[From an interview with Linda Thompson on the *For the People* 
radio show, Feb. 11, 1994. Host is Chuck Harder.]



BILL: Well I wish you all the best in that. And if you need some 
financial support maybe Chuck could set up a fund there.

LINDA THOMPSON: Well that'd be wonderful.

We have several attorneys that have *volunteered* to bring 
lawsuits. Right now I'd like to bring a lawsuit challenging the 
right of John McGaw [current head of ATF] to ban .762 ammo. What 
gives the ATF the right to ban anything? They're nothin' but a 
tax collection agency.

HARDER: All right. I thank you, sir, for the call. Lemme get 
another call in here.

And by the way, when you talk about funds, ladies and gentlemen, 
this broadcast [Chuck Harder's *For the People* radio broadcast] 
is under direct attack by the IRS auditers. And we've now hired a 
Washington law firm -- as of today -- we've hired a Washington 
law firm; it's gonna cost a lot of money. So if you wanna support 
us and keep this broadcast going, your tax-deductible donation is 
sure appreciated. And if you wanna send some money, we could 
really use it.

Uh, this is... Again, I think, like you said, the IRS is very 
often used as a weapon, aren't they?

THOMPSON: Well, that's been seen time and time again. I don't 
think there's a citizen in America that doesn't know that. 
Because everyone that calls us [American Justice Federation] says 
things like, "I'm afraid to call you, 'cause your phone is 
tapped. They may put my name on a list. They may sic the IRS on 
me, etc., etc."

And I say to people, "The very things that you're afraid of are 
the very reasons you should be standing up and *doing something 
about it*." We shouldn't have to live like this in this country.

HARDER: I agree.

All right. Wichita... Let me go ahead and conference in another 
call here. Uh, Wichita [Travis, in Wichita-El Dorado]. Are you 

TRAVIS: Uh, yeah. This is El Dorado.


TRAVIS: Right by Wichita. Uh, Travis.

HARDER: Yeah. Go ahead, Travis.

TRAVIS: And in fact, Linda, I'm afraid to use my real name to 
talk to you on the air! Because of what you're talking about is 
so *radical*! It just blows my mind!

THOMPSON: There's thousands and thousands of people out there. At 
this point, they've got plenty of people to chase down already 
that have called my office, that have written me letters, and so 
forth, that would keep an *army* of these guys busy for years.

HARDER: Well they're... Listen. They're busy beatin' us up, 
Travis. So don't worry.

TRAVIS: But here's what I did today, guys. I heard you last 
Thursday and it just blew my mind when you talked about the 
Clinton body count. But I called to a journal and a newspaper out 
in Mendocina, California, that's got a 15,000 circulation. And 
both the editors want the story. They want to get involved in the 

THOMPSON: Terrific!

TRAVIS: And if I could get, you know, if you could fax them the 
copy of that article...

THOMPSON: No. Make 'em buy it. We need the money.

   [Contention for who will speak; all speak at once]

THOMPSON: They can buy it from my organization in Indianapolis.

HARDER: Let's do this. If you'll just have them write to Linda, 
care of us, we will forward the letter on to her immediately, and 
go from there. And, of course, we're gonna be publishing the 
article also.

All right. Let's move along here and get another call in, before, 
uh... Well let's do a short break, and we'll be right back.

[...commercial break...]

HARDER: [CN -- This paragraph is abridged.] O.K. Let's go back to 
the phones. And right now we've got Linda Thompson on the line. 
And if you want to get a copy of "Waco II," you can call 1-800- 
888-9999. That's an around-the-clock number. $19.95 and $4.00 
shipping and handling.

Uh, O.K. Linda, are you there?


HARDER: O.K. Now, let's... Back to the phones. And we're talking 
to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Dan, go ahead.

DAN: Yeah, Linda. I just got a question, uh actually 2 questions: 
That scene when those BATF agents are on the roof, the one they 
always show?

THOMPSON: Uh-hmm [understands].

DAN: It struck me peculiar that they're [bullet holes] spaced, 
like, at equal distances. And I was wondering, could that be from 
the .762 machine gun fired from the helicopter probably?

THOMPSON: Now what do you mean by the "spacing"?

DAN: Well you can see holes coming out the sides of the siding on 
the house. And I just thought it was strange that somebody was 
firing. I thought, from what I remembered, you know, you don't 
see too much of those clips anymore. It's just that the spacing 
was like... {1}.

THOMPSON: You can see it if you get our tape. You can watch it as 
many times as you want.

DAN: Yeah I might, I might buy the tape. And the other thing I 
wanted to know: did you say anything about the American Civil 
Liberties Union [ACLU]? And why aren't they jumping in on this?

THOMPSON: Well I haven't yet. They did sort of jump in on it, 
because they allied with the NRA and they're claiming -- *now* 
they're claiming -- they're going in claiming that this has all 
been a big lie.

But it's a day late and a dollar short and they're... I still 
believe are actually... [strange phone noise] What's goin' on 
with the phone?

HARDER: I don't know.

DAN: I think it's my kids playing with the wires.


HARDER: All right. Listen on the radio then.

Go ahead.

THOMPSON: All right. I think that what we're seeing here is more 
damage control. The ACLU has never, traditionally, never come in 
on 2nd amendment rights. In fact, they have a posture that the 
2nd amendment isn't for the protection of our over-all right to 
keep and bear arms.

HARDER: Um-hmm [understands].

THOMPSON: So I was very suspicious when I heard that ACLU was in 
it. And I was even more suspicious when I heard NRA was in it, 
because NRA is controlled opposition. NRA was "beatin' their 
chest" about the Brady bill, and ignored the Feinstein amendment. 
And on the final hours there, they just totally dropped the ball. 
They're not helpin' us on gun rights. In fact, they're the 
persons that Handgun Control, Inc. point the finger at and say, 
"You're the big, bad lobby for the gun owners." And they're the 
so-called "bad guy" the finger's pointed at and so forth and so 
on, when, in fact, they're probably the least effective!

We've got, basically, controlled opposition in all corners. And I 
think this is more of it. We're seein' ACLU and NRA combined, to 
point the finger at the government. But in the process, they'll 
claim to do an investigation and the things that they'll release 
will still be some more of the same things the government has 
said all along: they lost the element of surprise, and this, and 
that, and the other -- which are all part and parcel of the 
cover-up! They're not admissions, they're cover-up. And we're 
gonna see that again. So I'm just gonna ignore 'em, frankly.

                    (to be continued)

-----------------------<< Notes >>-------------------------------
{1} "It's just that the spacing was like..." The scene on the 
roof, the one where the agents have climbed in the window, *does* 
show three bullet holes appearing that are equidistant. Of 
course, with 2 bullet holes, this would happen no matter what. 
However, what are the odds for 3 bullet holes being equidistant: 
o   o   o