[From an interview with the former marketing director of the 
Arkansas Development and Finance Authority, and former associate 
of Bill Clinton, Larry Nichols. This interview took place on the 
May 5, 1994 "America's Town Forum" radio show, hosted by Tom 
Donahue.  The show is broadcast most weekday evenings at 7 pm 
(cst) on shortwave frequency 5.810 mHz. (Nichols speaks via 
telephone with Donahue.)]


TOM DONAHUE: We're back. We're talking with Larry Nichols. He has 
a major part, and contributor in, 2 videos: *The Clinton 
Chronicles* will be soon released. And he's in the *Clinton's 
Circle of Power* video. We're making that available for $20.

Um, I guess you could really call it *Clinton's Circle of Thugs*, 
or *Clinton's Lust for Power*, 'cause that's really what we have 
here, don't we Larry? (And I want you to pick up where you left 

LARRY NICHOLS: Yessir, it is. And to go back where I was. The 
incredible thing last week was, I got 5 calls from Wall Street, 
whatever you call 'em, brokerage firm people, wanting to know if 
the Paula Jones suit was gonna be filed. And I said, "Yes, I 
believe it is." They said, "Well you can't do that, basically, 
because the dollar versus the yen," (whatever that means), "is 
like at 100 and, one more scandal is going to destroy the dollar- 
yen whatever."

And what I had to tell 'em was, "You don't seem to understand. 
Paula Jones didn't do anything wrong. All of the stuff I've been 
doin', I haven't done anything wrong. The bombshell that's coming 
Sunday isn't my fault. The problem is Bill Clinton. If the 
market's unstable, it's *him*, not us."

DONAHUE: You've got these financial wheeler-dealers, uh wanting 
to protect our financial assets, rather than the nation's assets 
and what's in the best pursuit and light of justice. They're 
calling you and I guess threatening, or implying threats, if you 
don't do something about, uh stifling this woman.

NICHOLS: Yeah. I mean they didn't threaten *me*, but they said, 
you know, "You're destroying the economy."

I'm not destroying anything. *He* is.

DONAHUE: They wanted you to believe that if this would go 
forward, that it would destroy the economy, the united States, 
and that should supersede justice prevailing.

NICHOLS: That's right. Now the good news is, the reason Bill 
Clinton will be forced to resign at the end of this month, the 
first of next, is because, you see, it's starting to affect the 
*Power*. You see, Clinton's not the power. He's a cheap, tin man. 
As a matter of fact, now that the Paula Jones' story is out, you 
understand that he's really a sexual pervert. He's "white trash." 
But he's probably 5th to 7th level player. And Stephens, for 
example, the people that own him, are probably maybe 3 or 4 
level. I don't even *know* who's the 1st and 2nd level! But you 
see, he's starting to affect their money. And they're going to 
explain to Bill Clinton, as this stuff proceeds, that *now*, his 
bein' President is hurting him... or hurting *them*. And they'll 
give him an explanation, that he will understand, that he needs 
to go ahead and resign.

DONAHUE: They'll make him an "offer he can't refuse."

NICHOLS: Absolutely.

DONAHUE: And it won't be a pretty picture if he says no.

NICHOLS: I would think with the Vince Foster death, that they can 
prove their point fairly clearly.

DONAHUE: Gotcha.

O.K. Let's take a couple calls here. Thanks for being so patient, 
callers. Let's go to Carol in Boston. Hi, Carol.

CAROL: Good morning, Tom...

DONAHUE: Hi. Go ahead.

CAROL: ...and Mr. Nichols. I can hardly hear you.

Anyway. I have a question for Mr. Nichols. I heard him on this 
talk show, and he talked about 2 sealed indictments that were 
"coming down" this week?

NICHOLS: Yes, ma'am. There are 2 sealed indictments. I did not 
say they were "coming down" this week.

CAROL: Oh. I'm sorry.

NICHOLS: Um, through my sources... Now this is interesting, and 
you need to hear the whole story. Through my sources, I 

DONAHUE: Let's let Carol go and listen on her radio. Go ahead, 

NICHOLS: I have very good confidence in my sources. Indictments 
were sealed for Betsy Wright and George Stephanopoulos for 
obstruction of justice, perjury before a grand jury.

