[From an interview with the former marketing director of the 
Arkansas Development and Finance Authority, and former associate 
of Bill Clinton, Larry Nichols. This interview took place on the 
May 5, 1994 "America's Town Forum" radio show, hosted by Tom 
Donahue.  The show is broadcast most weekday evenings at 7 pm 
(cst) on shortwave frequency 5.810 mHz. (Nichols speaks via 
telephone with Donahue.)]


TOM DONAHUE: We're back. Tom Donahue, "America's Town Forum," 
patriotism in action.

Many of you have the video -- at least some of you have the video 
-- *Clinton's Circle of Power* (or actually, it should be called 
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Larry, where did we leave off? I think we were at the point where 
Clinton was the beneficiary of these loans. Um, not just loans, 
but I guess they were campaign contributions to keep him in the 
governorship, as well as to run for President.

LARRY NICHOLS: Absolutely. And then people need to understand 
that in Arkansas, it's a small state, and if you have the money, 
you have the power. And it was through the money, through the 
power, that Bill Clinton obtained control of the state police, of 
the court system, of all the attorneys -- I mean, if you crossed 
Bill Clinton, your attorneys license was lost. If you crossed 
Bill Clinton and you were a doctor, you lost your doctor's 

DONAHUE: But if you were a friend of Bill, you could be like 
Jocelyn Elders and murder people {1} or like his mother and be 
incompetent as an anesthetist.

NICHOLS: That's right. And if you were against Bill, you also 
faced one of the potentials of being one of the mysterious deaths 
that never seem to get solved.

DONAHUE: Let's talk about, um, because that's most important 
here, um, let's name some of the folks that have died. We do have 
this son of Jerry Parks, Gary Parks, on with us tomorrow.

NICHOLS: That's right. And, uh, Gary came to me about 3 or 4 
months ago, scared. They were being followed by the same people 
that follow me. And they needed help, he and his mother. And I 
told him the best thing he could do to protect his family -- and 
I won't get into the story, so... if it messes you up tomorrow -- 
but the best thing that he could do would be to come out and tell 
his story. Because even with me, there's been a certain amount of 
protection by doin' that.

It's tragic what happened to his dad. All he was guilty of, all 
his dad died for, was simply knowing Bill Clinton and the sleaze 
of his operation.

Then you go to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. I had an informant from 
Hot Springs, a dentist. He was gonna tell Ambrose. I had an 
interview set up on a Friday. The man called me, said he was 
scared, it was too hot, he was leaving the state. I begged him 
not to go. He went anyway. He told me to re-schedule for Tuesday. 
On Sunday, I had to call Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, with the 
*[London] Sunday Telegraph*, and tell him that... not to bother 
coming back because his informant was dead.

Then you've got the L.J. Davises of the world; reporters that 
came in here. He was investigating the Stephens and Mena and ADFA 
-- that connection. He left town with a knot on his head. 
Somebody had broken in and hit him over the head. {2}.

DONAHUE: And examined his notes. {3}. And what they were looking 
through was the information on this bond scam that you were...

NICHOLS: Yes sir. That's it.

Gary Lane, from Pat Robertson [CBN]. They come in. They started 
investigating Mena and ADFA. {4}. They get death threats. They 
leave town.

DONAHUE: Gary Lane with Pat Robertson's network, the Christian 
Broadcast Network?

NICHOLS: Yes sir.

So you see? I mean, it's pretty rough here.

DONAHUE: Now let's, for our listeners, because, um, in case 
they're not able to tune in tomorrow or... give 'em a "teaser," 
in a nice kind of way, but I think they need to hear this and 
they need to act on this: let's talk about Jerry Parks. And the 
fact is, he *was* a political foe. He was investigating Clinton 
for many years. He built up files. But then he became a security 
director. His company was the security detail for the Clinton- 
Gore campaign. How'd that happen?

NICHOLS: Well Bill Clinton has a policy that was adopted years 
ago: The best place to have your enemies is working for ya. So it 
is not uncommon that Bill Clinton would have known the file that 
Mr. Parks had. And to protect that file, they gave him a 
lucrative contract to secure the campaign headquarters and 
eventually the transition headquarters.

