
everything to do with it. And so I'm leading into that. People 
say, "Well, Jack: Get to the subject!" Well this *is* the 
subject! It's very important that we understand *why* Clinton 
wants to bring together a national police force. And why there is 
an international police force already set up.

And so, in order for us to understand if we do have a conspiracy 
to take over the united States and mold us into a world 
government -- How are these people going to do this?

And oh, by the way, there's another quote I want to give you, 
from the head of the Ford Foundation. Now this is a part of the 
Congressional Record. And this is where we'll start into our talk 
today about the importance of the national police force.

A man by the name of, uh... uh... Norman Dodd (yeah, thank you, 
Ralph. That's my fellow police officer, there. He knows more 
about it than I do!) A guy named Norman Dodd was an investigator 
for the Reese Commission -- a congressional investigation into 
the tax-free foundations of the nation. And he was going about 
his duties every week, talking to the heads of the foundations, 
the tax-free foundations of the world... er, the nation. And his 
duty was to find out why they were there, what their purpose was, 
and how they were using their tax-free funds.

Well he was caught totally off-guard when he went to talk to Mr. 
Rowen Gaither(?), who was the president of the Ford Foundation, 
one morning. He sat down with Mr. Gaither, and he said, "Mr. 
Gaither, I'm gonna ask you the same question I've asked all the 
other heads of the tax-free foundations. And that is, What is 
your purpose? And how are you using your tax-free foundation 

And he looked at Mr. Dodd, and he said, "Mr. Dodd," he says. (And 
this is almost verbatim. I can pretty much quote it verbatim.) He 
says, "We operate here out of directives that emanate from the 
White House. And the subject of those directives are, we are to 
use our grant-making powers to alter life in the united States so 
that we can be merged with the Soviet Union."

Well Mr. Dodd about fell out of his chair. Because he had not had 
anyone speak to him candidly at all the tax-free foundations he'd 
gone to. They didn't want to have him come in the door. They 
tried to cover up information. And this is the first one he went 
to where Mr. Rowen Gaither, the head of the Ford Foundation, 
actually told him what the real reason that they were in business 

Now. That was 1954, folks. 1954. Now he says that "Our directives 
emanate from the White House." Who was in the White House in 
1954? Ike. "I like Ike." -- remember that little sticker? I know 
that, because I was born in Washington, D.C. and I went to the 
inaugural parade of Eisenhower as a little boy. And I remember: I 
was very proud that day to be in Washington, D.C. and attend the 
inaugural parade and see the President of the United States.

And I always thought Ike was a nice guy. But now I know 
differently, because I've studied history. {1}. But he was the 
one, his White House issued the directive to the tax-free 
foundations that they were to use their grant-making powers to 
alter life in the united States so we could be merged with the 
rest of the world.

And now, that is probably the most critical statement I can tell 
you today, folks. Don't forget that. Because you're gonna find 
out why the economy is falling. You're gonna find out why we're 
losing our farms. You're gonna find out in that statement why 
we're losing our homes, and why everything in America is just 
dissolving. And we are being lowered, in every aspect, from our 
Constitutional rights. We're losing our Constitutional rights. 
We're losing our economic, our sound economic base. We're losing 
*everything* in America. We're being levelled so that we can be 
comfortably merged one day with third world nations.

So in that statement... Don't forget that. That's in this book, 
too, by the way. In *Vampire Killer*.

All right, now, if they're going to do this, if they're going to 
do this, folks, how are they going to do it? How are they going 
to do it? And this leads us into "crime" and it leads us into 
drugs, in America. And why we "need" a national police force (so 
we're told), we "need" a national police force.

How are they going to do it? Let me share it with you. [Pauses 
for a drink of water, apparently glances at something] (Here's 
another *Operation Vampire Killer 2000*.) And on another page, we 
have the way that they're going to destroy our nation and level 
it with the rest of the nations, so we can be merged together.

See if you can figure out, now -- in the 1800s, when these 
conspirators first put together a serious plan to bring the 
united States to its knees -- how they were gonna do it? Now I'm 
gonna read you some statements here, by our founding fathers. And 
*you* put your place in, self in the place of a conspirator and 
you try, out of these statements, to find out the way to destroy 
America. And you tell me what it is.

Listen to this: the founding fathers said this: Uh, Benjamin 
Franklin said, "Man will ultimately be governed by God or by 
tyrants." He's talking about our free nation, nation of free 
people. Where does our freedom come from? Benjamin Franklin tells 

George Washington says, "The people know it is impossible to 
rightly govern without God and the Bible."

Andrew Jackson says, "The Bible is the rock on which our Republic 

Daniel Webster said, "If we abide by the principles taught in the 
Bible, our country will go on prospering."

And there's a man, name of Alexis De Tocqueville, who was a 
French historian, that came to our country in the 19th century. 
And he looked at the American system. Because France wanted to 
know why we were so successful and we were growing so rapidly and 
our economy was booming. And we were becoming the greatest nation 
on the face of the earth. The French wanted to know, so they sent 
Alexis De Tocqueville to America to do a 2-year study. And at the 
end of that study, this is what he said. He really nailed it down 
in just one line. He said, "America is great because America is 
good. And if America ever ceases to be good, it will cease to be 

                     [...to be continued...]

---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
{1} "...I always thought Ike was a nice guy. But now I know 
differently..." One incident that supports this statement is 
Eisenhower's participation in the brutal suppression of the so- 
called "Bonus Army" in Washington, D.C. in the 1930s.