The July 11, 1994 issue of the For the People *News Reporter* 
carries a reprint of an article which first appeared in the 
*Peninsula News*, serving Houghton and Keweenaw, Michigan, during 
the week of June 12, 1994.

The article, bearing the headline "Stupak Confirms Presence of 
'Classified' Black Copters But Others Suspect World Government 
Conspiracy," reports that U.S. Representative Bart Stupak (D - 
Menominee) has confirmed the presence of black helicopters in the 
region. Yet, according to the article, "followers of a radio talk 
show host [Chuck Harder] are convinced the choppers are on a more 
sinister mission."

Many local residents have reported seeing mysterious black, 
unmarked, low-flying helicopters, according to the article.

The article claims that Harder and his listeners have two 
theories to explain the phenomena: (1) The world is being taken 
over, with U.S. cooperation, by a new internationalist regime run 
by the United Nations and the Trilateral Commission, and (2) 
similar to theory number 1, but with UFOs and aliens as an 
additional element.

The article, in the *Peninsula News*, pooh-poohs these theories. 
Representative Stupak "says the helicopters are military 
aircraft, and that's nothing new and nothing to worry about."

The article proposes that these mysterious helicopters are 
perhaps UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters, perhaps Cobra gunship 
helicopters, perhaps Canadian helicopters, perhaps FEMA 
helicopters "looking for underwater water and sewer line breaks," 
perhaps "Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team (UPSET)" 
helicopters, and/or perhaps mining company helicopters.

The article closes with a sort of "by the way," "not to worry," 
apparently incidental aside: "This week, 1,600 soldiers from 
Michigan National Guard Engineer units will be in northern 
Michigan... to perform road, trail, culvert and bridge 
construction work for various government agencies."

 +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

by Chuck Harder
Host of the *For the People* talk show

Fax to:
   Mr. Don Weeks, Editor
   *Peninsula News*
   Houghton, Michigan

I would appreciate this response running on the front page where 
your inaccurate portrayal was printed. Please provide a tear 
sheet to:
   Chuck Harder
   3 River Street
   White Springs, FL  32096
Let me know if there is a charge for postage. Thanks.

Dear Mr. Weeks:

On June 12, 1994, you painted a rather biased and inaccurate 
picture of me in an article on your front page. What follows is 
my response:

Yes, we do get a lot of calls about the "black helicopters." Here 
in Florida, for example, several farmers have complained to their 
members of Congress that unmarked helicopters are buzzing and 
hovering over livestock barns and causing losses. Other folks 
want to know why these aircraft are flying in a menacing fashion 
over their private land.

Pictures have arrived in our office from across the USA.

To my knowledge, the one and only statement that I have made 
about black helicopters is the one regarding a call to the FAA 
air traffic control center at Jacksonville, Florida. At that 
time, I was quickly transferred to a complaint office. The man on 
duty took my report, said he had had other such reports, and said 
the helicopters could not be tracked, as they fly too low. I then 
asked about what they are, and he stated, "a covert activity."

That is the only thing I have stated on-the-air as a fact. I have 
told people over and over, like a broken record, that I have no 
other information and am waiting for Congressman Pete Peterson to 
respond to our inquiry.

Yes, we get calls on all kinds of subjects and concepts. But 
don't confuse what a caller says with what I say. In fact, our 
programs all stem from press clippings from papers like yours, or 
some thirty or more wire services that we have access to.

We also have full reprint rights to UPI and Knight- 
Ridder/Tribune. Much of the stuff we talk about comes from the 
*Chicago Tribune*, *Boston Globe*, *Los Angeles Times*, *Wall 
Street Journal*, or *New York Times*. We have computer access to 
almost every major publication in print via *Compuserve*, 
*Prodigy*, and *America On Line*. We read several major papers 
such as *The New York Times* each day via electronic computer 
links. Our press wires come via satellite and *PressLink*. We're 
hardly the lunatic fringe you portray us to be.

Many books have been written about the, "shadow government" that 
guides the White House. It is true that policies outlined and 
suggested by the Trilateral Commission and Council On Foreign 
Relations have historically been adopted routinely by the 
administrations since at least Jimmy Carter, if not before. And 
yes, Clinton, Bush, and Carter were, or are, members. These 
groups serve as a "Chamber of Commerce" for the ultra rich 
industrialists and the world's elite. Our concern is that the 
everyday citizen has no voice, input, or real opportunity to 
balance their doctrines and goals that, historically, become law 
and official U.S. policy.

One can check much of the above by simply reading the magazine, 
*Foreign Affairs*, which is on deposit in most libraries. Look 
back to April 1974, page 556. In that issue is the article, "The 
Hard Road To World Order," by Richard Gardner (U.S. Ambassador) 
that sets out the blueprint as to how the internationalists plan 
to virtually eliminate the power of the United States 
Constitution. Their plans for "A New World Order" are carefully 
laid out and one sees that we, the citizens, will no longer be in 
control. Subsequent issues have provided "Policy Guidance" that 
has been adopted by various administrations for decades. Fact is, 
NOBODY elected those people to run the country.

The most recent example is Most Favored Nation (MFN) trade status 
for Red China.

Columnist Abe Rosenthal at the *New York Times* was shocked that 
Clinton would renew MFN for China and do such a horrible thing. 
We told Abe that we expected it. It was all there on page 71 and 
72 of the *Triangle Papers: #45*, published by the Trilateral 
Commission of New York.

David Rockefeller and his power group instructed the White House 
to renew MFN and not link it to "Human Rights." Further it was 
said that China should be a charter member of the General 
Agreement On Trade and Tariffs (GATT), and the new World Trade 
Organization (WTO).

The WTO will play a powerful role in the economies of the world 
by regulating the flow of capital and goods. Further, the United 
Nations has outlined plans for world gun control and for 
disarming the average citizen.

The U.N. also proposes that citizens of the world earning above 
$10,000 yearly will pay a tax to them in addition to present 
Federal, State, and Local taxes.

Interested readers may find these items using computer retrieval 
with programs such as; *Dialog*, *I-Quest*, *Lexis*, AP, or UPI. 
Those who do not have computers may visit the library and use the 
*Readers Guide to Periodical Literature*. One might also look up 
the various articles printed in Canadian publications, warning 
citizens of that country about the power of such self-appointed 

There is no need for you to take a cheap shot at me via misquotes 
attributed to a listener. The fact is that we employ two Ph.D.'s 
who do our research in addition to the sources mentioned above.

If we were lying we would have been sued time and time again, 
reaching back to 1987 due to our national and international 
reach. So far, no lawsuits!


Chuck Harder
People's Radio Network

P.S. *The New York Times* ran two serious articles about UFOs in 
their Sunday magazine on March 21, and again last Sunday. A trip 
to the library may be in order.


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