DONAHUE: So you neutralize by way of hiring, bringing them into 
your fold. And then you have that control. And then you may have 
to also find out *what* they have, and perhaps even "take 'em 
out." [i.e. assassinate them]

NICHOLS: That's right. It is my theory, and at this point it is 
only a theory, that Mr. Parks took his file, which was his last 
official act for the Clinton campaign, he was to meet someone to 
receive payment, his final payment. And instead of being paid, he 
was assassinated. Brutally. They shot him twice then drove down 
the road, turned around and came back, and shot him point-blank 
10 more times. {5}.

I was sitting with Gary Parks just last week, at the police 
department, with the investigator. The investigator said that it 
was a "hit," but told Gary that they probably would never solve 

DONAHUE: We'll come right back, with our guest, and talk more 
about this "hit." Stay tuned.

                       (to be continued)

--------------------------<< Notes >>----------------------------
{1} "...be like Jocelyn Elders and murder people." I'm not sure 
what this refers to. I am unaware that Jocelyn Elders has 
murdered anyone. Donahue gives no further information as to this 
{2} (Regarding L.J. Davis.) L.J. Davis went to Arkansas to 
research a subsequent *New Republic* cover story on Whitewater, 
etc. Here is what happened to him, as described in the *Wall 
Street Journal*, March 23, 1994:

    He was returning to his room at Little Rock's Legacy 
    Hotel about 6:30 after an interview on the evening of 
    Feb. 13. The last thing he remembers is putting his key 
    in the door, and the next thing he remembers is waking 
    up face down on the floor, with his arm twisted under 
    his body and a big lump on his head above his left ear. 
    The room door was shut and locked. Nothing was missing 
    except four "significant" pages of his notebook that 
    included a list of his sources in Little Rock. 
    ["Censored in Arkansas," WSJ, 3/23/94]

{3} "And examined his notes..." Not just *examined* his notes but 
*ripped out* four pages from his notebook. See above, note #2. 
What do LaRouche et al. say about this? Was conking Davis over 
the head and stealing his notes also part of the British plot to 
discredit Clinton? What say ye, Crocker?
{4} (Regarding the CBN [Christian Broadcasting Network] 
investigation of Mena, ADFA, etc.) See "Conspiracy for the Day -- 
May 4 and May 5, 1994," "The Arkansas Connection."

See also "Conspiracy for the Day -- April 21, 1994," for a 
glimpse of the atmosphere of terror in Arkansas. Here are 
excerpts from that "CfD" where an anonymous reporter discusses 
his impressions of Arkansas:

    REPORTER: Jerry, we spent a lot of time with Larry 
    Nichols, who's actually featured in the Clinton video. 
    Everywhere that we went, with Larry, we were followed. 
    It was very obvious. We'd sit down at a coffee shop, 
    we'd have our lunch with him, and there would be a 
    [state] trooper; a trooper would come in and sit down. 
    We would get up. We'd leave. They would leave. And they 
    were just wherever we were. In fact, we did a few things 
    to check things out to see if it wasn't just a 
    coincidence, and actually we were being followed. No 
    doubt about it.

    You know, I have filmed all over the world. I've been 
    doing this for many, many, many years. And I tell you, I 
    have never been in a situation that I've seen the 
    paranoia that I've seen in Arkansas.

    Now very few people would actually agree to be on 
    camera, but we talked to many, many more who would talk 
    with us off-camera. And the thing that I discovered with 
    all of them was they'd always kind of speak with a 
    hushed voice, and they'd always kind of be looking 
    around, looking around, to see if somebody was there 
    listening to them. There is a fear in Arkansas that I 
    just really can't describe.

{5} (Regarding the murder of Jerry Parks.) *Maybe* it was another 
"lone nut" that for no good reason just drilled him full of 
holes. Either that, or there was some motive. Was it robbery? Did 
someone drive up beside him and shoot him twice, drive off, turn 
around and drive back, shoot him "point-blank" 10 times -- all 
this just to rob him? There seems to be just one candidate for 
being the most likely explanation: a political assassination.