Now. A sealed indictment can stay sealed for years. A sealed 
indictment generally means that the prosecutors are trying to 
leverage that person into turning state's evidence against the 
next person up.

Robert Fiske came out, and remember, in a grand jury you're 
never, in that kind of a thing, you're never supposed to reveal 
what's going on. {1}.

The *Washington Times*, in a rumors column (and remember, it's a 
rumor at this point), in the rumors column of the *Washington 
Times* they said that there are indictments and others coming, 
sealed, against Stephanopoulos and Betsy Wright.

Fiske came out and said openly that there is no indictment. Now, 
you can't have it both ways. Either don't talk about it, or do 
talk about it. Don't tell people that they can't find out 
information, and then tell them information when it benefits 

DONAHUE: Right. At this point it's pure speculation.

NICHOLS: Well it's something when the man, the lead prosecutor, 
comes out on pure speculation, and on a rumor, and tries to 
dispel it. Now think about the magnitude of that. If the paper 
had said they *had* the documents, then he could respond.

DONAHUE: Absolutely.

NICHOLS: It's *incredible* what's going on.

DONAHUE: What do you think of Mr. Fiske?

NICHOLS: He's an absolute "ringer" [i.e. not what he seems]. Let 
me give you another example.

When Gary Lane of CBN was in town, they had stumbled into, at 
ADFA, they had seen a document that was very damning. No one had 
ever seen it before. They started pressuring 'em. *The next day*, 
in comes Fiske's people and subpoenas those documents and seals 
'em from the light of day.

Just last Thursday, the Chicago Board of Trade said they found 
all of the trades that Hillary made.


NICHOLS: Friday mornin' at 9 o'clock, Robert Fiske seals those... 
files a subpoena and seals *that* information.

DONAHUE: He's like a paper "Pac-man," goin' around scarfing up 
everything that could be brought out in the public view. Uh, and 
God only knows what he's gonna do with it.

NICHOLS: How can he, Tom, represent the people of America when, 
in fact, he represented BCCI and Clark Clifford? And Whitewater 
is going to lead in, since it's the same cast of characters, to 
BCCI. And he can't prosecute former clients. He can't prosecute, 
he can't investigate International Paper. International Paper 
sold 200 some acres to Whitewater, got a loan at ADFA. He can't 
investigate them because he represented 'em.

DONAHUE: L.J. Davis, in his article (and we've interviewed him), 
"The Name of the Rose," talked in detail about BCCI and their 
connections and how they got started in Little Rock...

NICHOLS: That's right. So you see...

DONAHUE: ...within the confines of the united States.

NICHOLS: So ya see how we're outnumbered? I mean here's Robert 
Fiske, appointed by Janet Reno, who represented Clark Clifford, 
who got off because Clinton, literally, "gave him a walk" 
[pardoned him].

DONAHUE: But the excuse was, "He's an old man."

NICHOLS: Well I hope when I get to be his age I can run around 
and break every law in the book and not pay for it. Because I'll 
leave my family with a lot of money when I die!

DONAHUE: There ya go.

                       (to be continued)

---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
{1} "In a grand jury... you're never supposed to reveal what's 
going on." Unless the case involves Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, 
that is. From "Conspiracy for the Day," November 17, 1993:

    But evidence suggests someone, perhaps at the Justice 
    Department, is leaking details of the Grand Jury 
    investigation. *That* is a violation of federal law. In 
    its October 11th issue, a source close to Brown detailed 
    for *Time* magazine some of the testimony taken by the 
    Federal Grand Jury. And officials at the White House 
    reportedly told *Time* in a later issue that the Grand 
    Jury investigation "is virtually complete and they are 
    confident Brown will be pleased with the results."

    BURTON [Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana]: I don't know 
    how the White House, or Mr. Brown or anybody else would 
    know what is going on in any Grand Jury room. And I 
    don't understand why Mr. Ly is not being called. He 
    should be called. The Grand Jury should get all of the 
    information possible so they can make an informed 
    decision on whether or not to indict Mr. Brown.