Transcript of a talk given by officer Jack McLamb (retired) of 
the Phoenix Police Department.

Biographical note: Officer McLamb was one of the most highly 
decorated members (if not *the* most highly decorated) of the 
Phoenix Police Department. Besides many acts of heroism, officer 
McLamb is also the originator of the "Officer Friendly" program, 
a program in which police officers visit school children to help 
them be better acquainted with the police. Officer McLamb was 
disabled in the line of duty and is now retired from the Phoenix 
Police Department. He currently hosts a radio show which can be 
heard Monday through Friday, 7 pm cst, on WWCR, 5.810 mHz 

JACK MCLAMB: Well it's so good to be here with you this morning. 
Let me tell you, it's *real* good to be with you this morning. I 
had a rather bad day, yesterday. I apologize for missing my 
appointed duties last night, to some of you that came last night 
to hear the gun rights talk. But I'll tell you, I was fortunate 
to have someone that knows more about gun rights, and about law 
enforcement, than even *I* do. Officer Rick Dalton was here last 
night and took my place. Some of you were able to attend the gun 
rights talk and the panel. And I'm sure officer Dalton did a 
marvellous job. Because he spends a great deal of his time 
studying the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and how that 
interplays with law enforcement in our country today.

I want to say that, you know, since I was disabled from the 
Phoenix Police Department, I've had some good days and bad days. 
But, you know, it all depends on how you look at things -- your 
perspective and your belief system -- as to how you look at those 
times when you may be sick. There may be some people in the 
audience -- I know there's a person here -- that has a disability 
also. That I've talked to. And some days you have that you're not 
really able to perform like other days. But the wonderful thing 
about it is, that some of my best inspiration and my best time to 
think and commune with God, has been when I've been down.

How about some of you? You know what I'm talkin' about? When 
you're down and you're not feelin' well, when you just have to be 
*still* and you just have to be *quiet* -- some of your best 
communications go on at that time.

And so, so it was yesterday. I am so pleased because, for about a 
year now, I have been perplexed about how to follow up, and the 
other officers that help me have been perplexed how to follow up, 
with Operation Vampire Killer II. {1}. And we'd been wondering 
what to follow up with this publication we put out last year 
under the new police organization, Police Against the New World 

Well yesterday, it came to me. And I'm just thrilled to death 
because we've been struggling with what to do as a follow-up for 
officers that are today reading that publication and passing it 
all over this nation -- as a matter of fact, to many foreign 

Some of you don't... probably don't know what I'm talking about. 
But this publication, Operation Vampire Killer 2000, that the 
Police Against the New World Order put out last year, is 
literally sweeping law enforcement across this nation and 
sweeping the military at the same time. Because, for some reason 
we were blessed by being able to put in, down on paper, exactly 
what was happening to America and the rest of the world; and what 
part the military is playing, and what part law enforcement is 
playing, to bring about this New "Utopian" World Order that Bush, 
Clinton and Perot are pushing. {2}.

Well, we were very pleased with the success of that manual [i.e. 
Operation Vampire Killer 2000]. I talked with an officer here 
this morning, with the Phoenix Police Department, a personal 
friend of mine for many, many years. And he talked about the 
success of it in the Phoenix Police Department. He talked about 
the lieutenants and the management people that were reading it 
and are ready to help the American people regain their freedoms 
and liberties. He said that he's been handing it out to so many 
officers, and other officers are handing it out to each other, 
that he went out to his mailbox the other day and he's got one in 
his own mailbox! [laughs] That's a great sign. That's a great 

And we also have officers reporting back, now, saying that they 
asked officers, "Have they ever heard of Operation Vampire Killer 
2000, or officer Jack McLamb, or the American Citizen and Lawmen 
Association, or Aid & Abet Police Newsletter." And we're finding 
now that it seems like about 1 in 10, or 1 in 8, is kind of where 
we're falling, of the officers that are reporting, "Yes. I've 
heard about it." 1 in 10, or 1 in 8. Somewhere in that 

So this is wonderful! I tell you, because it means officers are 
beginning to get what one of our nationally known old fellas on 
radio said, "The other side of the story," "The rest of the 
story." Right? And so we're really pleased. And we want to thank 
all of you in the audience here, too, that have taken that 
manual, duplicated it or bought more from Police Against the New 
World Order, and handed it out to police officers and soldiers 
around the country.

Now this morning, we're going to touch on a subject that is... 
Actually, it's the most vital subject to our nation's recovery 
that we could talk about. And that is, the thing that is actually 
causing the American people to gravitate towards a socialist, a 
totalitarian, type of government in our nation. It's the subject 
that causes the American people, as a whole, to want to give up 
some of their rights so that the government can "save" them from 
the problems that abound in our nation today.

Edwin Meese made a statement back in 1980. Edwin Meese said, at 
that time, he says, "I think..." (Now Edwin Meese... Let me 
explain: He's the attorney general under President Reagan. Now he 
was one of those that was working towards a global government.) 
And he said very piously, in 1980, that "I think now the American 
people are ready to give up some of their Bill of Rights so that 
we can do something about the drug and crime problem in America." 
Now I don't know who told him that. I didn't. Did any of you tell 
him that?

But he's right, to a great extent, is he not? There are many 
people who do not know what is happening in America that *are* 
ready, at the suggestion of their government, to "just give up 
the 2nd amendment," "just give up the 1st amendment," "just give 
up the 4th amendment," and the other parts of the Bill of Rights, 
and we'll "take care of" you. We will make you "safe", we will 
make you "peaceful".

And indeed, there is a lot of Americans that have fallen for that 

Now to start off this morning (because I see a lot of new faces), 
I'm going to read a couple quotes. Because, we have law 
enforcement people in the audience today that are brand new to 
what we're talking about here at the expo: And that is 
preparedness for the times that are coming in the future, and 
possibly the near future.

And so, I wanted to start off with a couple quotes for you, to be 
sure that... Uh, we have some good officers all over here. I 
appreciate you coming. We love to have the police officers come 
out to our meetings. Let's give a hand to the officers here 
today. [applause]

This is so important. And I want to say that, uh I want to talk 
to you about a meeting we had in Colorado here, in the 
summertime. We had about 500 people in the audience. And I always 
like to start out by saying "welcome" to the police officers in 
the audience and military people in the audience. Because they 
play a pivotal role, they play a pivotal role in what's going to 
happen in our nation. Very pivotal. Matter of fact, if the 
national guard, the other military, and the police departments, 
say "no" to the New World Order, most of you here probably 
realize it can't happen. It cannot happen in America, anyway, if 
that were to be so. So that's the thing we're keying in on.

                     [...to be continued...]

--------------------------<< Notes >>----------------------------
{1} As I recall, the etymology for the name "Operation Vampire 
Killer" had something to do with a common perception that the New 
World Order bunch were sucking the life out of us. Hence the 
name, Operation Vampire Killer 2000.

{2} Call me naive, but I don't see Perot as part of the New World 
Order plot. Or else, why did he fight so hard against NAFTA?