What are some of the deep secrets of America, huh? Some are open 
secrets, but seldom mentioned.

1) Taxes. The federal income tax stems from the 16th amendment. A 
privately-printed 2 volumes is called, *The Law That Never Was*. 
(No, you won't find it in your local library.) Heavily 
documented, it shows the 16th amendment was fraudulently 
obtained. Every attempt to present the documentation in the 
federal courts has been rebuffed by judges -- most of them 
bankers tied to the conspiratorial federal reserve.

Also, the infrastructure in America is in bad shape. The roads, 
the bridges, railway tracks, and such. There is no adequate money 
for that, nor for libraries, hospitals and schools.


Simple: Like kings and queens, the ultra-rich pay no taxes. And 
they have 99 percent of the money and the property!

2) Another forbidden subject relates to elections. The press 
fakers always urge you to vote. Yet often there is no choice. The 
ballot should have a place called, "None of the above."

Besides, the very rich believe in the *bullet*, not the ballot. 
If a leader is charming and popular, and causes a feeling to grow 
that the era of the common man has arrived, well, the very rich 
feel threatened. Inevitably, such a leader is assassinated. 
Abraham Lincoln was an example; likewise John F. Kennedy. Both 
blamed on "lone nuts." *And*, Chicago's first black mayor, Harold 
Washington -- poisoned, by a cup of coffee.

The charade is perpetuated by urging you to vote. An intelligent 
boycott of voting would expose the fraud.

3) The major court corruption in America is not $100 bribes in 
traffic court, rather, big bucks, big business graft in the 
federal courts. We [CCCC] have brought you many exclusive 

The federal courts are the backbone of getting you to comply with 
an unfair system. With few exceptions, the liars and whores of 
the press protect federal judges. Generally, the only federal 
judges exposed are members of minorities, accused of bribery and 
such. About the only black federal judge in the deep south, in 
New Orleans, was put in prison. A black federal judge in Florida 
was impeached. An Hispanic judge in California, from the bench, 
proclaimed the FBI and the Immigration are "the American 
gestapo." The Injustice Department made a great effort to frame 
him for having such a big mouth.

4) The federal bankruptcy courts too often do not protect your 
wages or your home. What is left of small and medium businesses 
are plundered in bankruptcy court. To appease critics, once in a 
while a bankruptcy trustee is thrown in prison.

Examples of Chicago bankruptcy *judges* who belong in prison 
include judge Robert E. Ginsburg and John B. Schwartz. You heard 
it right here [CCCC] about the corrupt club of judges and lawyers 
meeting to divide up the loot from bankruptcy court.

These are, more or less, open secrets known to us and others. 
*And* the details are known all the way up to the top of the 
government! America, after all, has become accustomed to having a 
*criminal* in the White House. So having criminals in the federal 
courts is no big deal.

And what can you do? Well, call up your favorite news faker's 
radio show, and before they cut you off, blurt out some of these 

Tell the fakers to stop kidding us, huh?

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