An Investigation Into the Alleged Criminal Activities of Bill 
Clinton and his Circle of Power
(by Citizens' Video Press in conjunction with Citizens for Honest 
Government. VHS video, 83 minutes. Available from Liberty 
Library, $21.95 postpaid, 300 Independence Ave. SE, Washington, 
D.C. 20003 or phone 1-800-522-6292.)

Reviewed by John Tiffany
(From *The Spotlight*, July 18, 1994)

Does America now have a president who is not only a pathological 
liar, a draft dodger {1} and a womanizer {2} of the worst sort, but 
also an abuser of illegal drugs and a megalomaniac {3} who is 
willing to have his henchmen murder anyone who gets in his way?

That is the shocking, and convincing, message of this very 
professionally produced videotape documentary on Bill and Hillary 
Clinton and their Arkansas mafia, the so-called Circle of Power 
{4}. The production qualities are excellent in this patriotic 
production, rivaling anything out of Hollywood {5}.

Yet *The Clinton Chronicles: An Investigation into the Alleged 
Criminal Activities of Bill Clinton and His Circle of Power* 
pulls no punches in exposing not only the Clinton regime but the 
many cover-ups orchestrated by the Establishment media, who are 
willing to cut this latter-day Caligula plenty of slack because 
he is a fellow liberal.

You will see presented here facts that are seldom seen outside 
the pages of *The Spotlight*. For example, the case is made that 
America's current president, when he was governor and tin-pot 
dictator of the state of Arkansas, controlled the importation of 
vast quantities of cocaine through the tiny airport of Mena, 
Arkansas, as well as by dropping bundles of the drug in remote 
Arkansas clearings.

                   -+- Tragic Deaths -+-

It seems that one such drop was observed by two young boys who 
subsequently were murdered. One boy was stabbed to death, while 
the other had his skull crushed by a blunt weapon. The bodies 
were placed on railroad tracks nearby, and were run over by a 
train before being "discovered" by authorities, who immediately 
put forth the tale that the boys had merely fallen asleep on the 
tracks and were killed by the train.

A number of witnesses who had information indicating the boys 
were murdered were themselves murdered in turn, to cover up the 
first murders {6}.

All of this is documented in detail in the film, along with what 
appear to be the blatant murders of Vince Foster, Jerry Parks and 
others who knew too much about Clinton's crimes.

                   -+- Financial Scams -+-

In addition, the Whitewater scam is touched upon, with Clinton's 
ties to the notorious money laundering Bank of Credit and 
Commerce International [BCCI]. The Arkansas Development Fund 
Administration scam is covered in detail, with loans on which 
never a penny was paid back but which wound up in the Clinton 
campaign coffers.

Also detailed is the tremendous potential for "bimbo explosions" 
in Clinton's record. As governor, not only did he use state 
troopers to procure women for his pleasure, he even used taxpayer 
money to fly to New York and California to visit his girlfriends, 
the film alleges.

The cases of Gennifer Flowers, Sally Purdue {7} and Paula Jones 
{8} are discussed. But in addition, it is charged Clinton went 
through more than 100 girlfriends just in his time as governor.

After seeing this film, you will likely say to yourself, "Wow, I 
knew Clinton was bad, but I never dreamed he was that bad."

Hopefully, viewers will be moved to further investigate and 
publicize the shocking facts disclosed in this video.

Several congressmen interviewed on the film explain that 
congressional investigations, leading to impeachment proceedings, 
may well be the only way to restore honesty and integrity in 

---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
{1} This "draft dodger" business needs to be taken in context. 
During the late '60s and early '70s there were *many* "draft 
dodgers" in this country. Given the questionable nature of the 
war they were dodging, this is not so awful as some seem to 

{2} The term "womanizer" is vague. With Clinton, a better term 
might be satyromaniac. There comes a point where normal woman 
chasing can be overdone so as to become pathological. With 
Clinton, it is apparent that he does this to excess. For example, 
in the past his escapades have landed him in hot water. A normal 
person would modify their behavior, especially when it poses such 
a risk to his career, etc. Yet Clinton has done no such thing. 
He continues his "Don Juan" behavior in spite of his own self- 

{3} Shades of O.J. Simpson: Clinton being driven around 
Washington in a white Bronco by Stephanopoulos. Clinton has his 
finger on "the button." "I will not resign," says Billy Jeff. 
"Let me alone or I will unleash The Bomb."

{4} "...the so-called Circle of Power." A.k.a. Circle of Thugs.

{5} "...Hollywood." A.k.a. Hollyweird.

{6} Worth pointing out that there could be a George Bush 
connection here as well. Since Terry Reed and John Cummings' 
book, *Compromised* implicates Bush as well as Clinton in the 
activities at Mena, the alleged murders may be traceable to Bush 

{7} Sally Purdue [Perdue(?)], i.e. a former beauty queen who 
charges that she was threatened with having her "pretty little 
legs" broken unless she kept quiet about an affair with Billy 

{8} Paula Jones. Latest info from the *Washington Times* has it 
that contributions to the Paula Jones legal fund have reached 
$100,000, with $25,000 of that contributed by Guess? Jeans. To 
contribute to the Paula Jones legal fund, call 1-800-91 TRUTH.

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